Is the GOP field for Governor shrinking?

One of the candidates in the GOP field is considering shutting down his campaign due to poorer than intended fundraising and storm clouds on the horizon.

Yeah, hate me because it is so vague. Think I care? Deal with it.


          • anewday says:

            Are you into defrauding the Georgian taxpayers also? I don’t understand how the more you learn, the more you like. You do understand that he is was placed on a top 15 most corrupt list. And I do know that it was CREW that did this, but from what I remember of the list it was pretty evenly split between R’s and D’s. People complain about the crooks we have in office, but if they talk to a politician and if that politician acts nice to them all the complaints are thrown out the window. Talk about easily persuaded.

          • anewday says:

            Sorry Clone of B. Plyler posted wrong. Misread what was going on up top. Chapman is a good guy. One of the few in the legislature.

  1. Jeff says:

    Storm clouds on the horizon indicates Ox or Johnson primarily, though it could also be Deal. Of those, I’d put Deal as the most likely, primarily because of the other two, one is as stubborn as a mule – and about as smart as one – and the other is supremely confident in his method.

    I know nothing about Chapman, but I doubt Erick would use a front page post on someone next to no one has heard of.

    McBerry will be in until the end, even though he was DRAMATICALLY behind all other candidates on fundraising in July.

    • I can’t imagine Deal is having fundraising trouble. He has a solid base in the Gainesville area and he is branching out across the state. I think he’s had his share of storm clouds but I do believe we’ve seen the worst of it.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Unlikely, Eric Johnson. He seemed well on track in the fundraising area. He will need a lot to overcome poor statewide name identification.

  2. fundy1611 says:

    Didn’t any of you watch Batman growing up? This is obviously from the Riddler!

    “Yeah, hate me because it is so vague. Think I care? Deal with it.”

    See ya Nathan! Back to the junkyard!

  3. Silent Outrage says:

    Perhaps we can just have a “Sing Off” to determine who wins the Republican Nomination for Governor?

    This song sounds appropriate for the times… What with the ethical clouds that most of the candidates for Governor are facing.

    You have the Eric Johnson saga with his cover up of the Glenn Richardson scandal and all the other games down at the Gold Dome that went on under his watch as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee.

    Then you had this nugget drop this afternoon about Nathan Deal

    Regardless, a Sing Off would be entertaining if nothing else…

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Here is a deal:

    I will raise $50k for the first gubernatorial candidate to stump for the legalization of marijuana. I mean really stump for it too. Talk about being pioneers in America with breaking from the tyranny of evangelism and racist drug policies, about how the tax revenue can pull us out of the funk we are in, about how much money we can save by not imprisoning and processing potheads, etc etc etc.

      • Goldwater Conservative says:


        I am assuming you are talking about a challenging candidate or one for an open seat. 1.) They are going to be a back bencher for 10 years. 2.) The legalization of marijuana is going to be done at the state level (since President Obama is a true state rights president he has called off the dogs and will not be using federal enforcement agencies to subvert state drug laws) 3.) And this is the big one, I assume you are the one that wants the money: I think you are ignorant. Your website, which I know is never a good platform from which to judge a candidate, is full of garbage idealism and, frankly, $50k will not help you win. It may help you be less of the loser in the race, but you are still going to place 8th or 9th at best.

          • Goldwater Conservative says:

            Well, things get complicated fast when you are asked to define those 3 “plants” and interact them with the functions of government.

            Then do the same thing everyday for 230 years.

        • Jeremy Jones says:

          Idealism? I did not realize that was a bad thing.

          Do I want the money? I would never turn down money, now, to whether or not I am saying I would fight to de-criminalize it, on the federal level, absolutely. It is one thing on which I agree with the President. However, as things look right now, in 2012, you will no longer have that President, or party, there to “call off the dogs.” Until Congress takes the proper steps to remove the federal control, it will still be at the whim of the AG at the time.

          Thanks for you candid insight. I certainly disagree with your conclusion of my race, but, what else would you expect. 8th or 9th? Would you mind sharing how you came up with that number? I know polls are somewhat meaningless, but many people keep saying how strong the front runner is because of his showing in those meaningless polls. In those same polls, I have placed third each time. Granted third, at best, gets me good seats to watch the victor, but seeing as I have spent less than 10% what any of the front runners have spent, and I, along with the front runner, are the only two to consistently place in the top 3, I would say my message is strong enough to propel me way above 8th or 9th.

