The Senators are not off the hook

Everyone is paying attention to the problems in the House, but the Senate GOP is not off the hook.

Allegedly, the alleged eye-witness to the alleged and long rumored incident with the Lt. Governor is going to speak publicly an deny having seen what everyone says she originally said she saw. That is terrific news and, should it come to pass, we need to wonder why this thing festered for so long to the point that so many people were treating it as fact.

In fact, as I told a friend today, I have not once spoken to a Democrat about the incident. The people who told me about it and have been continuing to talk about it are Republican legislators, staffers, lobbyists, and members of the Executive Branch of government — Republicans all.

In any event, Senators seem to be under the impression that they are in the clear, save the Lt. Governor. Nothing could be further from the truth and the problems in the Senate will come out sooner or later.

With all the salacious problems going on right now related to strippers, scotch, and sex, one might hope the Senate backed fundraiser for Eric Johnson might be, at least, postponed as it has the strong appearance of selling access to State Senators.

In a letter signed by Tommie Williams, Chip Rogers, Dan Moody, Don Balfour, and Jack Hill, and paid for by Johnson for Georgia, the Senators invite people to a reception for Senator Johnson at Ansley Golf Club. They write, “We hope you’ll be abl to join Eric and us that evening.”

There is nothing per se wrong with this at all and it is not at all uncommon to do. But given the present predicament, that the legislature will soon meet, etc. this has the taint of buying access connected to it.

They might want to postpone it and chalk it up to being a victim of bad timing.

You can see the invite below the fold.

Johnson Insider FR001.jpg


  1. fundy1611 says:

    Sure! Johnson should quit fundraising while the pundits on hear continue with their Salem witch trials. What an absurd post about nothing.

  2. ByteMe says:

    Seems a bit self-serving for Erick’s chosen candidate.

    ALL fundraisers are about buying access, even supposedly sparkly clean Handel’s. Unless there’s a law passed to prevent fundraisers, leave it alone and find something else to get annoyed about.

    On the other hand, we’re all breathlessly waiting for the next salacious outing. :p

  3. birdfan says:

    Erick’s next post –

    STORY @ 11 PM – 11 Alive will do a story that “brings down the whole GOP Senate for hosting a fundraiser” for a Gubernatorial Candidate.

  4. Georgia Judge says:

    Really? you are surprised that this baseless rumor festered so long? Dont you think that it could be that some irresponsible posts by you and some other front page posters were complicit in keeping it going,like every week?
    Sure there are a couple of Senators (with their own agenda )that stoked the fire,and a couple of lobbyist,although not very smart ones that spread this crap,but you were a very willing and effective conduit to help it keep legs.
    As we all know politics is a blood sport and not for the meek or mild but at some point one must consider the collatteral damage that baseless unproven personal attacks can do to families and innocent bystanders.If it is fact and can be proven its fair game otherwise its irresponsible.We get it you dont like Cagle,but I would hope that while its not a requirement in the blogosphere to act on facts,you would be just a bit more responsible in your future attacks.
    As far as EJ’ cancelling his event,why would he do that?He and I would think every other candidate is making a large push to strengthen their disclosure by the 31st.

  5. rugby says:

    It looks like that logo could be seen as copying a trademarked image. The resemblance between that and the one Gail Buckner used (and FitzLew Georgia Digest made her change) is alarming.

      • fundy1611 says:

        It doesn’t look nothing like it!?!?!?

        Man, talk about grasping at straws. Maybe if the Handle folks actually went out and campaigned for her, they wouldn’t have to fabricate junk like this. I’m donating a $100 to the Eric Johnson campaign today in honor of Erick, this post, and the entire Handel Team on Peach Pundit.

        • rugby says:

          I’m not on Handel’s team and I can almost assure you I won’t be voting for her either in the primary or general.

          “It doesn’t look nothing like it!?!?!?”

          I hope this isn’t an example of the perspicacity on display with Team Johnson. Probably need a higher resolution image of the letterhead but it is clear the Gold Domes are incredibly similar.

          • fundy1611 says:

            Sorry about the Handel association. As for the drawings, the lines don’t match up. The only similarity is that they are both of the gold dome. Good day!

  6. IndyInjun says:

    I don’t think any incumbent of either party is “off the hook.”

    The USA and Georgia have severe financial problems and the status quo players are correctly assigned the blame for it.

  7. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I’m confused. There aren’t any Democrats invited to EJ’s fundraiser? I assumed EJ would be expecting them to return the favor. You know, the Democrats he gave money to.

    • fundy1611 says:

      You mean the one or two democrats that supported school choice legislation? I’d give every Democrat in the state a campaign donation if they would support more privatization of the school system.

      Unlike Karen Handel, not everyone is impressed with our government-controlled school system.

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        Yes, those Democrats. The Democrats to whom he gave money. A Republican giving money to Democrat candidates. Democrat candidates, as in candidates representing the party that is not the Republican party.

        “I’d give every Democrat in the state a campaign donation if they would support more privatization of the school system. ”

        Sounds like you and Eric ought to put together a PAC.

        • fundy1611 says:

          Yes….there are school choice PACs out there that give to all candidates that support school choice. The future of our children is more important than your R and D game.

  8. Donna Locke says:

    It’s time to bring in that testosterone-and-social-behavior researcher from over at Georgia State. Professor James Dabbs. Is he still around?

    Dabbs researched this in regard to vocations, among other things. No doubt politics attracts men with high testosterone levels, because it’s like war and all. With high testosterone, you’re gonna get stuff like what you’re talking about.

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