House Keeping and Larry O’Neal

“I think the House GOP can do something unexpected that will impress everyone at a time when no one expects to be impressed by the House GOP.”

First, there is a common talking point shaping up this morning from legislators at various county GOP meetings — don’t read Peach Pundit.

I personally find it hilarious that Senator Ross Tolleson would be in his office reading Peach Pundit for his tidbits, then run down to the Houston County GOP meeting to tell them all not to read it.

Note to Ross, the Ox, and others: telling people not to read Peach Pundit is not exactly the best way to get people to not read Peach Pundit. Same with you guys up in Fulton and elsewhere. I do, however, very much appreciate the extra traffic. A shame we don’t make money off Peach Pundit.

Second, my voicemail is full of legislators and others calling to defend their particular candidates for Speaker, pitch a candidate, give me news, etc. I have bigger fish to fry this weekend in addition to spending time with family. Your calls will be returned, but you’ll have to be patient. We have a Christmas tree to get up.

Third, I suspect some of the greatest angst from these legislators telling everyone not to read Peach Pundit is because of the debauchery they have been engaging in for years under the radar. They just don’t like us sharing. Hell, I had one legislator a few years ago tell me he had a four way with two strippers and a lobbyist supplier of women, but only really figured it out when he woke up in bed the next morning with all the other bodies piled around. He thought it was the best job ever. Yes, sadly, that is a very true story.

Lastly, I am overwhelmed with calls about Larry O’Neal. It seems Peach Pundit has started a “lynch mob” to get Rep. O’Neal. I personally don’t think that is true, but that is the impression we’ve left with his supporters.

I speak only for myself now.

Telling me that Larry O’Neal is from Middle Georgia and I should support him is typically the best way to get me not to support someone. Note my stance on funding the various Halls of Fame sucking our tax dollars from us in Macon. Everyone calling is making that pitch. Not gonna work with me. Sorry. I want a Speaker of the whole House, not a Speaker of Middle Georgia legislators.

I understand that Larry O’Neal gave his much maligned interview with Travis Fain when O’Neal was in ICU at the hospital suffering from the swine flu and pneumonia. Probably not the best idea, but when you are that sick you sometimes do goofy things and say things that aren’t quite clear.

So, I think it best that all of us ignore the interview with Travis Fain. O’Neal’s supporters tell me that some of his words were misconstrued and some of it he had a hard time articulating his position due to his very high fever and condition. That’s understandable. He felt the need to address the rumors, but it didn’t work out so well.

Let’s move on from it.

The next big area of criticism is the Governor’s land deal. As no one has ever found that O’Neal did anything wrong, I don’t hold the land deal against him. On one hand, people are criticizing O’Neal for being loyal to Sonny and on the other hand criticizing him for being loyal to Glenn. Like with God and money, he cannot be loyal to both. Perhaps he is his own man. Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know. I don’t care.

Here’s my point and I hope I can articulate it clearly over a rapidly deteriorating signal to noise ratio.

If you were going to clean the House and get a guy as Speaker, who would you pick? Larry O’Neal. It is a no brainer. He is the elder statements of the powerful Ways & Means Committee who might have the best ideas of exactly what to do about the deteriorating economic condition in the state.

It makes extremely good sense. I suspect that is precisely why O’Neal is very much considered to be the front runner. Fine.

But I also think that the default judgment of doing so is a bad idea. The House GOP is running for a very safe pick, not a bold pick, in a time of very bad press with even more sharks circling. I think the best way to right the ship is to be bold. Larry O’Neal ain’t bold.

I’ve got no dog in the fight and no preference in the race. If the House GOP thinks O’Neal is the best they can do, so be it. Fine with me. But I think the House GOP can do something unexpected that will impress everyone at a time when no one expects to be impressed by the House GOP. They should always strive for more, particularly at a time like this.


    • macho says:

      “Pics or it didn’t happen.” That’s pretty much been the motto of the House caucus over the last few years. I’m hoping we can do better than that.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Poor Erick, it is like the story of the boy who cried wolf. You have lied so much in an obvious attempt to destroy all candidates except for the ones that have struck a deal with you that no one believes you anymore. The same sentiment of trusting CNBC over your posts was shared at the Cobb GOP last night, as well as the Fulton and Gwinnett GOP this morning. Keith Olbermann has more love than you amongst Georgia conservatives…

      • macho says:

        Yes, everything is a-okay, no problems in the House whatsoever. These guys are all resigning just to spend some more time with their families.

