Did Hell Freeze?

Not really, but thanks Grift and Gray.

I won’t get preachy and I admit totally I’m a partisan, but I started doing what I was doing just for the love of politics. Somehow I’ve been blessed to get in a position where I have some clout, whether deserved or not. I try not to write posts like that one from yesterday, but sometimes someone has to talk about certain uncomfortable truths, etc. to his own side. For better or worse I’ve gotten in a position to be “that guy”.

I swear I have more Republicans who hope Santa brings me ashes than Democrats.

There you have it.

Thanks guys.


  1. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Not that it means anything, but I appreciate you being direct yesterday. In today’s rapidly deteriorating political climate (nationally and statewide), we need someone willing to be say what needs to be said.

  2. Gray says:

    There’s criticism of you, Erick, from both sides of the aisle- some because you put to the web what’s been whispered for years, and others because you were complicit for so long and didn’t come clean sooner.

    I’m not affiliated with either gang. I’ll give you props for the post, and add that it makes your criticism of (D)’s a little more honest since you’ve fired a shot at the numbnuts in your own party.

    Can’t reconcile the reasonable PP-Erick with the batsh*t insane RS-Erick, but that’s my problem I guess.

    • Erick says:

      Heh. I play to the crowd.

      You know though, on the “complicit” one, I think that’s the silliest. I actually was pretty straight forward the day Cagle backed out of the Governor’s race, but had second thoughts after a few angry phone calls.

      Then I settled on the fact that there was no need to ruin lives when the rumors were all, at the time, nebulous.

      But I guess about three months ago I finally decided at some point I was going to have to say something because no one else would and felt like that time would come on its own. It sure did.

      I’ve been doing this long enough to know that timing is important. Should it have been sooner? Maybe. But would it have mattered then? Probably not. Still may not.

      All I know is, I have a better chance of getting a Christmas card from the President than from Republicans in either Washington or Georgia.

      • ByteMe says:

        Erick, I don’t think Gray meant complicit on Cagle.

        There are so many other ways you’ve been complicit even in the short time I’ve been out here that it’s hard to count them. Start with your knee-jerk attack on Susan Richardson a couple of weeks ago and work backwards from there to see all the times you blindly supported the leadership you now want to oust.

        Your postings the last couple of weeks have been much more thoughtful and I think we all out here appreciate that. Why does it take looking into the abyss to have that happen?

        (I’m ignoring the stuff you post on RS, just because I think you’re trying to “out-limbo” Limbaugh… as in “how loooooow can you go?” … and that’s likely just a way to get attention from the MSM.)

        • Progressive Dem says:

          I used the word complicit, perhaps others did too, but my charge was aimed at the fairly common knowledge that the Speaker was frequently seen with a woman on his arm who was not his wife. Many knew and did nothing until the wife stabbed Caesar. Erick’s first response was defensive, but as the scale of the wound was understood, an opportunity emerged for Handel. Only then did the call for change begin.

          Hell has not frozen over.

  3. Ken in Eastman says:

    Merry Christmas, Erick!

    I may occasionally disagree, but where would we be without the debate and discussion. Thank you for providing that opportunity.

  4. Technocrat says:

    Georgians can only dream to reach the heights of the New Jersey Govenor McGreevey scandal.
    No one has defined whether the “blonde staffer” was female or male in our case and who was doing what to who.

    What happened to the fact that Casey and Deal ganged up on the Ga Revenue Director for personal gain. Or that they did the same tag team act on the Southern Company to make sure massive power lines didn’t cross the Godfather Deal Compound.

    What friends are for I guess?

  5. Game Fan says:

    Well some of us have berated Erick more than others. Frankly I don’t know how he takes it without blowing his stack. My thoughts were, well, he’s smart and possibly thinking of running for office and, well everything you say can come back to haunt you. So if he’s really sticking his neck out on this one… Bottom line is the good guys can’t get far with a culture of corruption.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      “without blowing his stack?” I think that is exactly what Erick does on occasion on this forum. And that’s okay.

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