“The Things That We Say When We Campaign Have No Bearing On How We Govern”

Bobby Franklin can be called many things. He’s an admitted back bencher. His positions are uber-conservative and not subject to compromise. He often doesn’t work well with others. But I’ve never known anyone to call Bobby Franklin a liar.

So when Franklin says that House Majority Leader Jerry Keen has told him “The things we say when we campaign have no bearing on how we govern” (at roughly 8:20 into this clip), I first take him at his word.

And by taking him at his word, I have to believe that Keen told Franklin and the Republican caucus that they have to understand that they will say one thing to get elected, and then do another thing to govern.

I will refer back to the cadet honor code, which still appears to be a bridge too far for this leadership team: “I will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do”.

This quote moves us beyond Rep. Keen tolerating those who do. It is a direct charge that Keen expects his collegues to lie in order to retain power. The worst part of that is that Keen expects House Republicans to lie to us. And he thinks we’re stupid and that we’ll just sit back and take it.

Based on yesterday’s caucus meeting, I’m thinking a majority of House
Republicans think so, too.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    Exactly and well said Rep. Bobby Franklin. Keen’s remarks are plain wrong.

    Also wrong are Sue Everhart’s comments Thursday night at the Republican Christmas dinner that “We [the GA GOP] do not condemn or condone his [Glenn Richardson’s] actions” and “it is business as usual” and her making it clear that it should be this way because he raised the Party money.

    These comments are not reflective of true Republican values and principles. Our principles are not just campaign promises that get put on the back burner once elected. I joined the Republican Party because of its principles, with the goal of returning the Party to its principles.

    • Icarus says:

      For those reading this who are unfamiliar with Lawton Sack or even think this is an anonymous screen name, Mr. Sack is a GOP District GOP Chairman 1st Vice Chairman for the 12th District GOP, a State Committeeman, and the Bulloch County GOP Chairman.

      We need more Republican grass roots leaders willing to stand up and recognize this problem for what it is. Any Republican in any leadership position, either elected or within the party structure, must stand up and put their cards on the table.

      Otherwise, they are tolerating those who do.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Does anyone have a complete transcript of Sue Everheart’s speech to the Georgia State Republican Committee last Thursday night? If so, I would very much like to see it.

      It’s not that I doubt Mr. Sack, but I want to read her statements in their entirety before I go much further in my statements about the state party.

      “Neither condemn nor condone” is not acceptable. If Sue said that and if the context doesn’t drastically alter the meaning then after over 30 years of voting Republican, holding multiple offices within the state GOP, managing campaigns for fellow Georgia Republicans and a whole lot of hand-shaking, door knocking, speech writing, speech giving and everything else that goes with it then I have more serious thinking to do about the state party.

      • Ken in Eastman says:

        One of my grandmothers used to say, “Love the sinner; hate the sin.” She lived by that principle.

        Glenn Richardson is obviously a troubled man. The course his life has taken can be changed.

        On the other hand, the actions he took were despicable, immoral, unethical and perhaps criminal. His actions must be condemned by that Georgia GOP. To say that the state GOP “neither condemns or condones” is to say that the state GOP has no morals.

        If it were Tom Murphy, then I would condemn those actions and so would the state GOP. If it is Glenn Richardson, I still condemn those actions and so should the state GOP. We’re going to hold Democrats to a higher standard than we hold ourselves!?!? That’s a joke for a lot of reasons.

        Sue, if you said it, then take a mulligan. You did not speak for the grassroots of this party when you failed to condemn Speaker Richardson’s actions – and precious few party officials across the state.

        • IndyInjun says:

          What? Not Sue, not that wonderful REPUBLICAN who virtually promised to fight tooth and nail against any primary challenge to Saxby Chambliss, a total fake, in 2008?

  2. Fawkes says:

    If the House’s Republican Majority don’t get their act together, they will soon become the Republican Minority. This may be too late. The coming election for Speaker and leadership positions will be very telling.

    This “culture of corruption” has got to go. One can only hope that the articles posted here and the news stories breaking daily will send a clear message to the House Republicans.

