John Lunsford: epic fail

State Representative John Lunsford (pictured, right, preparing his legislative agenda) was evidently kidding all along when he said he was going to offer to petition for a new election for any leadership position that members of the Republican caucus might want to pursue. As Jim Galloway reports, Lunsford now says that “[a]ll I was trying to do – part of it was just a little showmanship. I will say this much. I wanted to cry when I saw how many friends I really had. I didn’t know I had that many friends. That give you a clue? I had many more friends than I ever envisioned I had. But I won’t tell you the number. Nor will I be releasing it Thursday.”

You wanted to cry, John? Trust me, we know the feeling after learning this news. So why the charade in the first place?

But the lawmaker also says he won’t bother to add up the names. Because he has no intention of submitting the petition on Thursday, when the GOP caucus gathers again. Lunsford said the point of his petition was to force House Republicans to stop back-stabbing each other and confront each other in the open.

That done, he said, there’s no need for it.

Enjoy Jerry Keen, Republicans. Your future is now set. And how can anyone take Lunsford at his word anymore about anything? When will we know that Lunsford is serious about an issue and not exercising “just a little showmanship?”

Here’s more on Lunsford’s “logic” from Insider Advantage:

Lunsford told Insider he believed that by holding a new vote to either keep or replace the current officers, the Caucus would be in a position to say, ‘Here is our new team. We’re 100 percent behind them.’ And the Caucus then could move on to the task of governing.

Lunsford is running for the Whip’s job when the Caucus meets on Thursday. He said his petition had nothing to do with personal ambition, since that election would have been held whether he pursued the petition or not.

“My heart was in the right place but this has taken on a life of its own,” he said. “I was looking for the solidarity of the Caucus.”

Lunsford said he was close to having the necessary 30 votes, with 27 persons having signed the petition before he left last week’s closed-door Caucus session.

Using the logical processes and stream of consciousness reasoning of a 14-year-old, this appears to be Lunsford’s thinking: Lunsford was looking for the caucus to get “100%” behind its team by putting all positions up for a vote, but now isn’t going to because the effort to clean house has “taken on a life of its own” and is hurting the solidarity of the caucus which evidently isn’t at “100%” now but with not having elections for all positions the “100%” goal is going to be achieved because, golly, he has a lot of friends and OH MY GOSH have you seen Jerry Keen he’s so wonderful and smart and gets lots of gifts so let’s after all this not bother with that dumb ‘ol effort to clean house because, silly goose, this is all about solidarity which I’m going to say is present even though it really isn’t because at least 27 members of the caucus were in favor of the effort.

Got all that, then? Good.


  1. Truthteller says:

    I guess we’ll know in two days how many “friends” John really has when he counts the votes after gets his tail waxed for whip.

    prediction: 12.

  2. Three Jack says:

    note what is happening in dc right now after the gop squandered control due to not adhering to conservative principles. the same future awaits georgia as the idiots running the ga gop continue to display arrogant ignorance in the face of their abject failure as leaders.

  3. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    I feel like I fell down a rabbit hole and have entered Alice’s Wonderland.

    What Lunsford said reads just like a mixed up fairy tale.

    But, golly, at least he has friends.

  4. B Balz says:

    Mr. Randall:

    I really liked the flashing red light you used when Glenn decided to create our little GOP leadership maelstrom. But the clown is even better, could have been a scarier clown, but still good.

    I also wish to commend my Dem friends for their amazing silence thus far. Why ruin a great rain wreck by opening your pie-holes?

    GA GOP: “The gift that keeps on giving.”

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      B Balz,

      We’re providing a banquet of tasty morsels for the Dems.

      I’ll bet someone, even as we communicate here, is peeling grapes to be served up in the next few days.

      • B Balz says:

        Gladly, I keep hearing their incompetence is fueled by lack of ability. And I am not gloating or reveling in that fact, either.

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          You have to be creative and intelligent to screw up as badly as we have!

          I just hope we are not so intelligent and creative that Larry O’Neal is the next Georgia House Speaker. That would be an epic screw-up. We would definitely be talking FUBAR.

  5. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Sounds more like the party and some wealthy contributors told him to shut up and sit down. Either way, he’s a spineless joke. Somebody really needs to come up with a deck of cards with all the idiot GOP representative’s faces on each card. We’d certainly need 2 decks though.

  6. acoalson says:

    Lunsford is a coward and a fool. He had more support than he realized. Now the respect he had garnered because of his stance has been lost. I hope that whatever Keen promised him is worth it.

  7. Silent Outrage says:

    This guy is playing games and we need serious leaders not game players right now.

    Have you seen the problems Georgia is facing?

    Come on House Members. Step up, do the right thing – have an election for every position and get your [email protected]# in gear now!

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