Ox on Richardson

From Oxendine’s campaign:

I call on all Georgians of faith to pray for wisdom and grace for our state leaders in this hour of difficulty. No Georgia House members need nor require candidates exploiting this issue for political gain. I have confidence the majority caucus and the House as an Institution will deal with this current situation.


  1. Chris says:

    Translation: “Shut-up you lib’ral bloggers, and let the Real Republicans sweep this under the rug like we’ve always done.”

  2. Technocrat says:

    From his undergrad degree in Religion and Greek prior to Law School.

    Useful to actually research what people studied in college, it often explains how they react to thing, 20 years later.

  3. Atlanta says:

    Is anybody listening to 92.9 Dave FM right now? Mara Davis has been doing a special on “cheating songs” all afternoon. She even said something about shoe strings earlier.

  4. Fawkes says:

    We prod and poke fun on here a lot. There’s a lot of truth in our jest. But I’ve had it. I’ve had it with these politicians who think they are immortal gods. Ox, GET OVER YOURSELF! You can’t take a side that nobody dislikes, you pander and act as if your crap doesn’t stink all the time. OX is part of the problem. God forbid that man gets in the governor’s chair or the state will continue to decline.

    We need real leadership in Georgia and the Ox and his cronies don’t need to be within 500 miles of the capitol.

    I’d suggest the Ox back off a bit on the issue of ethics lest his past be brought to light.

  5. Silent Outrage says:

    Oxendine and ethics go together like oil and vinegar.

    This issue w/ Richardson is becoming indicative of State House and Senate Republicans. If they don’t get their heads out their a**es there will be no Republican Speaker to replace because they will deservingly be in the Minority.

    As for Oxendine – the list of ethical issues is long and distinguished of his shortcomings. I suppose if Georgia wants to have its own Rod Blagojevich scandal the GOP will go with Oxendine.

  6. Charlie LaFountaine says:

    Could it be possible that Ox didn’t release first because it might have brought up ethics questions surrounding him? It would have been…well, it still is…a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. John Konop says:

    OX TEAM;

    “I call on all Georgians of faith to pray for wisdom and grace for our state leaders in this hour of difficulty.”


    As I have said I feel for the family in this situation. BUT the biggest issue that should not be dismissed as a tax payer is the allege exploitation of power. If Richardson did sleep with a lobbyist in which he was doing business with on a public official basis than this is way beyond a personal issue. And if Richardson did use or threaten to use his public official power to harass his wife than once again this is way beyond a personal issue.

    As I said we should all take into consideration his possible mental health issue, yet this does not excuse his personal allege abuse of power. The mental heath issue should only be taking into consideration relative to the fines, punishment, charges….. if the allege allegations are true.

    As a potential Governor I would hope OX would agree with what I wrote above.

  8. macho says:

    “I call on all Georgians of faith to pray for wisdom and grace for our state leaders in this hour of difficulty.”

    If he gets elected Governor, he can use this line each time there is a major state crisis.

  9. BuckheadConservative says:

    Ah, yes. Spoken like a true leader. I think we’ve found the one issue that that Ox doesn’t have a stance (or stances) on.

    What a foolish man. Fairtax? A national issue the governor can have little influence on….yes, please. Taking tough stances on who should be leading our state right now…no thank you.

    • macho says:

      It’s funny, I can understand a non-House member not wanting to get involved in the House’s business. But if you’re an elected official, who wants to stay out of the mess, just keep your mouth shut! But Ox, like a moth to a lightbulb, simply can’t help himself, commenting on everything and anything; he ends up sounding like a wishy-washy idiot.

      I’m fairly sure the other candidates know this about Ox and realize the guy is easier to set-up than Mary Norwood. Should make for a very entertaining Governor’s race.

      • Fawkes says:

        Well said macho.

        Ox thinks his crap doesn’t stink. The man is the epitome of a narcissist. Ox believes he is untouchable and will speak on ANY issue given the proper timing and setting.

        Ox, a sycophant that needs to climb back into whatever scummy hole he crawled out of.

        “What’s filthier than The Rat?” The Ox.

  10. Jeff says:

    The guy who shot a commercial in the delivery recovery room featuring his barely-out-of-labor wife and literally newborn son as props is worried about candidates “exploiting issues for political gain”?


  11. Silent Outrage says:

    I just don’t know how Georgia Republicans can seriously consider nominating a guy who has used his office to shake down executives and lobbyists from the industry he regulates, uses his position to get his wife a high paying job with a company he regulates, and accepts several illegal campaign contributions. Not mention, someone who is generally creepy.

    Secondly, while we’re at it, how about Nathan Deal? As one of the 15 most corrupt Members of Congress under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for abusing his office to privately benefit himself, and enriching himself via a state no-bid contract how in the world could he possibly be considered a credible candidate? Did I forget to mention his insensitive racial comments?

    And then there is Eric Johnson. A man with the most convenient set of morals this side of the Mississippi who can turn his “moral convictions” on like a light switch. One minute he’s a good Christian soldier, the next minute he’s lying, cheating and stealing. While scandals and corruption were the soup de jour down at the Gold Dome, Ethics Chairman Johnson busily swept them under the rug so as not to face the scrutiny from his own issues and transgressions.

    The Gold Dome isn’t supposed to be Peyton’s Place or the whore house for the “conveniently conservative”. The people of Georgia are facing the worse economy in almost a generation, property taxes are going up. Teachers salaries are going down. Classrooms are getting crowded. We’re spending more on jails and prisoners than our children and schools. Traffic in metro Atlanta is at a stand still as the legislature has shown no leadership. However, we have a great fishing program and Jekyll Island was sold via sweet heart deal to Linger Longer (thanks Eric Johnson). Energy prices are going up and Georgia Power gets to bank billions thanks to the early financing bill the legislature passed. Oh, and a water problem that has been going on for 20 years has had no progress and in fact we’re likely to have no water for over half the state’s population.

    Glenn Richardson may be gone, but he’s being replaced by one of the original members of the Daufuskie Five – a group of legislators that were run out of office because of an ethics scandal involving strippers.

    None of these legislators, albeit a very small few (Ralston, Chapman and a few others) deserve to be reelected or promoted to higher office. Standing by and doing nothing is akin to being complicit in the problem.

    At this point, having legislative experience, especially during this most recent regime is akin to a prisoner saying that he has prison experience so make him warden.

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