    When I view the 11Alive news story, one thing comes to mind: “Throw them all out!” I normally don’t think this way, but that is the “vibe” I get from the clip. I have often considered myself “level-headed” (might be misguided on my part). So, when I feel as though the Republicans need to have their heads placed upon pikes, what does that mean for the Georgia public? When more of these news clips hit the television airways, what will happen? I don’t believe Georgians will tolerate the corruption going on in the House. Republican, Democrat, or Independent is meaningless when corruption and power are thrown into the mix.

    We have a Speaker election coming up along with other leadership positions, but we need one for Majority Leader. One thing is clear from this news clip: Keen must go.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      This came from a die-hard Democrat on GOP principles:

      There is nothing wrong with the principles, I think most Americans embrace them. The leadership does turn people away. And not necessarily the leadership as much as what you stated: The total lack of responsibility to principles. But like I said, I understand there needs to be accountability in both parties!

      Another local Bulloch County leader shared: “Their actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what they say.”

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Wow, an anonymous vote for an open meeting….so sad.

    I have very little in common with Franklin, but his frankness is very refreshing.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      Yes, it is very sad. The Republican Party runs on the idea of an open government, but it is not practicing it. This was not a family meeting. If it was, then all Republicans from Georgia should have been invited. I would have loved to been able to speak to my “family members.”

    • Elin is Hot says:

      If you “have very little in common with Franklin” that must mean you are likely at least one of, if not many of the following:

      1) A liar
      2) A thief
      3) An adulterer
      4) A taker of handouts from lobbyists
      5) You do things to “go along with the crowd” rather than stick with a basic set of principles.
      6) You say one thing to one person and say a different thing to another person.
      7) You spread malicious rumors and innuendo about everyone.

      Bobby Franklin would never be described in any of the above fashion.

  4. 1magnoliapeach says:

    Maybe our politicians whom, once elected, do remain true to the values and core beliefs on which they run their campaigns truly are public servants. The comment “Bobby Franklin doesn’t work well with others.” Could actually be a good thing if “Others” refers to the self-serving, egotistical bunch”Leading” the Republican party and Georgia. NO wonder he doesn’t work well with them. I am a “lifelong” Repbulican but I say “Throw them all out too!” Not one of them is irreplaceable, not one.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Anchor-Wanker Ted Hall of WXIA wins the award for Most Super-Dumb Bunny Allowed Into GA Political News Media. Hands down!

    For this bit of dribble alone:

    “Should we not be looking at the (GA) Republican Party as closely as we are?”

    • Game Fan says:

      Get ready for a lot of liberals in politics and media (status quo type) to try to put the brakes on this stuff! Because they’re in on the Shenanigans! And frankly I’m jealous. Why should the legislators and the insiders have all the fun?

      • SpaceyG says:

        Liberals in politics? In Georgia? With a pulse to, like, do wacky stuff? What planet are you residing on, Game Fan? Frankly, I do not count Vernon Jones among the wild liberal elite, so don’t pull that chestnut out. And Mary Norwood? LMAO. She was too prissy for a g-damn R convention. Roy Barnes? He’s older’n dirt by now. So who’s left? Mark Taylor? Now I’m seriously ROFLing.

  6. IndyInjun says:

    When we let politicians violate the principles of the party and those which they campaigned on, like our Georgia “Republicans” why are we surprised when they screw us by screwing lobbyists in exchange for their votes?

        • IndyInjun says:

          Yes, and it is a damned shame that we don’t know who they were. My rep says he was one of them, but they could ALL say that now, couldn’t they?

        • Lawful Money says:

          The 22 have forfeited any claim to the offices of public mistrust they hold – for both their cowardly ballots cast….and for the vulgarity of their agenda to keep the individual identity of that cowardice hidden.

          Almost worse than that, was the tub of lard imposter Perdoofus – a total disgrace, an anti-R/republican dismissing the people’s business as subject to the whims of would-be Georgia viceroys of tyranny.

          Ab-so-lute-ly DISGUSTING.

          I can think of 6 interchangeable imposters in the Republican Gubernatorial race who would do a fine job imitating that buffoon, and only one exception….the only one with a chance to beat Barnes.