      • Silent Outrage says:

        Yes, let’s all continue to turn a blind eye at what’s going on. ReaganRepublican certainly doesn’t want all this talk about ethics to grow legs – heavens no, not with so much scandal in the winds out there… The only way to survive is to dumb down the electorate and continue the stream of lies that “all is okay” and don’t listen to “this gossip”.

        Sorry, this is mild compared to the actual gossip out there.

        These folks have been getting away with “murder” and now they don’t want anyone to know their secrets.

        Disgusting behavior.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Keith Olbermann has more love than you amongst Georgia conservatives…

        You have to call them the nebulous “conservatives” because they sure as shootin’ ain’t REPUBLICANS according to party standards.

        Party hacks fear the truth.

        Your party is about to break wide open because the people are sick to death of your corruption.

    • Ken in Eastman says:


      Take a look at David Ralston – a man who openly stood against Richardson last year. That takes courage and conviction.

      Ralston did the right thing for the right reason. If the pick isn’t Ralston, so be it, but we need to reward those who did the right thing when it was difficult and it meant facing a petty, vindictive Georgia Speaker of the House.

    • Ken in Eastman says:


      I failed to add that David Ralston came out against the Hawk system when he ran against Richardson last year. I thought you might like to know.

  1. macho says:

    I read this quote by Cole in Galloway’s latest piece:

    Cole is serious, and not a little chagrined. He is one of the few House Republicans who admits he could have done more to stop the tangled web of influence, money and sex that has ensnared the chamber.

    “I did just stand by,” he said. “I could have spoke up, but I didn’t.”

    I was proud and am left with a ray of hope. I’m basically a forgiving guy, but what makes my head want to explode is when these legislators parade out and act like they’ve done nothing wrong. Even worse, they act as if the Peach Pundit is at fault.

    Just a word of advice to the caucus: you all are at fault. Even if you were not physically doing a lobbyist, you were aware of the culture, and you continued to support these hedonists for leadership positions. I don’t think all of you should go, and I know it’s tough to buck the leadership, my only requirement is that you man-up, like Cole, admit you made a mistake, and then fix your mistake.

    • ByteMe says:

      I wouldn’t use the word “proud”, since he clearly let his desire for power or prestige get in the way of doing the right thing, but I am heartened that a deathbed conversion is possible in this situation.

      • macho says:

        You’re probably right. Besides, I shouldn’t use the word “proud” when they are doing something that should simply be expected.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    Don’t read Peach Pundit, eh?

    This place is great for aggregating relevant press pieces from all over our state for distribution. It is a one-stop shop for Georgia Politics.

    Posters here are all over the map politically and every topic is hammered at all angles, between the combatant commenters hammering at each other, of course.

    Promising one thing then voting the opposite will get you killed here because we will dissect your votes and compare them back to your promises, party platform you swore to, and to the code of conduct you claim white running.

    And NEVER, EVER state that you prayerfully considered anything if you are having sex with a lobbyist.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    The only time a Georgia Republican is NOT reading Peach Pundit is when they’re getting a lap dance. And even then they’re likely multi-tasking with their BlackBerry.

      • SpaceyG says:

        I’m starting to like you again, Erick. Even if you’re determined to take all the fun outta politics with all this housekeeping stuff. Still, we have to keep eyes on the prize at all times… and NEVER let SC get more media glare than Georgia EVER again. That was indeed a dark media time. For Georgia. On The Trail and all that. What are you doing for 2010’s Naked Hiking Day, by the way? I’m breaking in some new hiking boots (only!) on my treadmill as I type this… being the terrific multi-tasker that I am, of course.

    • Bloodhound says:

      Dear lord! I had been pleased not to hear that name to this point.

      To reiterate what has been said in previous posts to this point: “Larry O’Neal is not fit to serve!”

  4. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    I think I too should be compensated for my writing here.

    I think blaming Erick for the sins of the republic leadership is like blaming Golf for Tiger Woods behavior. And I consider myself a tad to the right of Reagan.

