MacGinnitie Announces Support For Bill To Ease Military Voting

Because I need a break from the fire hydrant of news coming out of the goat rope that is the Georgia House of Representatives, I bring you a reminder that there will actually be bills voted on in the Georgia Legislature in about 30 days. And apparently, Doug MacGinnitie likes to stay “on message”.

From a press release:

Doug MacGinnitie, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, today asked members of the Georgia General Assembly to consider and pass HB 665 in the upcoming legislative session.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Mark Hamilton, would create a pilot program aimed at streamlining the absentee voting process for active duty military personnel serving our country overseas.

“Far too many of the young men and women defending our freedoms overseas do not have the ability to exercise one of the most basic rights of Americans: casting a ballot in elections,” said MacGinnitie. “As Secretary of State, one of my top priorities will be solving this problem.”

Research done by the Heritage Foundation in 2008 shows that 75-80% of military voters from across the United States were disenfranchised by their inability to request and return an absentee ballot within time limits as required by law.

MacGinnitie recently announced the formation of the Military Voting Advisory Committee (MVAC), a group of retired military leaders and technology experts, who are working on solutions to this problem. Gary Smith, Forsyth County resident and a member of the MVAC Committee, helped shape HB 665.

“I applaud Representative Hamilton’s effort in helping our servicemen and women vote. If there is any way our MVAC Committee can assist in perfecting the legislation, or including additional solutions, we are available to help,” said MacGinnitie.

Ox needs to teach Doug how to pander to the message of the day, whether it is something you can actually effect from your office or not.


  1. BuckheadConservative says:

    Now that we’ve moved past the “who said it first” pettiness, it’s pretty obvious who is doing it better. Good to have serious candidates who care more about issues than who gets credit. Well done, Mr. MacGinnitie

  2. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    Policy? Sounds boring. I guess he deserves kudos for staying on message though. Tough times to be talking about anything other than who’s sleeping with who and what shoe is dropping next.

  3. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Does this mean the photo-ID law will be repealed too?

    Oh yeah, the GOP only cares about democracy and its virtues when it means making voting easier for their voters.

    Silly me.

    Hey, anybody hear anything about Sunday Sales Round 2 yet. Cagle doesn’t need to worry about fascist evangelical christains now that he isn’t running for governor so I would suspect that it may come up. Afterall, we are talking about freedom and liberty here.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Goldwater, There are both Democrats, Republicans and Independents who serve in our armed forces. They ALL deserve the right to vote.

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