Rob Teilhet’s ethics reform proposal

Following in the footsteps of Karen Handel earlier today, Georgia attorney general candidate Rob Teilhet is cookin’ up his own plan to clean up the General Assembly.

From his press release, which I would link to if his website would actually post it:

Today State Representative and Attorney General Candidate Rob Teilhet announced that he will sponsor legislation to overhaul Georgia’s conflict of interest laws for the General Assembly. Teilhet’s legislation will place the enforcement responsibility for conflict of interest complaints with the State Ethics Commission, rather than the legislature.

“Allowing the legislature to police itself on ethics is like letting a criminal preside over his own court hearing,” said Representative Rob Teilhet. “The resignation of Speaker Richardson is not enough. We must address the underlying culture of corruption that has allowed self-dealing and conflicts of interest to run rampant at our Capitol. It is time for meaningful ethics reform that will help restore the public’s trust in government. Only then can we safeguard against similar problems in the future.” Teilhet’s legislation will give the State Ethics Commission jurisdiction over complaints of conflict of interest against members of the Georgia General Assembly. Currently, such complaints are enforced by the General Assembly itself through a Joint Legislative Ethics Committee.


  1. Icarus says:

    Here was favorite part of the press release:

    “If Teilhet’s proposal sounds familiar, it should. It was a centerpiece of Governor Sonny Perdue’s ethics proposals in 2005. Eventually an ethics bill passed in the waning hours of the 2005 session, but the conflict of interest provisions were removed at the insistence of the Georgia House Republican leadership.”

    The minority party loves to produce eithics proposals that no longer seem important when you’re the majority party.

    The best hope Republicans have of surviving these scandals as the majority party is to actually pass these proposals while they still are the majority. They should consider it the best way to protect them from themselves.

    • BSMcElhaney says:

      You’re right. Kemp’s been talking about ethics since before his run for Agriculture commissioner. KempMeansEthics™.com

  2. flyonthewall says:

    Byte Me has him pegged! Easy to make laws that will not pertain to you. Rob finds Jesus in the 5th quarter, after watching his own party fleece the taxpayers in his early years! Voters should send Tail-Hey packin’ early.

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