• JAC1975 says:

      How is this anti-religion? We’ve known for quite a long time that Christ wasn’t born exactly on December 25. The current calendar wasn’t even in use when Christ was born! If you get your panties in a bunch because someone debunks a Dec 25 birth date, then you are missing the point. It doesn’t matter if Christ was born June 17 or Dec 25. The point is that he was born as the Son of God.

      • ByteMe says:

        The point is that he was born as the Son of God.

        So was I. 🙂 Thank goodness it hasn’t come to crucifixion yet for me.

  1. LongTimeListener says:

    The next Speaker must be pure as the driven snow. There are just too many rumors about Burkhalter for my comfort, in addition to the bad judgment shown at Daufuskie. Other names mentioned (Williard, Graves, etc) are fine choices, but they have already announced their runs for other offices. Leaving those races now opens charges of opportunism. David Ralston is a wonderful man, but his history of tax problems would give folks another reason to attack the Republicans. There are members who are without scandal, but have at least been Chairmen or have some experience who we can turn to right now… it is time to think outside the box and start to look forward. Burkhalter and Ralston have had their chances to lead. Let’s find someone with the proper mix of experience and fresh ideas.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Since you posted this in multiple locations, I hope you don’t mind if I reply to it in multiple places, as well.

      Why would anyone, Diana Ross, lump David Ralston in with Mark Burkhalter? David Ralston stood AGAINST Glenn Richardson and his excesses when Mark Burkhalter was snuggled up closer to the former speaker than a couple of teenagers in the back seat of a parked car.

      A problem employee embezzling from his firm is not a personal problem for David Ralston nor a “scandal.” In fact, Ralston’s firm’s tax problem was not a “scandal” in any honest person’s imagination.

      I want the best Georgia House Speaker available. Attempting to eliminate David Ralston from consideration with sly innuendo, is not in the best interests of this state.

      Georgia needs good leadership. Let’s do this right; hold elections for the speakership as soon as is practical and go forward.

  2. AthensRepublican says:

    None of this will matter if an election is not called within 120 days. Burkhalter has already said he would wait. Speculation is that he does not have the support of the House Republican Caucus. By waiting, he stands a better chance to strike the deals necessary to stay in the position.

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