Is Glenn Richardson’s departure the 98,000.00 dollar question?

Some in the media have speculated that one reason for the delay of the inevitable departure of Glenn Richardson is that he would immediately lose his $98,000.00 a year salary as Speaker of the Georgia House and, as that is rumored to currently be his primary income, there is worry about how he would “cope.”

If so, here is my succinct position regarding that issue.

Money in pockets wasn’t a worry when SB 31 was forced down the throats of citizens, resulting in higher utility bills and less money available for family budgets. And the citizens who pay those bills hadn’t immersed themselves in a pit of gooey scandal as Richardson has. If there is any concern by anyone about how Richardson will get through the holidays, then it is a continuing symptom of a culture under the Gold Dome where actions do not have consequences.

Meanwhile, it’s now mid-afternoon on Thursday and there is still nary an official peep from Richardson about how he plans to handle the fine mess he created. And yet another news cycle will be dominated by rumors and innuendo.

Glenn Richardson needs to cowboy up this afternoon and head back to Hiram. He’s the one who didn’t heed this lesson and these delays serve no purpose.


  1. Sandy Brothers says:

    He probably knows about many other legislative indiscretions. They make it their business to know the sin of choice of members of their body. Comes in handy when counting votes. As a lobbyist I have seen this first hand.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Maybe Perdue will have provide for him as he did for Steve Stancil, a golden parachute to a high paying government executive position for which Stancil’s principal qualification was his being an out of office GOP politician.

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