  5. Doug Deal says:

    Ross does read Peach Pundit, as it is obvious Bubba doesn’t read.

    This is who he endorsed for in the 8th district Congressional race, and has actually signed up to be her honorary campaign chairman.

    I wouldn’t go to Ross and expect sage advice, unless you were his family members looking for subsidies for their tree farming interests.

    • Doug, you’re a friend and I value that friendship. However, you are way off on this one. Angela Hicks certainly has the support of Senator Tolleson. That’s his prerogative. Angela is successful in her own right. She’s a legitimate small business person who legitimately manages a payroll. She has a strong grasp on the issues and has surrounded herself with people who wish to help her succeed. I am supporting one of her opponents as are you. Her other opponents, save one, have long resumes and are successful and capable as well. Perhaps you should read this and tell me that the emperor has no clothes.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Just look at her website. Anyone who thinks they are a serious candidate for CONGRESS who supposedly has backiing by party insiders, should at least have something reasonable instead of what looks like ramblings from a crackpot.

        She used to have her height and weight on there and a count on the number of “terrorist friends” and drug convictions.

        Her “words of wisdom” section is classic reading.

        • Well Doug, she is your opponent in this race. A candidate can update and create a website. Websites don’t vote. However, the immediate response from the Marshall camp regarding one of the candidates (including WMAZ, The Telegraph, the AJC as well as several blogs), right out of the hopper, should be sending up all sorts of red flags. Usually, there isn’t much said and time allowed for opposition research.

          The person that wins the Republican nomination had better be well grounded with a load of common sense. Look what is happening in ATL. Good people are now looked on with skepticism due to the unchallenged actions of a few. I’ve heard stories of all sorts of antics in DC.

          The value of a solid resume of education and life experiences should be considered heavily. Does one own property? Does one know how to leverage finance? Does one know how to provide quality constituent services. Who is able to mobilize and motivate people? Does the candidate truly listen? That’s why I am supporting Ken DeLoach.

          Nothing wrong with the other folks, but Ken has integrity that is unquestionable and exceeds the benchmarks necessary for support.

        • log224 says:

          I’m surprised that the Republican party is supporting anyone to run against Jim Marshall. From what I have heard, the party stance is “you’re on your own.” They put significant resources into Rick Goddard and lost their shirts.

          I think the terrorist friends item on Angela’s website is entertaining and probably resonates with some voters. Let’s not all be so serious.

          Obviously her educational credentials are in order and her business experience is sound. She’s from a good family.

          Why not run? Good luck to all of you in the race…as the Good Book says “Iron sharpens iron.”

          • Ken in Eastman says:

            I can only say that individual GOP County organizations are working to gain exposure for all of the announced Republican candidates.

            Jim Marshall does not deserve and will not receive a free pass.

          • I would imagine the party will go where they sense viability. Currently, what I’m hearing is that they are staying out of the race. However, I’ve also heard that NRCC has talked with 2 women, but I have no confirmation.

            I’m not sure I would welcome someone from Washington to hand pick the candidate from the district. That should be up to the people. Currently there are 7 people indicating they are running. My bet is that number will dwindle to 3 or 4 who actually qualify.

            I’m confident in DeLoach’s chances and he’s working his tail off and is a quality human being. We’ve developed a pretty massive group of volunteers from all points of the district and have some unique things planned for the coming months.

          • Ken, massive exposure is going to be critical. I’ve run into people who have no clue who the current congressman is!!!

            Ken, I do think multiple forums will be beneficial for exposure. However, we have a few things up our sleave that will put Ken’s name out there.

        • Elin is Hot says:

          Oh…so now we make decisions on candidates based on how “pretty” their Website is? Nothing shallow about that. Nope. Not at all.

  6. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Right now to conservative republicans what is happening to the GOP leadership is like eating a sloppy burrito in the car.
    You look down and it’s all over your shirt cause when you took a bite it all oozed out the other side. That’s a friggen new $50 shirt. You are embarrassed to be seen. You just want to get the shirt clean.

    The democrat eating the burrito under the same circumstances couldn’t wait to get back to work to show everyone their shirt.

