Feats of Strength on Tuesday Thursday

Update @12:50: Err, make that Thursday. I think the change was to drive Icky over the edge.

From our unwilling PP Corespondent Jim Galloway:

Gov. Sonny Perdue, whose last session of the Legislature could be derailed by an out-of-control fight to replace Speaker Glenn Richardson, made a surprise visit to a closed-door meeting of the House Republican caucus.

My AJC colleague Aaron Gould Sheinin has details at Gold Dome Live.

Perdue has left, and the GOP lawmakers remain behind closed doors. One thing we’ve picked up: All candidates for speaker – which at this point include Larry O’Neal, David Ralston, and Bill Hembree – have agreed to an accelerated caucus election that will take place next Tuesday, Dec. 15.

House Speaker pro tem Mark Burkhalter, who we did not see present in the assembly, had originally set a date of Dec. 21.

The new date will make for a very busy weekend — but might settle the issue and allow preparations for the January session to continue apace.


  1. Ken in Eastman says:

    Based on the updates on ajc, Burkhalter slipped in and slipped out again without encountering questioning reporters. Darn!

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