          God bless Bobby Franklin….who’s HIS choice for Governor?

      • Elin is Hot says:

        I think the taxpayer takes the role of the blow-up doll, unfortunately: Use them only when you absolutely must, then discard them and ignore them when you are finished using them.

  7. IndyInjun says:

    OK, Peachpunditeers, let’s DO this.

    Monday everyone reading these words needs to call the local talk radio shows to let everyone in Georgia know how these corrupt politicians, who already pulled off one anonymous vote for a KNOWN crook (Richardson) last year, now are DOING IT TO US AGAIN with another closed meeting and secret vote.

    Make the point that there are MULTIPLE members of the House known to have consorted with lobbyists and sold their votes for sex.

    Remind them of how the Republicans passed bills that will raise the majority of Georgian’s utility bills and property taxes, probably because of these sex pay-offs.

    Remind them of the Republican standards promising honest government and family values.

    Turn up the heat on these bums.

    • Silent Outrage says:

      AMEN – property taxes are going up on all Georgians by over $300 because of the legislators and they prohibited the counties from lettting the taxpayers know why the increase was happening.

      • ByteMe says:

        Wait… you mean we weren’t supposed to be told that the $300 came from a redistribution of sales tax revenue that no longer existed because sales are so woeful?

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          The taxpayers were left to assume that the bottom line tax increase came from their local governments – and it was done that way by the state on purpose.

          • Jeff says:

            Bottom line is that the tax increase DID come from the local governments.

            What happened was that about a decade ago, HTRG passed. It was bad fiscal policy even then, but we were on the upswing of the DotCom boom and in the middle of a period of good economic times. It was designed to be a tax credit for the home owners, but it was paid directly to the cities.

            So the cities saw all this extra money in their treasuries, and did what every government does – they spent it. And every year that this money continued, it continued to be spent. After all, the home owners were getting “more bang for their buck”, so there were no problems, right?

            The problem came when the State had to start cutting back. It could no longer afford this program. So the General Assembly eliminated it last year – cutting off the money trough the cities had been feeding on for the past decade. And the cities began complaining and telling their residents that THEY weren’t to blame, the State was.

            The truth of the matter is that BOTH were, but the State was the first to finally correct its mistake and end the program.

          • Ken in Eastman says:


            Not every local government spent that money. Many did pass it on to homeowners and that is why the state will not allow the local governments to pass along that information.

            Think about it. If the local homeowners were not receiving the tax break, then none of the individual taxpayers would care; they don’t keep up with local revenues, just their personal taxes.

  8. macho says:

    I don’t personally think the private caucus vote is that big of a deal, and I’m really pissed off at the caucus for supporting these fools. To me it works this way. If you’re a constituent of a given Rep., ask him who he voted for. If he refuses to tell you, then assume he voted for the status quo gang and vote against your Rep. in the general election and/or Primary. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for hometown newspapers to ask, “Who did you vote for in the Caucus elections.”

    • macho says:

      You have to realize, most of these Primary races for Representative have just a few thousand votes in them. It’s really not that hard to unseat one, just ask Jeff Lewis.

      • AthensRepublican says:

        Yes, and wasn’t Glenn Richardson himself an issue in that race? I can assume Paul Battles was one of the ones that voted for David Ralston.

  9. Smyrna Hugh says:

    I wish Senator John Wiles were still in the House. Like Rep. Franklin, he has no patience with double-talk. Unlike others, he always stands on his principles and always says the same thing in public as he does behind closed doors. He is a man of honor who doesn’t cheat on his wife. We need someone like him to be speaker.

    • jenny says:

      Senator John Wiles in the Senate committee hearing two weeks ago concerning SB 292 sponsored by Republican Senator Hamrick which gives pediatric doctors the authority to remove children from the custody of their parents if the doctor does not agree with the health decisions the parents are making, the doctor can move the child autonomously into protective custody and do any medical procedure with full legal immunity. (It has much more atrocities, that’s just a smidgen).

      Senator John Wiles said: “The Constitution is NOT law.”

      Yo, Senator John Wiles, feel free to read Article I, Section II, Paragraph V of the GEORGIA Constitution. You are a perjurer of your oath of office.