  7. Ken Stepp says:

    The first sign of an elected official being at odds with freedom is when they try to stop the public from getting unbias info or news they do not control by using their influence or influence of their office. This actually could be one of those times. The Whitehouse has been a breeding ground for this recently. Go figure.

  8. All of this drama at the capitol is unfortunate, but it’s correction is long overdue. At some point, we have to regain the confidence and trust in our elected leadership. We face too many fiscal issues to allow smoke and mirrors to keep us in a perpetual state of dysfunction.

    There certainly are competent and highly capable people in this state who would be willing to do the tasks at hand. Contrary to many in leadership, WE’RE NOT ALL STUPID.

    YOU, the GOP leadership primarily in the House, have an opportunity or better yet a responsibility to lead and correct the errors of the past participants. I would hope you use this wake up call and do what is necessary to restore confidence.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      If the GOP leadership doesn’t believe rank and file Republicans will hold their feet to the fire, then they are either stupid or don’t read.

      Does anyone have Sue Everheart’s complete remarks to the Republican State Committee from Thursday night? I would like to see them, if so. If she said what I have read that she said, “neither condemn nor condone,” then I have a serious issue.

      Glenn Richardson is a man. If you don’t wish to condemn him as a person, then I can understand that. He is a very troubled man and I’m not sure anyone would deny it, but his actions deserve condemnation in extreme form.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Maurice, you just need to keep on telling the truth. You do it well. Let’s hope people read what you have written and pay attention. Thank you!

  9. Georgia Judge says:

    As I stated in another post the hypocracy is off the chart here.Erick was one of the Speakers biggest fans(to the point of calling out Susan) as was many of the front page posters and now its off with all of their heads who knew of his deeds and stood by and said nothing. Its times like these where the appropriate thing to do is step back ,get a lay of the land and make a mature rational set of decisions,which I feel the Caucus will do.
    The fact is Erick and some front page posters have been very irresponsible in attacking people based purely on rumor with absolutely zero factual grounds to make such attacks,and caring little of the collatteral damage it creates.If you have proof and facts bring it forward and whom ever the subject is that you choose to attack has no basis to complain or be surprised,but when the character assassination continues on a wholesale level with zero factual basis,people see it for what it is and nothing more.
    Unfortunately for Erick many good Republicans have grown tired of his self centered shock tactics of doomsday predictions and rumor mongering,as witnessed by his comments about Ross Tolleson who by any standard is a solid Republican leader.

    • Judge, remember 2006? The denials of corruption and the apathy amongst LEADERS to purge them created one of the largest political turnovers in history. That purging was conducted by Democrats, which were/are no better than what they replaced. Don’t think for a moment that there are not competent and qualified people who are willing to do the job of law making. There shouldn’t be any sacred cows. If they’re corrupt then they ought to go.

      Local GOP chapters would be well served by vetting individuals and recruiting quality people to run. Some years ago one of our local officers responded to that suggestion that local parties shouldn’t be in the recruiting business. Maybe not, but they should be concerned with their reputations when they promote disingenuous candidates. Perhaps there is a marketplace for a coalition who would recruit and train people on the political process.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Yeah. It’s all just rumor.

      As for Tolleson, ever wonder why someone who has his occupation listed as “financial advisor/tree farmer” would be so in favor of state and federal subsidies of E-85 produced from agriculture and forestry products. He also happens to sit on the

      Also, he is/was a director for Security Bank which was forced by the FDIC to halt “unsafe and unsound banking practices”, and that it “lacked adequate capital and was poorly managed”.

      Looks to me that old Ross Tolleson is as much of a problem as anyone else.

      • Doug Deal says:

        I meant to finish that sentence with

        “He also happens to sit on the Senate Natural Resources and the Environment committee as chairman”. I guess you have to look after your own interests.

        I meant to look up the name and forgot to get back to it.

      • Elin is Hot says:

        Soooo…if “a director” sits on a board of a bank, he or she is guilty of everything the bank is accused of doing wrong? Not like the “board” might consist of many more than 1 person, eh?

        Who knows if Tolleson may have argued vehemently against the actions of the bank and merely got out-voted on the board?

        But, hey, by all means, indict someone’s character by their being “on the board” of a failed entity. Indict by mere association. It’s certainly the way Obama and Al Gore play their politics.

