Statement by Speaker Pro Tem Burkhalter

Mark Burkhalter released the following statement this afternoon:

“It’s time to thank Glenn Richardson for his five years of service as Speaker. All of Georgia wishes the Speaker well including good health and good fortune.

“Glenn Richardson was the right Speaker for the right era, a time when Republicans took the Majority after 134 years in the Minority.

“I certainly understand the gravity of this situation and my responsibilities. I am committed to getting the Georgia House through this transition and beyond.

“Some things we just can’t predict or plan for, and this happens to be one of them. But I am certainly committed to and excited about the opportunities ahead and continuing to work with a talented group of lawmakers.

“This is a chance for both sides of the aisle to come together to help Georgia continue to be a great state and the envy of much of the nation.”


  1. John Konop says:

    “It’s time to thank Glenn Richardson for his five years of service as Speaker. ???????


    Does the below issue not bother anyone? If this issue does not bother you than do not complain about the 5 billion dollar shortfall, 11 trillion dollar federal debt…….It is time we hold office holders on both sides accountable!

    AP…..The 49-year-old Richardson, once thought to be a serious contender for governor, had gone right back to shaking hands at chicken-and-grits fundraisers after trying to kill himself. But he had been silent since his ex-wife claimed this week that he slept with a lobbyist pushing a $300 million pipeline bill he was co-sponsoring…….

  2. rugby says:

    “All of Georgia wishes the Speaker well including good health and good fortune.”

    Yeah, I can think of at least one person who doesn’t.

  3. Ken in Eastman says:

    I don’t know what chord Mark Burkhalter was trying to strike with the public, but the man is tone deaf! This is not what the state of Georgia needs to hear.

    I don’t wish any ill will toward former-Speaker Richardson. At the same time I refuse to pretend that the series of unbelievably poor decisions he made never happened.

    I think Burkhalter needs to take a mulligan and take another swing at this. Maybe something like this:

    “By now all of you are aware of the actions that have led to me becoming the most recent Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives. This is a humbling job and the strain has taken its toll on many good men.

    I intend to do my very best and to put the concerns of the people of this state above the concerns of special interests. I will listen to the people.

    I don’t know everything and I am not perfect. I will remember that as I go about my daily duties. In hubris lies the trap of arrogance and self-destruction.

    I ask for your prayers and support as we move through a difficult time together. I am proud to serve the state of Georgia and its fine people. Despite economic concerns, our best days are ahead and I look forward to working with you all to make those days the best, the brightest and the most prosperous possible.

    After leading the legislature through this transition, I shall not seek the speakership. I was too close to the former speaker and did not do enough to reign in his actions. I will be a watchdog for ethics and the interests of the people of this state. You have my solemn vow.”

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