      • Jeff says:


        And you’re a hyperbolic lady who once proclaimed she was “THRILLED” a man was murdered in his church!

        As I’ve already shown, Wiles could have been more clear. It wasn’t exactly the best phrasing he has ever used.

        But when you’ve got a lady making a fuss out of this who gleefully endorses the execution of private businessmen she doesn’t like, and whose best friends are two men who have openly called for the Second American Civil War, I tend to give Wiles a LOT more credibility than the lady and her friends!

      • B Balz says:

        @jenny That was just plain mean.

        None of our lawmakers deserve that sort of disrespect from anyone. Sen. Wiles is a good man, with a lovely wife, a real person who has real feelings, shame on you.

        I cannot call a ‘technical foul’ since this isn’t my blog, but if it were, I would.

        , and

  10. GOPGeorgia says:

    I have been asked to weigh in so I will. First I have not been hiding where I stand on this issue. I had stated before that I thought the GOP caucus in the house would make changes and it looks like they are.

    If a legislator said that “The Things That We Say When We Campaign Have No Bearing On How We Govern,” I would be disappointed. I believe in honesty with the voters. I don’t really know Rep Franklin, but it does appear that he got a lot of TV time. I am not saying that was his motivation, but it does appear to be a result. I am not saying I disagree with everything he says either.

    In this particular case, I can understand the desire to keep the doors closed. There maybe more dirty laundry and they may be discussing on how to get rid of it. I hope that there isn’t, and I look at my party in terms of ideas and not people. People can fail to uphold principals. Good ideas are right regardless of what is going on. If they are passing laws, the doors should be open. If they want a frank discussion about image, I may disagree, but I respect the right to close the doors.

    When Sue said “it is business as usual,” I took that to mean the it’s the GOP parties job to keep electing Republicans and that is what we (as a party) should focus on. I think it is self evident that is not business as usual in Atlanta. We will have new leadership for the next session.

    I have discussed my preferences with my Representative on speaker. It’s his vote to make, and if it is by secret ballot, I still trust him to do what he thinks is right. If I didn’t, I would either run against him or would try to find someone who would a better job. That is the case in every district in Georgia. If you don’t like or trust your Representative, do something about it. If you have problems with other representatives, you can go work on trying to replace them as well.

    We are going to have new leadership; and for now, I am going to sit back and let the caucus do their work. I would bet that I will have more to say on this subject later on, but for now, I am going to follow Sue’s recommendation and get ready to try to elect more Republicans.

    • Lawful Money says:

      Thanks for weighing in…..

      That’s a mixed up bunch of non-committal, obedient, non sequitur hypocritical redundancies – combined with a surrender to the protocol of status quo secrecy used while plotting against the people Republicans swore an oath to serve.

      And the line about Rep. Franklin seeking TV time?

      Good grief……that’s about as transparently sad & adolescent as it gets….

      • ByteMe says:

        Basically, he’s saying his view of the world is that Republicans must win even if they suck. Or blow. Or whatever… I don’t want to know. And that’s why he’s just as much part of the problem. He puts his commitment to “the party” above any principle he might have once had.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          I am saying on an average, if you show me two candidates side by side with what they say they want to do and how they want to do it. 9 times out of 10 I will be able to tell you which is the GOP candidate, and if they follow the platform, they would probably do a better job.

          There are exceptions. My sheriff is a dem, and I have asked him to switch parties the last two times he ran. I don’t agree with the GOP platform 100% myself. I am not in favor of preserving and protecting social security. I like personal control of my retirement money, not watching the government head toward insolvency with it.

          Other than comment, what have you done to try to change things?

          • ByteMe says:

            Well, I could try shooting all the politicians, but that seems extreme and the penalties seem unnecessarily harsh.

            This is definitely more fun. What’s your excuse at being their tool?

    • jenny says:

      GOP Georgia,

      After reading your response, I have no idea why anyone would ask for it.

      We don’t need to wait to elect someone else. We need to start protesting outside these people’s churches, homes and businesses.

      They should be completely exposed. THE TRUTH IS FINDING THEM OUT.