          Finally, a candidate in the race just told me he commissioned a poll, he was quick to say he spent $20,000 on it, and the current leader in the race will be a surprise to most everyone. (he was also quick to point out it was not me). My guess, it is Hawkins, but I have nothing other a guess, and knowledge it is not me or the one who commissioned the poll. He also said the poll had some other surprises, of which he would not share. Maybe I am in last, or 2nd, who knows. But I do know this, my message is the right one, my inexperience and lack of political connections may be my weakness, but it will not deter me, and it sure does not deter my supporters. Let’s just hope I get a lot more of them before July!

          What does this have to do with Deal dropping out? Glad you asked. If Deal drops out, and decides to run for Congress, the results of the aforementioned poll, I think, will make others drop out. None of the other candidates were willing to take on Deal in the first place, at least not the first 3 or 4 who entered after me. Depending on the ethics charge, he may be able to survive it for Congress, heck I would guess nearly 25% of the people I meet have no clue their Congressman is not running for re-election and running for governor.

          My point is, the person who will win in July is a person with new ideas, new experiences, and new visions. Everyone is fed up with career politicians and people “taking their turn” to be the congressman. Others in the race continue to play the same old game of politics, spending $50,000 on consultants, $5,000 on websites (that still do not show where the candidate stands on issues), and, when the time comes that Deal enters the race, will do the politically correct thing, and “wait their turn.”

          Or, I am completely wrong.

          • GOPGrassroots says:

            The Marijuana Man is going to come in 8th or 9th becuase he spends his time posting very long replies on here instead of talking to voters in the district and raising funds to get his message out.

          • Jeremy Jones says:

            Thanks, that was a bit long winded, my bad.

            However, I do think it important to share my views on various topics and subjects. No other candidate is willing to put his views in writing in such places.

            All the others can keep playing their games, the game has been successful for political eons, but it does not mean it will work this time.

          • Goldwater Conservative says:

            Jeremy, sweet young Jeremy.

            The person that is going to win in July is going to be the person with the most money.

            It is not about issues. Issues are what are used to get people like you all riled up. The campaign is a candidates expression of their ability to put the right people in charge of the right things at the right time.

            You expectations that the House and White house will swing in 2012 is a little naive as well. Actually, your entire pitch is naive. President Obama will most likely be reelected. Why? It is very simple, his base is not straying away, one, and, two, unlike the GOP our president is not using his time in office as a redress of grievances. The campaign, he did. How much is he really going after? When the healthcare reform is finished he is taking on immigration and that will be about it until he is reelected. He will turn from the Reformer in Chief role to the Manager in Chief role. That is how you campaign.

            Nobody is fed up with career politicians. It is a good talking point, but if people were really fed up then they would stop electing them. What people are fed up with are career politicians that are not their congressmen. “Nathan Deal is fine, it is the other 434 members of Congress that are the problem…” That is the mentality of the American voter.

            Also, $50k in consulting fees is cheap. So is a $5k website.

            Idealism, Jeremy, is a luxury for those passive observers of the political process. It is a way of coping with the way the world really works as opposed to your own idiosyncratic normative views.

          • Jeremy Jones says:

            Funny, it appears you have been listening to some of my speeches, I say almost the same thing, except for calling myself naive.

            I point out, in November of 2008, Congress had an approval rating of around 30%, while the incumbents that won, won with nearly 60% of the vote. “Congress sucks, except for my guy,” seems to be the voice of the people.

            I do not doubt the uphill battle, or the monumental shift among the electorate it will take me to be successful.

            Over the past two congressional elections, on average, 20 people have won with not previously elected office, not state, not local, zero. Of those, most of them did not have the most money, several had the least.

            It can be done, it will be hard.

          • B Balz says:

            Three Plants Platform:

            Three big ol’ Cannabis plants per person. Cannot sell ’em, trade, or barter ’em. Personal use only, subject to local jurisdiction.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      It goes on, unless Deal decides he wants to go back to the house. Then he will still be opposed by at least one candidate in the GOP primary. And Deal would probably win reelection very easily.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I have come to the conclusion that people on here don’t like the truth. I would expect Deal to retire if he’s not running for Gov. However, if he wanted to keep his seat, I think he could. It doesn’t matter how much money he has in his account, he can transfer it and get 25% of what he raised for Gov and still have plenty of money.

