Hank Johnson Battling Hepatitis C

Slipping in under the radar with all the news coming out of the Gold Dome is word that U.S. Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) has been battling Hepatitis C. His weight change has been noticed by many for quite a while now.

From WSB Radio:

He tells the AJC he was officially declared free of the virus in January, but it has ravaged his liver, damaged his thyroid and caused other health problems, including depression, for which he’s also being treated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Hank and his family as they continue on the fight.

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  1. Rick Day says:

    Oh yes, my thoughts are with him as well. Suffering from the same malady (except I didn’t poison my thyroid or liver with Western ‘treatment’), I can certainly understand and respect the request for ‘thoughts and prayers’.

    PS: HCV does not cause ‘weight loss’. Eating better does. But I’m sure none of you really care for that form of ‘treatment’. Someone may label you a ‘liberal vegetarian’ or some such.

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