      So we just need to act on that. Expose, call for resignations, elect citizens, ordinary citizens who take it personally that American soldiers are dying over seas to protect the Constitution, so maybe we should be living for it over here.

      • Jeff says:

        “We need to start protesting outside these people’s churches, homes and businesses. ”

        Yeah, because that has worked SO well for the pro-life movement, right?

        In fact, crap like that has only made you look more and more fringe and lunatic.

        WHY do you keep making me quote The Ox? “You can preach a beautiful sermon all day, but it won’t get the job done… you beat them at their own game.”

        • Bill Greene says:

          Jeff, when is the last time you saw any prolifers protesting outside of an abortionist’s “church, home or business”? Personally, I haven’t seen any since the last time I did it myself, around 1990.

          And there are those who would disagree with The Ox – like Samuel Adams: “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Sermons set some beautiful brushfires, and they certainly got the job done in War for Independence.

          I don’t want to beat these people at their own game. I want them GONE. And good riddance.

      • appachtrail70 says:

        Jenny does it amaze you at how ineffective you are in the political realm. “We need to start protesting outside these people’s churches, homes and businesses.” Your making more and more people turn away from the cause of liberty every time you type a word or open your mouth.

        • Elin is Hot says:

          Gosh. At least Jenny has the courage to identify who she is when “typing a word” or “opening her mouth.”

          Those “more and more people” you speak of…are they sock puppets like you?

    • John Konop says:


      I know and have talked to Bobby Franklin numerous times and like him. We have our disagreement on issues but anyone who knows Bobby would not question his honesty. He maybe the most direct and straight forward politician I have ever met. Bobby in a nice ways is very up front about his views.

      • Jeff says:

        Of all the Legislators I’ve had a chance to talk to so far, I’ve yet to find one as crazy as Franklin.

        There are many I disagree with quite frequently – approaching 100% of the time in some cases – but at the end of the day, they are all sane people who simply have different views on things than I do.

        Unfortunately, I simply cannot say the same about Franklin, though admittedly that isn’t 100% of the time – he DOES have moments of lucidity, and there are SOME things I wholeheartedly agree with him on.

        I’m sorry, but I can neither support nor respect a man who calls for war against the US Government, no matter how much I may wish to on some issues.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I didn’t question his honesty, but I pointed out that he got TV time. People can do the right thing and still have extra benefits to their actions.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      I am a little amused by the negative votes.

      I said we are getting new leadership. That’s a fact. I guess some people don’t like that.

      If a representative said “The Things That We Say When We Campaign Have No Bearing On How We Govern,” I would be disappointed. I don’t like the phrase, but it could be a cynical assessment of how some people perceive the house. I would have to see/hear the whole comment in context to see if it were taken out of context. That’s a fact. I guess some people don’t like that.

      I didn’t say rep Franklin did what he did for TV time, but it is a result. That is a fact. I did not call him a liar and implied I agreed with some of the things he said. I don’t know him. Those are facts. I guess some people don’t like that.

      I stated that’s it’s legal to close the doors. That’s is a fact. I guess some people don’t like that.

      I tried to give context to Sue’s statement. I heard her statement in the state committee meeting, her statement in the EC meeting, and had a conversation with her about it. The context that I tried to put it in is accurate. She wants the Georgia GOP to focus in electing GOP candidates. I would not bring this up now if others weren’t trying to give part of the story. That’s a fact. I guess some people don’t like that.

      I stated that if you don’t like your Representative or others, you can try to change them. That’s a fact. That applies to any Representative regardless of party. I guess some people don’t like that.

      I am going to sit back and let the caucus do their work. I will speak on the rest of this situation later. That’s a fact. I guess some people don’t like that.

      So if you are going to vote me down for facts, at least try to make a valid counter argument on why you think I am wrong. Otherwise I will just assume you don’t like facts or the GOP.

      • John Konop says:


        You sound more and more like an apologist for the establishment that got us into this mess! You defend Kathy Cox by using a study with admitted convicted and arrested administrators caught cheating. You take swipe at Bobby Franklin with your backhanded TV comment rather than deal with substance of the issue. I could go on and on…..it is clear you would rather protect the establishment of your party over doing what is right!

