1. ByteMe says:

    That’s a warning to the population near Mercer in Macon? My advice: stay up-wind for that day. And maybe the next one.

  2. Also remember there are more massage parlors per capita in Macon than anywhere else east of the Mississippi. Hopefully no newly repentant Legislators will fall off the wagon and visit one.

  3. chefdavid says:

    What a more fitting site than at a University. I wonder what Frat parties they will crash or will some of the fraternities throw a reception for them. With all of this coming out maybe in order to stimulate the economy someone can make a movie about this ordeal under the dome. They wouldn’t need much fiction. They could call it Animal House 2. Or Harald and Kumar go to the Gold Dome.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    WOW, just wow……leave for a while…come back…..all of the PeachPunditeers all came over to my POV while I was gone.

    Carry on.

    Sitting back with a bowl of popcorn here.

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