        • Elin is Hot says:

          It says at the bottom of my post that “Your post is awaiting moderation.” Figures. Moderates in charge of moderating in moderation.

  10. IndyInjun says:


    For the last four years I have blasted Erick as being a toadie for the corrupt Republican administration in Washington and too joined at the hip with leadership in Atlanta. Y’all loved him then.

    Erick cannot stand the constant hammering away by folks like me on how totally corrupt the GOP is versus its platform and creed. When you dissect the things that REPUBLICANS are supposed to be, you find zero commonality with how they perform and vote.

    We have clearly and accurately labeled the party a bastion of liars and hypocrites.

    You all need to focus on cleaning out the rotten apples… all are turning to vinegar.

    Erick is trying to save your party and you should thank him for it.

  11. fishtail says:

    JUDGE…you sound like you may be an attorney, so I have a legal question for you. Would it be a conflict of interest for Larry O’Neal, as Speaker of the House, to also serve as the personal attorney for Governor Perdue at the same time?

  12. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    All I want is some damned beer, boiled peanuts and a front row seat in January. I hope to watch this bunch of circle jerks cover their asses while they scurry to shuttle their honeys.

    This is about as much fun as watching Anna Nicole Smith smother her old sugar daddy in front of the cameras a few years ago.

    Give me beer and give me liberty!!!

    And remember, vote Barnes. He may not be much to look at but he’s boring as hell.

  13. IndyInjun says:

    Vote Barnes? Not until the fools in the GOP make me do it by nominating Ox or Deal.

    As screwed up as they are, it will probably happen.

    • Jeff says:

      Remember, even if both the Ga GOP and DPG immolate themselves by nominating Ox/Deal and Barnes, you will still have another choice: John Monds!

  14. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    If Ox is nominated…..what am I saying, Georgian can’t be that screwed up. This SOB should be styling hair or making flower arrangements.

    My dinner with Ox at the table…

    “Do you boys coon hunt much here?” as Sebastian raised his wine glass.

    He would paint Stone Mountain pink

  15. Hissy Fit says:

    You forget one little piece of this sickening puzzle. Who was the lawyer that set up his contracts with the lobbyist? Glenn Richardson.

  16. IndyInjun says:

    If Ox was a coon hunter, I would think more of him.

    A coonhunter has to crash through inpenetrable briar patches in the dark to reach a bunch of baying dogs that are probably barking up the wrong tree.

    Kind of what a reformer as governor would face with the GA.

    • yellowhammer says:

      Butler: ‘No conflict of interest’ in his relationship with lobbyist
      by John P. Boan/Times-Georgian1 day 19 hrs ago | 464 views | 6 | 11 | | State Rep. Mark Butler says there was no conflict of interest that resulted from a two-and-a-half-year relationship he had with a woman who served as a lobbyist for the University System of Georgia.

      Butler, a Republican from Carrollton, said he maintained a relationship with Erin Henderson, a lobbyist currently registered with the State Ethics Commission of Georgia, from April 2006 to February of this year. Henderson began as a lobbyist in January of 2008 when she was hired by the University of West Georgia as Director of Governmental Relations and Special Projects in the Division of University Advancement.

      The relationship has drawn some scrutiny after House Speaker Glenn Richardson’s announcement that he would resign Jan. 1, following the revelation that he had an affair with a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas Light while he was sponsoring a bill authorizing the utility to build a $300 million natural gas pipeline.

      Butler said that unlike the circumstances surrounding Richardson’s resignation, his relationship did not constitute a conflict of interest because the University of West Georgia is in his district, and it is his responsibility as a representative to advocate for all public institutions in his district.

      “The 18th District and the west Georgia area and in this case the University of West Georgia all [have] a common interest. My job is to advocate for west Georgia whether it be the university or tech schools located there or whatever,” Butler said. “It doesn’t matter who works at the University of West Georgia. I’m going to do everything to ensure that they’re represented in Atlanta.”

      Unlike Richardson, who was having an affair while married, Butler said he was in a committed relationship with Henderson, and the relationship itself predated her term as a lobbyist in the capitol. He said he would never enter into a relationship with an acting lobbyist, and he said that, generally speaking, he believes it to be a “bad idea” for a legislator to be involved with a lobbyist.

