Congrats Are In Order.

From Red State:

Erick won’t come here to say it, but he won a major award tonight, being named New Media Person of the Year at the Weyrich Awards Dinner, beating out such luminaries as Michelle Malkin and Andrew Breitbart. Erick has shepherded this site through a period of extraordinary growth in every sense of the word, and is well-deserving of the award. Congrats.

Way to go Erick!


  1. Erick won’t come here to say it…

    What happened? Did he suddenly come down with laryngitis and carpal tunnel in both hands? Ehh, he’d still brag by typing with his toes…

  2. Game Fan says:

    In the spirit of avoiding fascistic tendencies and the appearance of “going with the flow” I’m withholding any congratulatory remarks until further notice. Now if, like Indyinjun says, Erick becomes a little more controversial and opinionated, well then this gives him something to strive for. C’mon Erick. You can do it. Once you reach the top of the mountain, me and Indy will be there waiting for you with a case of beer.

  3. Bill Greene says:

    Why does it say he “beat out Andrew Brietbart”? He actually TIED with Andrew Brietbart.

    And congrats to both of them, it was a very good awards dinner in honor of a wonderful friend, and most of the speeches were good. Except for Santorum – why in the world was he even invited, much less asked to keynote? Maybe Specter got him in.

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