Larry O’Neal For Speaker?

In my discussions with various members of the House and others close to the situation, I keep hearing one name that may have the desire to run for speaker, and also be able to put together a coalition to topple the kabal that seeks to force its will over the members of the caucus to maintain their tainted reign of power.

Larry O’Neal seems to have the ability to draw support from both metro Atlanta and rural Georgia; from back benchers and from those who sit nearer the front but still acknowledge a leadership change is in the best interest of the State.

I will also note that none has said he has indicated any desire to seek this office, but I’m starting to feel as if a “Draft Larry” movement is afoot, and from those who actually get to vote – IF there is a call for an election.


    • ByteMe says:

      I’m less concerned with that than with who ran point to pushing through Perdue’s sweetheart tax break. Was that him as well or someone else?

    • HankRearden says:

      I’m with you Chris, we do not need the Guv’s boy in the Speaker’s seat. I’m personally counting the days till he leaves the mansion. Hopefully when he leaves he won’t leave any cracks to come back and get deals none of us can get.

  1. fishtail says:

    Larry O’Neal…author of the late night last day of the legislative session special tax break for the Governor…that guy? I used to wonder why he didn’t get indicted for a Hobbs Act honest services crime…but, wait, Sonny’s tight with David Nahmias, the US Attorney, who he recently appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court.

    • Icarus says:

      I can’t say if he is or isn’t. I will say that at least some I’ve talked to that are floating the name are not generally considered in Sonny’s camp.

  2. I think we all realize that there’s not going to be a perfect candidate. But what we must do is pick a Republican that is sufficiently outside the current leadership circle, but still commands the respect of the majority of the House caucus including both back benchers and the more-senior members.

    We are roughly 30 days from the start of the Session; we need to pick someone who has the experience to lead, starting today.

    • Doug Deal says:

      If he is the only choice, I would sign on just to get something done that moves us away from current leadership, but I must admit that I think there is a great of validity in the concerns brought up by Farris and others.

      What I would like to see a choice and not a coronation. We should not be a banana republic where the outgoing deposed leader and his political allies still have enough power to dictate the terms of chosing their successors.

      Putting up more than one candidate before the caucus and letting them decide freely is the only real way to make this look like it is on the level. If it is Larry O’Neal that comes out of that arrangement, I think the people of this state would be more willing to accept the outcome, than if he suddenly appears after the college of cardinals start pumping out dark smoke.

  3. flyonthewall says:

    The more I hear about Mike Coan, the more I’m liking him as a canidate. Does anyone have confirmation that he is def. running?

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