        As I said on certain issues I disagree with Bobby put I do think he does what he thinks what is right over a protection racket for unethical and or incompetent office holders like you do!

        • ByteMe says:

          …..it is clear you would rather protect the establishment of your party over doing what is right!

          Let’s make sure to keep repeating this over and over until he “gets it”. I’ve written the same thing as well. So far, he doesn’t get that he’s part of the problem.

        • GOPGeorgia says:


          You have your way of dealing with problems and I have mine. You are a spinster and I try to be a straight shooter. I can’t say I have never spun, but that seems to be all you do. You cannot point out where I have defended Kathy Cox. I have called you a hypocrite for complaining about the use of one study and not telling us what you think about the studies used in promoting global warming. You can call it a swipe all you like, but he did get TV time. It’s a fact. Deal with it. You CANNOT read that I agreed with him on some of his issues, but you are trying to SPIN it into a me verses him thing.

          You run around in the street banging a gong calling for people to voluntarily to resign, or have others push them out of office on rumor alone. I am not happy with the status quo, but there are lots of rumors on all elected officials and not all of them are true. If there are cases of abuses of power that can be documented, I condemn them. People who knowingly do bad things do not have my support and I do not apologize for them. If it’s just a rumor, the truth will set us free.

          I try to protect my party but never over what is right. Just because I am not in the street with a pitch fork, does not mean I am not trying to change things. You have your ways and I think mine will prove to be more effective.

          • ByteMe says:

            Doug, all you’ve been doing so far is spinning and ducking… all to “protect the party” instead of exposing the scum and publicly insisting that change is required. You are part of the problem if you think that doing this privately behind closed doors is somehow “more effective”. Eventually you will wake up and see that.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Byte, see my post in the Jim Cole thread. If you can’t or won’t name those names, you are just as gulity of the cover up you claim I am part of.

          • John Konop says:


            You are clearly using a study in which administrators have admitted and been convicted of cheating to defend Kathy Cox. How else would any logical person understand your comments? And the bottom statement you thank the Kathy Cox team for using “accurate facts” with data in which administrators were convicted for cheating!!! Party members like you on both sides are the problem not the solution! We need new leadership ASAP!

            GOPGeorgia November 23, 2009 at 12:43 pm

            Second, many (Me) think it’s funny that Konop ignores a study because he doesn’t like the results. “all of your latest results are statically impossible.” JK can claim cheating all he wants, but until JK can prove it, it’s just JK not wanting to accept the results.

            GOPGeorgia November 23, 2009 at 12:43 pm

            While I understand the urge to ignore his posts, I request that you (Dana) keep posting accurate facts when possible. It may not be fun to debate, but at least you can provide a counterpoint to the people who read this blog.


      • AthensRepublican says:

        Ms. Everhart’s comments don’t suprise me after I read her comments in the Marietta Daily Journal several days earlier attacking Richardson’s ex-wife. She seemed very clear what she meant and many are naturally repulsed by her statements.
        FROM THE MDJ:
        “However, she did question why Susan Richardson waited until now to reveal her allegations.”I didn’t see any reason for her to bring it out now. That was two years ago. That was the time if she had a story to tell,” Everhart said. Susan Richardson said in her interview with Fox 5 that she was being blamed by her ex-husband for his suicide attempt and she wasn’t going to accept that blame. But Everhart said for the sake of the children, divorces should be kept private. Everhart said no one in the state has worked harder to help her elect Republicans than Richardson has. “No one can fault the leadership he’s given Georgia,” she said

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          I’d still like to see a transcript. Can she really be that tone deaf?

          Does anyone know if one exists and where it can be read?

          • Bill Greene says:

            Ken, it’s hard to find them more tone deaf than Sue. She hears the world through GOP-colored headphones, and it doesn’t matter if the person actually holds to GOP values or not. Party over principle, plain and simple.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I don’t mind the negative votes. I wear them as a badge of honor. No one has challenged the facts of what I said, they just don’t like them, me, the GOP, or a combination of such. I am fine with holding a record of wading into a bunch of Dems, Libs, and Rhinos and telling the truth and getting voted down for it.