      • I’m having a hard time figuring out why certain innocuous comments get moderated down to “-5” or lower every time a candidate’s name merely appears in the comment at all.

        There was nothing remotely controversial or negative in GOPGeorgia’s comment above. He just said that if Deal wanted to be in the House race, as the incumbent he would probably win it. Wow, how shocking!

  5. Jeremy Jones says:

    If Deal drops out, especially if it is under the umbrella of an escalated ethics investigation, it would obviously involve Casey Cagle as well. So, Cagle drops out as well. Does Schafer become the front runner, or does Handel switch gears and run for LG instead?

    Under the same assumptions, why would the ethics investigation not hinder a congressional re-election? If one assumes it does not, and he enters CD09 as a strong front runner, should Graves immediately jump in to save Georgia by becoming Speaker?

    Will I get my original plan, a race against Deal? Doubt it, but, it does make each day evermore fun!
    Jeremy Jones for Congress

    • steelfist says:

      Jeremy – Give it up. Graves is not running for speaker. He said that yesterday in an email to his congressional supporters. Even if he did, you wouldn’t benefit. It’s not like it is a race between you and Graves.

      • Jeremy Jones says:

        I know he is not. But, will he, or anyone else, stay in the race if Deal decides to run for his seat rather than Gov?

        When it was assumed he would be seeking re-election, no one else would run against him (except me), so, to me, it is a legitimate question.

        As to the benefit to me if Graves seeks another post, I have no idea how or if it would help me. Just because we currently are running for the same seat, does that negate my ability to say what I think would be best for Georgia? Unlike some people, I try to do what I think is best for our State/Country, not me personally.

      • appachtrail70 says:

        Its not even a race, Graves will clearly win it. He would do more good for Georgia as Speaker though.

    • Goldwater Conservative says:

      Why would an ethincs violation hinder any reelection attempt?

      Cagle isn’t losing unless he is caught in bed with a young boy or a black woman.

      Heck, Sonny Perdue was the first to be convicted of an ethics violation from the ethics bill he sponsored in the state Senate. Then the land deal in the Oaky Woods and in Florida that will make him something around $30million when all is said and done.

      I have quick question for you, Jeremy, how do you plan to get on the House Ways and Means committee as a freshmen from one of the most marginal states in the Union? Most of your issue position require changing the tax code rather drastically and, while a party as a whole can work to do that when in the majority, how do you, a single possible member in a minority party, plan on doing so?

      Your ideas are too far out of the box. They need to be realistic…at least publicly.

  6. NorthGAGOP says:

    Let’s think about this:
    Ox has a history of dropping out, but is the “front runner” – not Ox
    Handel – Gaining traction – even if she raises $100k this period she stays in – longshot
    Deal – Getting hit hard on ethics, maybe having trouble raising cash in Georgia – possible
    Johnson – Enabled the sleep with me, I’ll get your bill passed attitude in the legislature, signally a good disclosure – longshot
    Scott – Still walking around Georgia, should drop out – longshot
    Chapman – Has to get started to drop out – longshot
    McBerry – Ran against Sonny in 2006 – no way he’s dropping out

    • Bloodhound says:

      The thought certainly occurred to me.

      That is why I went directly to the candidate eluded to and ask the question.

      You can color me “naive” if you’d like but I believe I received an honest answer. “I’m in it to win.”

    • Doug Deal says:

      Even if you are planning to drop out, there is no reason not to raise money until the very last minute, unless you want campaign debts.

      What are the odds that Erick would even comment on current also-rans like Scott and Chapman.

      My guess would be Johnson or Deal.

        • Lawton Sack says:

          Deal had $1,148,667.38 on hand, as of the June 30th report. $250,000 of that was loans, which would leave $898,667.38 in the clear. Unless he raised zero and spent $900,000, then there should not be any debts.

          As of June 30th, Scott had $85,578.53 on hand, with $9,225.00 in loans, clearing $76,353.53. Who knows what Chapman has done, if anything.

          If it is fundraising, then I would assume it was Scott or Chapman.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Then strike Johnson. And strike Deal too.

        I am not a big fan of guessing games. If he thinks someone is leaving, then he should come out with it and name names, or just stand silent.

        I suspect he wants to have the ability to say “See, look at me, I predeicted this.” after the fact with little risk of having to backtracking if he is wrong.

