Lobbyists vote with dollars

Below are what lobbyists have spent on candidates for the three open leadership spots in the House Republican Caucus in the first three quarters of 2009. You can find more detail here.

Candidates for Speaker

  • Larry O’Neal – $5,292.57
  • Bill Hembree – $1,653.60
  • David Ralston – $1,330.02
  • Barry Loudermilk – $596.57
  • Tommy Smith – $346.37

Candidates for Speaker Pro-Tem

  • Jan Jones – $4,691.82
  • Rich Golick – $1,652.65
  • Clay Cox – $871.68
  • Len Walker – $220.77

Candidates for Majority Whip

  • Jeff May – $3,136.38
  • Ed Lindsey – $2,438.10
  • Greg Morris – $849.86
  • John Lunsford – $794.52


  1. joe says:

    As I was browsing the Ethics site in the link, the latest expenditure that I saw was dated 07/19/2009. There is another 5 months of data that hasn’t been posted yet. The lobbyists’ numbers have to be higher.

  2. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Maybe some candidates just don’t accept as many perks, or the lobbyists know that they cannot sway certain ones by offering, so they don’t try very hard.

    On a related note, I heard a little earlier that the Floyd County Republican Party passed a resolution endorsing Loudermilk for Speaker.

  3. macho says:

    The amount of money raised is going to be composed of two elements:

    1. Power- ability to get legislation passed, or killed.
    2. Initiative- to raise the money.

    The first element is far more important than the second.

      • Andre says:

        Well, allegedly, the caucus meeting is open to the public.

        Since the meeting is being held in the chamber of the state House, I’d hope the GOP would keep the meeting open for bloggers, journalists and the general public to observe.

        If the House Republican Caucus closed a meeting in the people’s house, they’d never hear the end of it.

        • Life and Liberty says:

          Jay Neal assured me on Monday that this meeting would be open to the public.
          He also conformed to me that he had cast his vote to close the previous caucus “family meeting” of public servants on public property.
          Hopefully, should the chair decide this time to close the meeting, out of order, there will be enough public interest represented there to persuade a spirit of “openness”.
          But I’m certain, based on that conversation with Rep Neal, he’ll side with the chair over the people either way.

  4. Muscadine says:

    It’s not surprising that those with more influential positions get more attention from lobbyists. What does stand out is that Larry O’Neal and Jan Jones are disproportionately higher. They must be taking full advantage of their positions.

    • ByteMe says:

      I don’t think this is campaign money, but freebies, like food and tickets to events. Think about how tired your hand would be having it stuck out so much that you racked up $5K of them in a little over 6 months.

      • Life and Liberty says:

        Registered lobbyists are not allowed to contribute direct campaign money. They are allowed to give whatever amount they wish to whomever they wish “for the purpose of influencing actions” of the recipient.
        Yep- that’s the language used in the Ethics Commission’s “Lobbyist Guide”
        All they have to do is report it as an expense. What the recipient does with the $ after that is watched only by the foxes in the house.

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