Sticking up for Brett Harrell

I understand Pete’s point and in large part I agree with him. The GOP should not cater to big business but we should be in favor of creating an environment where all businesses can thrive. Too often big business wants to use government to crush competition and enrich themselves. And yes, this is a big part of the issues we’re dealing with in the State House.

That being said please allow me a moment to stick up for Brett Harrell, whom I consider a friend. Brett has been a city councilman, Mayor, led a CID and been active in his community for a long, long time. When he was elected Mayor of Snellville, he toppled a 26 year incumbent and cleaned up the kleptocracy that inhabited Snellville’s government. He doesn’t need issues force fed to him because he’s been a part of solving issues in Snellville for years. If I lived in District 106 I’d be voting for Brett without reservation and if he wins he’ll be a valuable addition to the Gwinnett Delegation.

Again, Pete makes some valid points but Brett Harrell is not part of the problem.


  1. Technocrat says:

    “The GOP should not cater to big business “” Too often big business wants to use government to crush competition and enrich themselves” ?
    35% of US families own stock in corporations that exceed $13,000 in value.
    25% of these families own stock that exceeds $30,000 in value.

    Isn’t businesses main job to crush the competition and enrich their stock holders.? And to use any quasi-legal tool in its arsenal.

    This is the GOP DUAL base besides the religious right and other poor conservatives and militants.

  2. macho says:

    Always amazed at the populist business bashing that goes on here. Frankly, I like my job and want to be the first to thank “big business” for providing it for me. I’d much rather be working for an evil corporation 9 hours a day than plowing a field behind a mule 14 hours a day (which seems to be what some on this board are advocating for.)

    I hope, as populist states like CA and NY make it more difficult for business to be competitive, that business is welcomed here in GA.

    • IndyInjun says:

      And you are delighted to be paying other people’s share of ad valorem tax in that process?

      How is opposing myriad tax exemptions that shift the burden to me and away from equally taxing ALL property values considered to be “anti business.”

    • Pete Randall says:

      That anyone thinks I’m engaging in populist business bashing is laughable and shows that there has been a gross misinterpretation of my original post concerning Harrell.

      Some here, evidently, think that you can’t be 100% pro-business without sucking at the teat of lobbyist contributions. Nothing can be further from the truth and I’m pretty sure that you can support pro-business legislation without having swanky parties at the Lake Lanier lodges of certain individuals. I somehow remain pro-business and pro-capitalism without having my gin and tonic mixed by a lobbyist.

      • macho says:

        Because it would be so wrong to ever listen what someone from the business community has to say about an issue. Give me a break, having a social meeting with some business leaders, at Lake Lanier, hardly warrants the outrage that has been provoked. What’s important for any legislator, is that they are exposed to a broad range of interests at the Capitol, and that they keep their zippers up when meeting hot lobbyists.

        Most of these people are solid family men, who would rather be at home with their families, than standing in a hotel ballroom, drinking cheap scotch. You’ve seen the worst of the worse, and the biggest abuses, played out in the press, but most these guys are men of integrity, who have honorable intentions.

  3. macho says:

    In fairness to Brett, there seems to be a French Revolution atmosphere going on. I don’t think he deserves such criticism for attending Chamber of Commerce functions. As a Georgian, who is very much in favor of job growth, I hope he attends the functions of such an influential business organization in the state. Just as I hope he attends NFIB meetings, educator meetings, NRA meetings, taxpayer meetings etc… I don’t know Brett well, but he seem like a good guy.

    I know there is a lot of anger out there, I’m angry about what buffoons we look like in the House, but let’s not organize into a mob mentality and crucify someone just for doing what every candidate ought to be doing: making himself familiar with various state organizations.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      “In the groves of their academy, at the end of every vista, you see nothing but the gallows.” – Edmund Burke

  4. Georgia Judge says:

    Good for you correcting Randall’s absurd rant.I guess he doesnt understand that the Ga. Chamber’s membership is primarily small georgia companies not fortune 50 companies.Harrell was doing what he should be doing to understand todays business enviroment.

    Macho,you are absolutely correct.

    • Joe Fleming says:

      You are absolutely correct. Almost 70% of the Georgia Chamber membership qualifies as small businesses, throughout the state of Georgia. And they share the common believe in lower taxes on job creators, incentives to create jobs in Georgia v. our neighboring states, are highly concerned about rising health care benefit costs, believe in less government regulations, and a fair judicial process.

      Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
      Georgia Chamber of Commerce

      • Game Fan says:

        “And they share the common believe in lower taxes on job creators, incentives to create jobs in Georgia v. our neighboring states…”

        I’m afraid I don’t buy into the concept that businesses create jobs. I’m of the belief that tax structures and regulation and corporate welfare do a lot to create the size and shape of the “job creators” as the “job creators” kill off the little guy who’s too busy being productive to meet with politicians.

  5. Technocrat says:

    Easy to see which posters don’t have degrees in advanced business, law, or real sciences vs the others with BA/MA and social scientists.

    They Mix like oil and water.

    Just as the democrats want poor people to own homes, the Republicans want people to own stocks and get involved with business. Obviously Allowing either without adequate education results in our recent debacle. 53% of Canadians hold an Associates or higher degree vs 38% in US.

    Amazing that in Canada 82% own homes without a tax deduction for interest and with 20% down requirement. Could this extra 15% be from having an proper education?
    See what has happened historically every time the silly democrats try to exceed 64-65%.

    • ByteMe says:

      Uhh, hate to have reality intrude, but it was da Bushie who pushed it to the unsustainable high point. Otherwise, carry on.

  6. Joe Fleming says:

    In defense of Brett, whom I never met, and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, this event was policy briefing on the important issues facing Georgia, Georgia businesses – large and small – and included policy briefings on water, transportation, lawsuit abuse, education and its importance to economic development in Georgia, etc.

    How it is possible that someone construed this as a feeding-trough and wine-and-dine for legislators and others is mystifying and misleading. If business folks, from small-town mom-and-pop business in south Georgia to larger employers in Atlanta as part of the larger debate on ethics reform is beyond me.

    Like the Sierra Club, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the Childrens’ Hospital, the NRA, Georgia Watch – any advocacy group – our job is to inform our members and legislators of the issues we believe of critical importance to Georgia and Georgia’s economic development future., The originator of this post has picked on the wrong event and the wrong group to lump in the ethics debate.

    We have an obligation to our members and job creators across the state to educate and inform our members, legislators and legislative candidates on these critical issues, which we believe of value and interest to all Georgians.

    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
    Georgia Chamber of Commerce

    • Harry says:

      As Joe points out, chambers of commerce provide advocacy in general policy areas. There have been lobbying abuses, but the chambers of commerce are on the ethical end of the spectrum.

  7. JSBarrington says:

    Mr. Fleming,

    Apparently the GA Chamber can no longer update legislators. You may no longer dine with legislators. You may no longer talk or make eye contact with legislators. Because if you do, it is apparently forcing legislators to be beholden to the GA Chamber. Because by God, if you buy them a drink, they are going to have to do your bidding from now on because they are on the “gravy train.”

    And yes, I am being sarcastic as the above paragraph sounds as ridiculous as Mr. Randall’s original post against Brett Harrell.

    Mr. Fleming, I thank you for the valuable service you provide to this state and to our businesses– small and large. And I commend Brett Harrell for his public service and his record of delivering for the people of Snellville and the Evermore Community Improvement District.

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