  7. drjay says:

    not to “recomment” what others have note btw, love the batman reference above-but-i REALly think y’all need to read the last sentence of the post again and the candidate DEALing with this is quite obvious, no?

    • Bloodhound says:

      It seems obvious enough that the subject was Rep. Deal.

      It also seems obvious that it was an unsubstantiated rumor which has been directly denied by the candidate.

      He may bow out by lunchtime for all I know, but this morning at 9:05 he reaffirmed his candidacy.

      • drjay says:

        he may have denied it–my comment was more to the folks wondering if it’s chapman or scott or some such–not to the veracity of the post itself

  8. IndyInjun says:

    Cagle is a banker…..Barack Obama is his best friend.

    Barack Obama is a good buddy to a huge swath of Georgia GOP contributors because he gave NOL carrybacks for FIVE YEARS on income taxes, so all the Real estate people and contractors get massive tax refunds of prior years taxes.

    Despite the greatest theft in world history Obama is sheltering bankers from serious jail time.

    Who would have thunk GOP bankers and contributors would owe OBAMA so much?

    • ByteMe says:

      And yet almost everyone on the House Banking Committee is a director of a failed (or nearly failed) bank in Georgia. Go figure.

      • Mad Dog says:

        The cost of the 26 bank failures in Georgia?
        Over $5 billion dollars, per the FDIC.

        About $200 million per bank. 20 of the banks were state charters.

        What did Representative James Mills have to say about it all?

        Why he said it’s the regulators fault for forcing banks to take “theoretical losses. ”

        BTW, he’s a stockholder willing to be a board member….

      • Mad Dog says:

        When Cagle was asked about his banking career and his position on the Banking Committee he said his experience in banking brings a needed perspective.
        Who knows more about what a bank ‘|\|eeds’ than a banker.

  9. slyram says:

    If Scott left the race, running against Rep. Jim Marshall is a natural option. (Yes, how many times must he say no way.) After no votes on health care reform, Marshall’s Democrat fundraising could run thin. If the national Dems wanted to make an example of someone, he would be the one.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    Karen Handel or Austin Scott, let it be.

    If not GOP 2010 says “bye” to me.

    Nathan versus Roy, let us be real,

    There’s a Dem on both sides of the Deal.

  11. Ken Stepp says:

    Pot should be a state issue ,not a federal one. Either make it legal ,clean it up ,grow it ,tax it ,and make it fall under the liquor laws or have states take care of it on their own ,give the states the money that the feds are shoving up a hogs butt trying to continue “The War on Drugs”. The federal government makes this stuff too complicated.

  12. GeorgiaConservative says:

    Seriously doubt that Nathan Deal is dropping out, he’s had a strong report and has gained considerable support statewide.

    My guess is Handel: hearing that she won’t be able to pay her campaign staff what she promised them and that she’s just an unpleasant woman in general.

      • Jeff says:

        It isn’t Scott, unless his campaign is lying to me. Besides, if we’re using the fundraising standard that some of Deal’s supporters are trying to put out there, Scott has an actual in-person fundraiser in Albany Thursday night with a prominent local lawyer and even more prominent local businessman/restaurateur as hosts.

    • drjay says:

      again back to the text of the post–if it were karen my guess is erick would of told us to “get a handle” on it if we were upset at his vagueness–or some such…

    • Silent Outrage says:

      Laughable at best — Deal is ethically unelectable at this point. And Ox has had some serious news drop today.

      Handel is just fine. She is only one of three not under and ethical cloud right now. And it’s BS to say that she’s unpleasant.

      I’d watch that Chapman. He’s got serious growth potential and is tied for 4th place w/ Eric Johnson and he doesn’t have any of the ethical baggage that Johnson has.

    • Doug Deal says:

      This is all Deal’$ people have provided in way of “campaigning” since day one. Vote for Deal because Handel can’t raise money.

      Well, when you use the power of your office to secure sweet Deal$ from the legislature, I guess money is a little easier to come by.

      Here is a hint. Instead of trying to tear appart a decent woman by bragging about how much money you have raised, how about telling us how you would clean up the ethics in Atlanta and what plan you have for Georgia’s future.

      OH YEAH! That’s right. You are part of the problem on the first point and have no plan on the second. Better go back to asking the legislature for more cozy Deal$.

      Also, how is a Congressional ethics investigation in the heat of the campaign season going to work out for Deal’$ campaign in the general election, if he gets the nomination?

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