On David Ralston

I left David Ralston out of my post this morning as his name had dropped off any consideration for Speaker.

I’m happy to do a separate post if need be. I hope that won’t be necessary. Needless to say, if you are a Republican in the State House of Representatives thinking of supporting David Ralston for Speaker, you are a fool.

I have to retract this. I’ll dig into it some more. Needless to say, I trust the people both outside and inside the legislature who have tipped me off on this with the same story and these guys don’t all like each other, but I’m getting some good push back too from other friends.


  1. Sally Austin says:

    The things that the media and the public have been made aware of this week are nothing new to the members of the General Assembly. The misuse of power, the unethical and immoral conduct of members in the leadership started the minute the Republicans took over the House. Most members decided to look the other way or keep quit, mainly out of fear of losing a title or losing what little power they thought they had. One member said no. One member had the guts to risk everything. One member did the right thing. One member put his entire cerarer on the line. One member threw his Chairmanship to the wind. There are some good people in this caucus, but one stands out. DAVID RALSTON is that one!

  2. james harris says:

    Last week Glenn Richardson, Sonny Perdue, Mark Burkhalter and Jerry Keen (the very people responsible for all the mess the caucus is in) were huddling at the executive mansion trying to work a deal to sell to the Republican caucus. Plan one failed, plan two failed, now we try plan three. Plan three is let the Governor pick the next Speaker (his personal attorney Larry O’Neal). O’Neal has many problems, starting with the fact that he used to be a Democrat. Governor’s officially stopped picking the speaker in the 1960’s, however this Governor made the brilliant choice of picking Glenn Richardson six years ago. The Republican caucus should stand up and pick there own Speaker, it should be a life long Republican and it should be someone who is known for their independence. Mr. O’Neal stood by Glenn Richardson last fall and gave him his full support. They also need a new Majority Leader!

    Rich Golick and David Ralston would both be great picks!

  3. Ken in Eastman says:

    Post it, Erick.

    I support David Ralston. While David has yet to announce his intentions any concerns should be brought forth now.

    • Back in Black says:

      He had an issue with taxes a few years ago. He told a group of us about a year ago that he had been disputing his tax bill. They negotiated it and he paid it a couple years ago. (I think it was fed tax dispute, not state)

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Does “all kind of tax issues” refer to a long ago resolved tax problem that was created by the embezzlement of a former employee?

  4. GodHatesTrash says:

    Trick post, Erick.

    Everybody knows every GOP state rep in Georgia is a damn fool, whether they vote for Ralston, Santa Claus, or the gawddamn Easter Bunny.

    Trash elects trash.

  5. YossarianLives says:

    Ralston said in November last year that, “hope is not a plan.” We hoped this leadership team would provide sound and stable leadership. Richardson didn’t work out. Burkhalter is out before he ever started. Let’s quit this circular reasoning that someone else from leadership will do better than the last person from leadership.

    Ralston stood up to Richardson. Any attempt to discredit Ralston by talking about previous tax problems, which I might add have been discussed time and time again, is a sad attempt to distract the people of Georgia from real leadership. We should know by know that the root behind Ralston’s alleged tax problems was an employee at his law practice in Blue Ridge that embezzled from him.

  6. sonofliberty says:

    Erick posts that he left David Ralston’s name out this morning because his name had “dropped off any consideration for Speaker”…..Erick….what planet do you post from? Last year at this time, you were Richardson’s whore…..whose whore are you this year?

  7. AthensRepublican says:

    Last year? How about last week? Erick posted this only 7 days ago:
    “Glenn Richardson’s wife has decided to speak out.In a nutshell, she thinks the suicide was a cry for attention designed to bring her back to him and she hates his guts and wouldn’t mind if he died and wants the world to know all about it and this is her excuse to get her revenge for him having an affair despite not having conjugal relations with the Speaker for a long time even before this all happened, not that this is an excuse for adultery. Sounds like somebody wants attention and it ain’t the Speaker. So much for the kids. Mom is going to have it out now in tabloid fashion. Oh, one additional footnote — the former Mrs. Richardson is under the impression that people blame her for the Speaker’s suicide attempt. Really? Wow.”

    Of course (in his defense) he did come around quickly to a different point of view. Now, he seems to be back on the bandwagon of trashing those who challenged the status quo a year ago.

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