Mark Hamilton Endorses Kemp For SOS

See, the problem when you try to stay on message is that the opponant has to then respond to you staying on message, and now we have two posts out of the last three that are not about adultery or which guy from East Bumble will form an exploratory committee of one for Speaker.

The gist of this press release is that Mark Hamilton, author of the legislation that Doug MacGinnitie has endorsed, is supporting Brian Kemp.

Full release below the jump.

Rep. Mark Hamilton Proudly Endorses Brian Kemp for Secretary of State

I am proud to have introduced HB 665. It is very important to honor those who serve us in uniform by respecting their right to vote. I hope to pass it this session, but if it does not I will continue to push it in years to come.

This legislation is one of the many reasons I am strongly supporting Brian Kemp for Secretary of State. I have spoken to Brian numerous times about this specific legislation and he has been a strong and vocal supporter of it. We need a solid, proven Republican leader like Brian in this important office who is committed to encouraging voter participation and the fair administration of our elections process.

As a former State Senator, Brian understands how the legislative process works and has strong working relationships with key leaders under the Gold Dome and across Georgia on the local level. As Secretary of State, he will be a strong leader in helping to pass HB665 and other important election reforms.

I encourage all Georgians who care about supporting our troops and insuring fair elections to support Brian Kemp for Secretary of State.


      • BSMcElhaney says:

        One more mistake…It should read “endorsed” since Hamilton’s name was rolled out sometime first of the year. But I guess when you’re trying to reclaim a an issue, what’s a little fudging on a press release. Speaking of which, has anyone heard from the Evans campaign lately?

  1. JSBarrington says:

    This is yet another example of how ridiculously amateurish the MacGinnitie campaign is.   Really pathetic move.

    • Mike Hauncho says:

      I disagree. It shows how professional MacGinnitie is. He is supporting a bill, sponsored by a supporter of his opponent, because it is a good bill. He could have said nothing out of fear of generating support for Kemp or he could have done the right thing. He did the right thing.

      Instead of leaving smart-ass comments you might want to think about the overall good that this man is pushing for and how it betters our state. I hope Kemp will do the same.

  2. ReaganRepublican says:

    Cherokee and Forsyth County love Mark Hamilton. He is a true statesman that lives to serve God, his family, and his constituents. His endorsement means that Kemp will carry his district by 90% or more.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Well I think a lot of Mark Hamilton regardless of who he endorses. He is a great fellow. But 90%? Hats off to Mark if he has that kind of pull with the electorate. 🙂

      I do expect Brian Kemp to be our next Secretary of State and that he will do a fine job.

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