Burkhalter: “I will not offer my name as a candidate for Speaker”

The AJC has a letter from Burkhalter:

[A]s has been reported, I have personally been pursuing other career opportunities for several months. Out of respect and fairness for our Caucus and the House of Representatives, I want to be transparent about my career interests and let a process commence for the election of a new Speaker.

Given my earlier decision to pursue these opportunities, it is only just that I inform you that I will not offer my name as a candidate for Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives.


  1. B Balz says:

    When I heard that Mr. Burkhalter would pass as House Speaker two thoughts came immediately to mind:

    1.) Why would anyone consider putting up with the inevitable, unpleasant glare and spectacle the political process would shine upon them in lieu of a well paid, pretty cool job?

    2.) Is it at all possible that the recent firestorm of commentary on Peach Pundit, elsewhere, changed the decision not to go along with the previously agreed upon succession strategy? Is it possible that citizens, empowered to voice our concerns in real time, are actually affecting the process?

    Probably a stretch, still I ask.

    Mr. Stepp is correct the Republican Party is confused right now. I have to believe that this is an overall positive development. Better to appear confused after a major shakeup, than to put a Band Aid on a compound fracture and call it healed.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      We’re not the only ones who read peach Pundit. So do the state legislators.

      When I spoke to my state rep about this fiasco, I was very happy with his response. He gets it and not just for the political reasons, either. I did not hear defensive partisan replies, what I heard was that we can’t criticize what happens in Washington if we practice the same things in Atlanta. It’s about doing what is right.

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