A Festivus For The Rest Of The Caucus.

So now we know there will be a meeting of the House GOP Caucus on Friday at 10 AM:

So a memo went out this afternoon, under the name of caucus chairman Donna Sheldon of Dacula, asking GOP lawmakers to set their GPS units for the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center at 250 14th St.

A light breakfast, coffee and soft drinks will be served.

From what I’ve heard, no votes will take place at this meeting. This will be the airing of the grievances.  After the meeting the feats of strength will begin as House members who desire moving up the pecking order will attempt to display their strength. There are numerous posts already about various members running for this and that office. Facebook groups have begun popping up (please don’t send me any more invitations to join them folks, I’m not going to do it), and I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots of rumors and announcements over the next couple of weeks.

The feats of strength will culminate in another meeting, somewhere around December 21st where actual votes will take place.

The only thing missing is an aluminum pole.


    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Game Fan,

      I promise I am not picking on you – but it’s an enigma I cannot fathom.

      Why do people who are referencing creative thinking or a different perspective use an overused cliché to do so?

      I am driven to attempt to understand this.

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