      Despite his relationship with Henderson, Butler said he in no way acted outside of any ethical boundaries, and neither he nor Henderson gained a political advantage because of the relationship.

      “The problem you run into is if you have a conflict of interest. If you’re up there and you influence legislation that helps you for personal gain then you’ve got a problem,” Butler said. “I stay away from conflicts of interest, and in this case I saw absolutely no conflicts of interest because we were working toward the same goals.”

      Butler said his relationship with Henderson was not a secret, and at no point has he been approached by colleagues concerned about his relationship with her.

      House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, D-Dublin, said that there is no current ethics investigation into Butler’s relationship with Henderson.

      But, he said, whenever a representative has a relationship with a lobbyist it is cause for concern.

      “Certainly, any member of the Georgia House should have concerns if and when that happens,” he said.

  17. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    No one at the table was a coon hunter. He wasn’t sitting in Bugtussle. Everyone looked at each other like he was the goof he was.

    Someone brought to my attention yesterday that all the gas pumps state wide that has his name on them ordering you to turn off your engine now have new fresh ones in the large metro areas on them now.

  18. FootballisKing says:

    I have one thing to add to this. The papers say that he was rushing to be with his son because he was having major surgery. His son had surgery before Thanksgiving. Just thought I would through that out there also.

  19. B Balz says:

    “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician.” Harry S. Truman

  20. SpaceyG says:

    OK, I am seriously emotionally exhausted by now. I’m getting in bed with some nice hot tea and a good spy novel now. I thought Erick’s blathering piety on Red State today, claiming that his kinda god-figure, a Jesus, a Mary, assorted unicorns, fairies, sprites, and a host of relentlessly forgiving magical creatures will save him, personally, from EVERY possible indiscretion and f-up and misstep and plain stupidity and just dumb bad luck for the rest of his days on Earth, Amen, had taken me right to the edge. This rant may very well… take me back a step or two.

  21. SpaceyG says:

    OK, I am seriously emotionally exhausted by now. I’m getting in bed with some nice hot tea and a good spy novel now. I thought Erick’s blathering piety on Red State today, claiming that his kinda god-figure, a Jesus, a Mary, assorted unicorns, fairies, sprites, and a host of relentlessly forgiving magical creatures will save him, personally, from EVERY possible indiscretion and f-up and misstep and plain stupidity and just dumb bad luck for the rest of his days on Earth, Amen, had taken me right to the edge. This rant may very well… take me back a step or two.

  22. IndyInjun says:

    Honest, caring, and sincere GOP legislators have been put in an absolutely horrible position by their ‘leadership’ in this mess.

    1. They already went along once with a voice vote at the direction of leadership and now cannot say they objected. They are about to do this again at the direction of same ‘leadership.’ With other time bombs out there, the honest ones just cannot participate in another secret election. This time is bad enough, but if they hold their noses and do it TWICE, they will rightly be branded as corrupt themselves when the next blowup happens.

    2. If they have been there for multiple terms all of the sexcapades being revealed make voters know that they knew about them but remained silent.

    3. If they remain silent now, they are condoning the misconduct. If they speak out and name names, leadership will retaliate.

    4. If they vote openly, the winners will know how they voted and retaliate.

    5. If they vote in secret, don’t speak out against the corruption, and keep the same leadership they are not honorable people.

    6. If they don’t act now to clean House, every vote that they made in good conscience and after evaluating the facts will be seen as a sell out to lobbyists. This is particularly true when the pain of the budget cuts hits the people. There is no gain in giving the people very real, legitimate reason to suspect every vote as a sell-out.

    6. In short, voting again in secret and keeping the same leadership is not something a decent and honorable member can do, without risking complete loss of his/her reputation at the hands of dishonorable people.

    Think, representatives.

    Choose wisely. What you are about to do will be with you for the rest of your lives.

  23. IndyInjun says:

    Another reason to speak out and make a stand for reform right now, is that, if you don’t, the people will wonder if YOU are not involved in the same activities.

  24. log224 says:

    Props to you Erick for your honesty.

    You may even be right.

    As I recently found out working on the WR Mayor’s race (on the not-winning side), the devil-you-know is frequently the choice in politics even when it’s not the right choice.

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