Your worst nightmare

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To: GA GOP Leadership
From: Just a GOP taxpayer
RE: Your worst nightmare

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Written by Sara:

So, Georgia Democrats, you have 3 tasks:

1. Make sure every single member of the Democratic caucus is clean as a whistle on professional ethics and keeping it in your pants. NO SLIP UPS, and if they do happen, punish swiftly from within. Set the example.

2. Bang the drum of the dirty cadre of Republicans running this state constantly, loudly, and brutally, for the next year. I want to hear it in every debate, I want to see it in TV commercials and in the paper. I want you to force every candidate to take a stand on whether what these guys have done is wrong, and if they waffle then I want you to use that to make them look weak in the face of clear wrongdoing. You have been handed a massive gift–USE IT.

3. Remember, it’s not the boinking of a woman other than their wives that is the problem, it’s when that woman is a lobbyist pushing legislation at the same time. It’s not the cheating on his wife, it’s making criminal threats against her after she leaves him. It’s not the blowjobs from women he isn’t married to, it’s the fact that they work for him and could constitute sexual harassment. FOCUS ON THE DIRTY PART, NOT THE SEXY PART. That is what ties it all together and makes it politically relevant, even if the other stuff is what makes people watch the TV and read the news. And one of the huge benefits of being out of power is that you have no real power to abuse–so emphasize that dramatic difference between Rs and Ds to your advantage.

I’m warning you guys now, if you don’t come away with more seats in 2010 and at least one new statewide office, then you’re more inept than I thought and I will not be giving the party another red cent of my money to waste wandering in the wilderness. Opportunities like this don’t come along very often.


  1. Georgia Judge says:

    The bad news for you is the Dems will not pick up any statewide offices but in fact will lose two,and the House and Senate count will remain static at worst for the R’s,but the good news is you will be able to find new ways to spend your hard earned money.

  2. John Konop says:

    What about the below issue ? If this issue does not bother you than do not complain about the 5 billion dollar shortfall, 11 trillion dollar federal debt…….It is time we hold office holders on both sides accountable!

    AP…..The 49-year-old Richardson, once thought to be a serious contender for governor, had gone right back to shaking hands at chicken-and-grits fundraisers after trying to kill himself. But he had been silent since his ex-wife claimed this week that he slept with a lobbyist pushing a $300 million pipeline bill he was co-sponsoring…….

        • B Balz says:

          Four places, eh lads? Not so!

          I posted Sara’s bit, once, yesterday at 3:58PM. I am curious what some of the brighter minds here felt about potentially adverse political implications of the recent unpleasantness.

          I don’t know Sara, and read her bit on grifts blog, actually.

          The prevailing opinion, save for Icarus, is that the Democratic Party of Georgia may wiffle and not capitalize on this unfortunate affair. That gladdens my conservative heart, though much work remains to be done.

      • macho says:

        It does get old, you’re on here to read about one topic and there is John going way off topic with the national debt and no-child left behind.

        • John Konop says:


          How is it off topic when we having soaring debts via unethical and irresponsible behavior from our office holders. If both sides spent less time covering up for unethical behavior and more time holding office holders accountable we would not be in this mess.

  3. ByteMe says:

    To clarify, since I just read the original post:

    This part:

    To: GA GOP Leadership
    From: Just a GOP taxpayer
    RE: Your worst nightmare

    Was B Balz’s add. The rest is Sara’s rant. And she’s right, but I fear the current D “leadership” will fail to follow through.

  4. B Balz says:

    Thanks, Chris.

    Good on Rep. Wendell Willard for planning to introduce legislation to put a $100 limit to lobbyist ‘gifts’. AJC”s predictably slanted article: “Dems take less, GOP takes more”

    Who benefits from the $100 limit? Public trust and perhaps non-profit advocacy organizations.

    Currently, non-profit advocacy groups, some of which actually do more good than harm, cannot effectively compete with deeply funded corporate lobbying efforts.

    • Chris says:

      What dollar value was placed on the sexual favors given to the speaker by the lobbyist? Gift $$ limits are as stupid as campaign $$ limits. See: Oxendine, John.

    • macho says:

      While the legislation may or may not be a good idea, it really has nothing to do with Richardson’s downfall. The AJC fails to point out the reason they know exactly how much was spent on each legislator is that GA already has some good ethics laws. Lobbyists have to publicly disclose every penny that is spent on a Legislator.

      The AJC, very dutifully, publishes the top grossing legislators at least once a year; sometimes more like in this instance. If the people in Mark Burkhalter’s district don’t like the fact he gets entertained by lobbyists, then they can choose to vote for someone else. The information is out there, it’s up to the voters to decide what to do with it. Why should we pretend to know better, or care more, than the constituents in a given legislator’s district.