            Open challenge – prove any of my facts wrong. In the mean time, feel free to vote me up or down. See my other comment with currently -7 votes for a summary of the facts.

          • Elin is Hot says:

            Ummm…at some point, people would rather just roll their eyes at all of the “non-facts” you write rather than take the time to rebut them.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            “Gosh. At least Jenny has the courage to identify who she is when “typing a word” or “opening her mouth.”

            Those “more and more people” you speak of…are they sock puppets like you?”

            Elin the modest, please tell us how this doesn’t apply to you as well?

  11. Game Fan says:

    “The things we say when we campaign have no bearing on how we govern”

    I wanted to say “hats off” to the lobbyists because they know this already. They understand that the image or “label” and the platform are just window dressing compared to what the sponsors tell the guy to do. Now if “the people” maintained the same relationship to the politicians that the lobbyists do, things might be different. But instead far too many “people” see politicians as leaders rather than public servants.

  12. IndyInjun says:

    too many “people” see politicians as leaders

    Yeah, they might lead you straight to free sex, only for you to find that you don’t have the price – a House vote.

  13. Life and Liberty says:

    @Byte: plenty of good hanging trees at the Capitol…
    @Game: FYI…80 new unpaid lobbyists trained in the last couple months. “we the People” are back.
    @Byte, in support of Lawful: please provide an example of Bobby’s “status quo support”, particularly as it relates to this issue. I’m very interested in understanding how you might construe that sort of position on/by Rep Franklin.

  14. SpaceyG says:

    I love the part on this tape (early on) where that dumb bunny Ted Hall says if media don’t know “the taxpayers won’t know.” Anchor-wanker Hall is obviously seriously late to the Peach Pundit/Erick Erickson Tell-All party. LMAO!

  15. Harry says:

    Bobby Franklin is a very impressive fellow. I remember how he was key in curing the impasse on the flag issue, getting 75% of the electorate on the same page. He proposed a flag that represents our history without insult to anyone. If he says it, I believe it. The Leadership would do well not to ignore him.

  16. Donna Locke says:

    I hesitate to say anything about the search for a House speaker. I do have an interest in the kind of state my kids and grandchildren are living in, the quality of life they are going to have. They are in Georgia, and a number of issues that come before the legislature may affect them.

    Aside from any of those other issues, I have a particular interest in immigration-related issues, specifically immigration control and demagnetization to illegal migration. I know from experience that state legislators in Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding, and a couple of other counties have a stronger grasp of this issue, are better informed about it because some of us who were/are most outspoken on this issue lived and live in those counties. So naturally my bias is toward those legislators, though I’m sure lawmakers in other counties may be just as informed and aggressive on the issue, and I do know of some.

    In some respects, the Democrats have become better friends of ours on this issue of immigration control/restriction and demagnetization to illegal migration, because the working class the Democrats claim to represent is hurt by the competition from immigrants and illegal aliens. But the Democrats face conflict in action on this issue because the special interests that are pro-illegal and mass immigration and pro-amnesty for illegal aliens — and these include the ethnic identity groups and also the big unions such as SEIU and the AFL-CIO — are aligned with the Democrats.

    On the other hand, we are fighting the same kind of influence on the GOP, but from the chambers of commerce, big business, and groups such as Associated Builders and Contractors. Employers.

    So business and labor are really in bed together on this issue. It’s about money and power. Always. The average American taxpayer who is subsidizing all this immigration, legal and illegal, and trying to get a job while competing with immigrants, illegal aliens, and foreign guest workers barely has a voice while being tied up with his and her own sash.

    All this to say, I hope the next speaker is on the side of ye olde American taxpayer above and can/will buck the opposing interests.

  17. Life and Liberty says:

    Watch out, Jon:
    I think Jeff has a secret crush.
    Here Jenny tried to weigh in on an issue, and he went and tried to make it all about her. Again.
    hey, was it you, or was it one the legislators who she so effectively annoyed (as an *unpaid* lobbyist) last session who suggested she quit talking about the constitution, and “stick to the unborn”

  18. Andre says:

    One of my first interviews with a state legislator featured Bobby Franklin.

