Ed Lindsey Enters Race For Majority Whip

With Jan Jones now running for a higher leadership position, there is an opening for Majority Whip.

Edward Lindsey has decided to run for this position, and is in the process of gathering support. One of the legislators I spoke with earlier today is an “exurban Atlantan” who traditionally wouldn’t be supporting someone from the City of Atlanta, but had nice things to say about Ed and thought he would be an excellent addition and bring a fresh perspective to the leadership team.


  1. GOPBuckhead says:

    This is wonderful. So glad Edward is getting his chance to move up in the ranks.

    Such a great addition to the leadership team!! Go Edward!

  2. cheshire1111 says:

    Ed is another within the Loop pawn of the former group . He is a good guy but has to do some seasoning . Not enough experience. He will have opposition and it will be significant.

    • John Konop says:


      “some seasoning” This sounds like you want another insider you can manipulate. I have met and talk to Ed a few times and he is a very bright guy and has plenty of experience. If you guys try fixing the game you will see a major kick back from voters.

  3. cheshire1111 says:

    there are folks that have been there a lot longer than ed lindsey..the loop is I 285 and it doesnt rule the state. people are tired of that crap.

  4. macho says:

    Uh, there hasn’t been a single member of the GOP leadership team from inside the Perimeter…ever. The reality is, by per capita, the rural places rule the state; it’s not even close. Money flows out of Atlanta to the rest of the state.

    Personally, I don’t make geography a factor in my preferences for leadership. I think O’neil and Lindsey would be great additions to the team.

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