      Short of passing ethics legislation that hands out “scarlet letters”, I’m not sure much can be done about some men in power getting it on with young women enthralled with power. As they say, “You can’t legislate morality.”

      • griftdrift says:

        Thanks to Eric Johnson’s fire and brimstone crusade, we hand out scarlet letters is your late on your taxes. Why not for ethics violations?

        I love the smell of irony in the morning.

        • macho says:

          Point well taken, although I was referring to creating ethics rules that would ban legislators from sleeping with employees of the Capitol or registered lobbyists.

          • John Konop says:


            “Point well taken, although I was referring to creating ethics rules that would ban legislators from sleeping with employees of the Capitol or registered lobbyists.”

            In the real world this would be a major disclosure issue in business. You should not legislate what consenting adults do but if they have a conflict of interest it should be disclosed immediately or you should excuse yourself from the vote. The issue here is Richardson went as far as co-sponsoring the bill from a lobbyist he was allegedly sleeping with.

            I cannot believe we do not have a law that covers this conflict of interest for office holders.

    • Jas says:

      It’s highly laughable if you think that the $100 limit would increase the above groups clout.

      It’s flat out wrong and at worst stupid

  5. B Balz says:

    Respectfully, I disagree. The crux, IMHO, of our current political crisis, for both sides, is campaign financing reform.

    Chris, through my work and by law, I must disclose whom I represent to every client. The slightest whiff of even a $100 gift would give the APPEARANCE of impropriety to my clients.

    Mr. Oxendine disclosed over 120,000 reasons WHY the system must be changed.

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    The GOP has handed the Dems a hammer, but the Democratic party needs an anvil. It is insufficient to say, “we’re not them.” Democrats have to be able say what they favor. The statewide candidate that bridges the urban/rural divide will stand out, and make the hammer a useful tool.

    It seems to me that the GOP has passed legislation benefitting specific companies and industries, but has largely ignored the broader concerns of the business community. If I were the leader the Democratic Party, I’d be developing some policy positions that pull Democrats together under a common brand. I’d also be asking for money now from the business community to recruit, train and fund candidates who are more accomodating on transportation and education issues. There is no quick fix, but this sex scandal can help turn the poitical cycle. Democrats have to establish their brand, and run candidates in nearly every district.

  7. While arrogance and corruption have no political affiliation, the responses from the two sides are vastly different. The blog post mirrors a discussion I had with a good friend and prominent Dem organizer. They’re watching the meltdown with glee and branding the GOP as hypocrites.

    That’s a flawed strategy at best. It might work in other years, but certainly not now. I do think the leadership is addressing the issue swiftly and loud and open, something you never see the Dems do.

    If the blog writer is serious, they ought to look at all their elected folks down to the local level. Some don’t pay taxes. Some have convenient and highly profitable non-profits set up. Some have interesting “pension” arrangements. So lets just say, ya got a glass house………

  8. IndyInjun says:

    Fugedaboutthat………reform of the system is impossible….

    1. The electorate is brain dead. People vote on looks or who has the most hair.

    2. The powers that run things find articulate media stars. If you stumble or mumble, you are toast, no matter how evil the star candidate or how dedicated you would be to serving the public.

    3. Candidates who are not perfect in any way need not apply. The powers/financiers will put your entire life under a microscope. Whatever foibles and weaknesses you have will be elevated, publicized, and framed in strobe lights. COUNT ON IT.

    4. The public DEMANDS its handouts. Cutting spending is impossible, never mind that the USA and Georgia is on the verge of default.

    5. The corporatists will overwhelm any reformers who actually by some miracle get elected. Sheer force of numbers dictates this.

    6. The money folks can even convince voters to vote direct tax increases on themselves that are decreases for the money folks. See Item #1.

    7. Party leaders won’t brook opposition for any party incumbents (See Everhart and Chambliss)

    8. There is not a single politician with principles in the legislature. See voice acclamation ‘vote’ for Richardson. NO voice raised in opposition. If YOU are a ‘reformer’ you get nowhere in the cesspool.

    9. If you are honest, you will spend a fortune in time and treasure that is not compensated, not even with many ‘thanks.’ Most of the other folks have an angle, that’s why they ain’t hurtin’ by servin’

    10. Congress or the state legislature is a party. Spoil the party and you are an instant Don Quixote. Be a good lad or lass and enjoy whizzing down I-75,20, and 85 with your legislator license plate status symbol. (Never mind that the way things are headed that makes you a big fat target.)THAT is what all of the backbenchers do.

    ……with this, old Indy goes back into seclusion…..

  9. Mad Dog says:


    Pretty damn good list. It is very much the perceptions of the public.

    I’ll tell Kasim Reed to mumble from time to time and consider falling down some steps and hitting people with golf balls at charity golf tournaments and to always misspell tomatoe or was it potatoe?

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