    The main thing I took from my conversation with State Representative Franklin is that he’ll stand on principles regardless of whether it’s politically popular.

    It’s been stated by others in this thread, but I’ll repeat it again.

    Bobby Franklin has been called a lot of things, but the one thing he hasn’t been called is a liar.

    Franklin is a principled politician in a time when principles are for sale to the highest bidder. And for that, the man has my respect.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      For the record, I did not call Rep. Franklin a liar. I went so far to imply that I might even agree with him, but I do not know him.

  19. ron322 says:

    My how far we have come. When calling for limited Government and safe guarding individual rights by an elected official is seen as “crazy”. There is nothing civil about the war that has been declared by action against the people. Thank God there are a few like Franklin who are willing to stand in the gap.
    For those who believe “you beat them at there own game”.
    You are insane. Isn’t that what we the people have been doing for the last 2oo years? Just look how well it has worked out.

  20. MariettaLegal says:

    My email to Rep Keen: [email protected]

    Rep Keen,

    It is bad enough that you choose complicity over courage for several years in matters pertaining to the GA House. If indeed you did say, “The things that we say when we campaign have no bearing on how we govern,” as has been reported by Peach Pundit and a news outlet, then I would think you have sealed the reason for your disqualification for public service, and most certainly for House leadership. Our word is our bond. As followers of Christ, we have an even higher test – a “double-duty.” Because you become an elected official does not somehow give you opt out rights to your your ethical responsibilities or allow you to interpret them differently. It is a shame that your team has tainted the people’s house. I pray you will find the courage, now, to take responsibility and allow a new cadre of leadership to emerge to start clean. I beg you sir. Do the right thing for Georgia.

  21. Thadius says:

    Bobby Franklin is a right wing wacko..
    I’ve spoken with him in person before, and the man is totally hung up on “the Constitution”.
    He acts like it’s wrong to legislate something that violates “the Constitution”. His attachment to “Principals” makes him absolutely a back-bencher at the capitol and as such he can’t really work deals for anyone.
    So what is the point of being there if you are just going to submit your ideas to “the Constitution”. NO fun there.

  22. Atticus Grinch says:

    Thadius is probably right that Franklin is a House member on the far fringe with no real influence. A real kook. So what? He looks like a kook with integrity and principals. He doesn’t appear to be lying about what he reports the Great Christian Keen told him. Should the disgust one feels about the content of Keen’s statement be lessened because Franklin may be a nut? Franklin should be judge on his own. Keen’s statement — and the attitude it reflects — should be judged on its on terms. It appears to me that Richardson, Burkhalter, Keen & Co. didn’t really oppose “business as usual”; they just opposed the fact that — prior to 2005– they weren’t the beneficiaries of the system. Lobbyists are great, so long as you are the one that’s getting lobbied (Say, can you get me a couple of Van Halen tickets? …… I sure would like to see the SEC Championship Game…… What’s your favorite red wine at Bone’s?)

  23. Thadius says:

    Obviously it was in jest.
    My point is that no one appreciates a person with principals until the stuffing hits the fan… You can’t convince me there was one member of leadership who was unaware of the indecent relationship(s) and the impact it could have had on legislation… but most everyone was “greasing the skids” until the closet door was opened.

  24. swgarep says:

    What Bobby reported is totally true. I was told about this event from a close friend who is a member of the House. The statement was made in a caucus meeting when one member, I can’t remember who he told me it was, challenged the caucus leadership about a promise they made to the voters to not spend surplus tax money. Richardson said he would deny ever signing the pledge and Keen responded with – The things we say when we campaign have no bearing on how we govern.

  25. Life and Liberty says:

    I found out today, on a separate (but possibly related) issue, that the legislature does not have any means to look into nepotism or conflict of interest issues. Transparency and openness from *this* bunch? lol.

    There are plenty of mechanisms in place to catch lobbyists in inappropriate acts, though. here’s a good place to start:

    happy hunting!

  26. Muscadine says:

    Why did Bobby Franklin support Glenn Richardson and Jerry Keen when they were challenged last year? Could it be that he is an opportunist just like your average clown?

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