A Carter for the Senate?

I bet he can win.

Jason Carter is following in his grandfather, President Jimmy Carter’s famous footsteps and entering politics with a state Senate run.

The Atlanta lawyer and Democrat says he will run for a seat representing part of DeKalb County. The District 42 post is currently held by David Adelman, who has been nominated by President Barack Obama to be ambassador to Singapore.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Vote for me, I am the son of somebody.

    What a resume. Can we disqualify sons and daughters of politicians from following in their parent’s footsteps. Didn’t we fight a war in 1776 to stop this peerage nonsense.

      • drjay says:

        i don’t think i have as big a problem w/ legacy as you do, but either way i think he generally accomplished enough to be a reasonable st senate candidate in his own right…

        • Doug Deal says:

          How much is accomplished because of that tie in the first place? If you are elected President, I do not want any of your dumb-a reletvies using your name to obtain political influence.

          Look no further than the Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Biden, Taft (the President’s idiot great-grandson who destroyed the Republican party in Ohio) and other political families.

          How about electing people that had to make a name for themselves on their own merit instead of wearing daddy’s hand-me-downs?

          • ByteMe says:

            That’s like saying that because your family has made hats for 100 years, that you shouldn’t be allowed to make a hat.

            Same level of expertise and salesmanship is required.

          • drjay says:

            o.k. fair enough but that would tend to disqualify folks b/c of their heritage, and that’s not fair either–most of my retirement plan is tied into the hope that one of my spawn is going to becom a dentist ad take over the practice one day…

          • Doug Deal says:

            I do not care what you do as a private business person. I am talking about those that seek dominion over others in the real of politics. There is a big difference.

          • Game Fan says:

            Royal families can kiss my grits. 🙂 You won’t find this “Paulista” kissing any royal arse. But, I have to admit, Rand Paul is my kinda conservative. So, based on the issues, I like him. Name recognition is a political reality. However, “Royal Families” are for real too. Just check out the family tree of some of these low life scums.

  2. todd rehm says:

    Does anyone else think that the name “Carter” might be a problem in the Senate district with the highest concentration of Orthodox Jews in the state and a pretty significant overall Jewish population?

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    On paper he has an impressive resume, but he is an unknown in this district and DeKalb County. The election may not draw many candidates given the difficulty in fundraising for this cycle and the prospect of being the lowest in seniority among the minority party. Mary Margaret Oliver and Stephanie Stuckey Benfield are willing to stay put in the House. Mike Jacobs is smart enough not to run as Republican in this district.

  4. DMZDave says:

    Oh thank goodness. I wake up nights worried that there just aren’t enough lawyers in the Georgia Senate.

    • DTK says:

      By my count, there are only 13 attorneys in the state Senate, out of 56 total. That’s not a lot, seeing as how, you know, they’re charged with writing laws and stuff.

      And to top it off, if Carter is elected, he’d be replacing another attorney (David Adelman). Throw in a couple of others who are moving on (Kasim Reed) or trying to move on (Seth Harp), and we’ll be down to less than one-fifth of the chamber having legal experience. Only someone hellbent on lawyer bashing could think that’s good.

      • macho says:

        I’d say if you’re looking for a good cross representation of citizens, that 25% of the Senate being lawyers is way too much. Lawyer’s are important to write the law, but you don’t want too many of them involved in the basis of the law. I promise you the lawyers in the legislature are leaning on the legislative services office just as much as the non-lawyers.

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