Burkhalter Out

My understanding this evening is that Mark Burkhalter is definitely out of the running. There’s a salacious rumor swirling about him that may have been his undoing. I hadn’t treated it as credible as I’d imagine something like that would be hard to keep a secret, especially for four years.

But lots of people are texting me and emailing me that it is all true. Who knows. One thing I do know — Burkhalter is damaged goods.


  1. YossarianLives says:

    Richardson is out and Burkhalter is on his way. There is nothing credible that can be said in order to keep Keen, Ehrhart, O’Neal, Harbin, or anyone else in leadership. They have to go, and they have to go now.

    We need David Ralston. Simple as that.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      I agree. David Ralston had the courage to stand up last year and should have been elected then. In light of the orchestrated meeting at the Governor’s office last week, I suspect the former Democrat O’Neal is the Governor’s man for the job. Houston County would still have major influence after Perdue is out of office.

      Regardless, whoever is elected should be an improvement over what we have had. They should outline how they will lead the House past this ugly chapter.

      • Atlanta says:

        I disagree. O’Neal is just more of the same, with plenty of his own baggage to carry. And Perdue’s. He’s not what the GOP needs, but Jan Jones certainly is.

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