Meanwhile, Glenn Richardson will this week earn $2,064.23 for doing nothing. Who can we thank for that? That’s right, the “new leadership team.”

This week, disgraced Speaker of the Georgia House Glenn Richardson will earn $2,064.23 for doing nothing. He is still the State Representative from Paulding County and couldn’t even be bothered to attend the majority caucus meeting this last week. And no one currently in leadership seems to have a problem with that.

Majority Leader Jerry Keen is fine with it. Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter, reporting in from his undisclosed and secure underground bunker, is fine with it. Ways and Means Chairman Larry ‘live and let live’ O’Neal is fine with it.

So how can an O’Neal / Keen leadership team be the cool, refreshing breeze of “new leadership” that people like Rep. Allen Peake seem to be frothing with anticipation to vote in if they can’t even speak up about the necessity for an immediate Richardson departure?

As increasing numbers realize, it can’t.

Thus, I again point to the Lunsford Stratagem as a simple and elegant solution to aid Republicans in their efforts to emerge from their morass.

The caucus should support his plan as it would permit a true “clean slate” approach with regard to Republican leadership. Because unless Bill Hembree or David Ralston succeed in their bids for Speaker, an O’Neal / Keen team (the latter, pictured right) shows no evidence of change beyond a simple switching out of nameplates at certain desks.

Furthermore, how is not forcing the Majority Leader seat to a vote smart? Keeping someone like Keen, a man who, a quick review of lobbyist contribution reports from the State Ethics Commission show has certainly been the recipient of many “gifts” over the last five years, is merely a maintenance of the status quo.

There is no “do over” with this situation and headlines like “Will Gold Dome turmoil cost the GOP?” in the AJC are not being pulled out of thin air and fabricated. A genuine electoral danger exists and majority caucus members should be prepared to reap the consequences unless they bring forth real change with a completely new leadership slate.


  1. AthensRepublican says:

    I agree. At this point, how can Jerry Keen be an effective Majority Leader?

    Of course he endorsed O’Neal, so I suspect he is waiting to see what happens in that race before making a decision. If O’Neal is elected (although I think his chances are evaporating by the second), I suspect he will work to keep Keen in as Majority Leader. Not good for Georgia and certainly not good for the GOP in this state.

  2. Lawton Sack says:

    Glenn Richardson needs to fully resign immediately. If Richardson was a Democrat, the GOP would be screaming for his head. I hate this double standard that we have in the Republican Party.

    • 1magnoliapeach says:

      It becomes more disgusting every day. I wonder why the Dems are so silent on this? Their own closets must be too full.

      • ByteMe says:

        Because when your opposition is setting itself on fire, you have to go to the store and buy marshmallows.

        In other words, you get the heck out of the way and watch how it plays out.

        • 1magnoliapeach says:

          I see your point and I agree, they must be salivating at the chance to swoop in for the kill. Nothing like a dose of voter backlash to remind the “Representatives” of the people to be reminded they aren’t above it all afterall.

  3. A genuine electoral danger exists and majority caucus members should be prepared to reap the consequences unless they bring forth real change with a completely new leadership slate.

    To any GOP legislators reading this… stop, you have been instructed not to read Peach Pundit. Disregard all this hysteria about electoral consequences, as it’s just unaccountable bloggers creating distractions. O’Neal leading the GOP into next year’s election cycle is the right call for the best interests of Georgia.

    • DISCLOSURE: Any election advice I give to the GOP is provided “as-is” and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall Steve Perkins be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of your legislative majority and/or hold on the governor’s mansion) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this election advice, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

      Plus, I’m screwing with you.

    • Elin is Hot says:

      When you “work for government” you are not paid for “doing nothing.” You are paid for seeing just how much you can screw-up everything you are involved in.

  4. Muscadine says:

    For once, the power belongs to the rank and file members. Will they stand for freedom and democracy or squander a chance for meaningful reform? Until they prove us wrong we must have faith that they will uphold their responsibility to the people who elected them.

  5. Atticus Grinch says:

    An examination of Keen’s 2009 trips to the lobbyist pig trough is illuminating, as well. This guy amazes me. Wraps himself in the flag and the Bible and talks the talk of being for clean and open government, for limited government and for returning power to the “people”. This is a fellow who apparently enjoys a good meal and an event on a lobbyist’s tab. I am sure its all about being educated on the issues and has nothing to do with his own pleasure and aggrandizement. My favorites on the list from 2009:

    tickets to Cirque Du Soleil Courtesy of Delta Airlines

    Dinner at Antica Posta in Atlanta, Georgia for Representative Keen and spouse. Courtesy of DAIICHI-SANKYO, INC

    Concert Tickets w/Spouse Courtesy of Georgia Power … I
    wonder who he saw?

    Meal Courtesy of Oglethorpe Power

    (A guy can eat pretty good for $ 412.40)

    The report for 2009 also shows over $ 700.00 in golf outings and about $ 1200 in convention expenses paid for by the GEORGIA AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION (and a $ 125 dinner to boot)

    • Debra says:

      Great article. If Johnson wins the Republican Primary, I will vote Liberation or not vote at all in the Gubernatorial race. I would rather let the Democrat have it than vote for another bad Republican.

  6. AthensRepublican says:

    His response was specific to the case, but he could have used the opportunity to address ethics in a broader sense and did not do it. I was not impressed with Johnson’s response but more with Handel’s response on the issue.

  7. NorthGAGOP says:

    Is Johnson up to the challenges of be governor? The 2010 legislative session is going to be one of the toughest in history, what’s Eric do -QUIT. When faced with a tough ethical challenge as a lead member of the ethics committee, what’s Eric do, PUNT.

    Is that the kind of leadership we need in Georgia?

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