Jonathan Babineaux Arrested

WSB is reporting that Falcon player Jonathan Babineaux has been arrested in Gwinnett County for possession of marijuana.

(H/t @pkelly99 on twitter)


  1. John Konop says:

    I am not condoning and or defending his behavior yet 40 grams of pot does not make him a drug dealer. The drug laws in general in our country have made criminals out of people making personal choices. Nobody is winning the war on drugs other than gangs and or drug lords!

    …Schiralli said the officer searched the SUV because he smelled marijuana. The officer found three bags containing a total of 40 grams of marijuana.

    In addition to the possession charges, Babineaux is charged with having no tag light and driving without a license and with an expired tag. He also was charged with tinting his car windows too much…

  2. Rick Day says:

    They missed listing the charge of DWB.

    When I read the ajc alert, the first thing I did was put my Sunday tickets on eBay. They sold in 15 minutes.

    At least something good will come from Sunday.

  3. GABESTA535 says:

    Will Georgia be the first southern state to permit medical marijuana? Yeah Right but it is needed. The first two states could be North Carolina and Florida where activists are trying to initiate referendums.

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