Why I’m Personally Avoiding Buzz Brockway

Charlie Brown can't even get respect from President Obama!

Because he may want to punch me in the face!

In all of the news about yesterday’s runoffs, rumors about the Speaker, and Obama bumping a “Charlie Brown Christmas” to give a prime time speech, (oh, and my Georgia Practice and Procedure final exam) no one seemed to notice that Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson encouraged fans of the North Avenue Trade School to punch UGA fans in the face.

“When asked about the psyche of Jackets fans in the wake of Saturday’s loss, Johnson didn’t skip a beat.

‘Get a thick skin. Guy giving you a hard time and you get tired of it, punch him in the face,’ he said…”

Okay, the article in the AJC added, “he said, tongue in cheek,” but that was a speculation by the reporter. There is no indication Johnson meant it tongue-in-cheek.

Georgia and Georgia Tech fans were quick to respond on the blogosphere:

Not surprisingly, Tech fans liked what they heard from Johnson, who was named ACC coach of the year today for the second year in a row.

“I was feeling bad all week and was having a hard time getting over the loss until he spoke,” wrote one fan on the Hive Sports Center forum.

“Great point by a great coach,” opined another.

Johnson’s words of wisdom to the Tech faithful came during an appearance on 790 th Zone. Johnson said that, although he understands rivalries, he doesn’t thing UGA should define Georgia Tech.

“Why would the University of Georgia define Georgia Tech? What have they done to be the mark for Georgia Tech football? What’s the last thing they won? 1980?”

Here’s an idea Coach. How about winning 22 out of 30 games played against Tech since 1980? How about four SEC Championships not counting 1980 (1981, 1982, 2002, 2005). How about two BCS Bowls? During that time, Tech won the ACC twice, 1990 and 1998 when it shared the Championship with FSU.

So my question to Paul Johnson is aside from 1990, what has Tech done? Even following that 1990 National Championship, Georgia beat Tech in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997.

Whether it was tongue in cheek or not, it was irresponsible for Johnson to encourage physical violence against the fans of any team.


  1. Chris says:

    Tech Student’s don’t punch people in the face. They build armies of hunter-killer robots to find and decimate their enemies.

    • The question the Tech scientists need to ask is not, “can we build a robo-UGA?” but “should we build a robo-UGA.”

      Hollywood has proven time and time again that when scientists build robots, they always turn on their creators!

      • Doug Deal says:

        Being a UGA fan, your facts are a bit off. I can add a number of exceptions. (This is not an exhaustive list):

        Sonny from I-Robot.
        Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
        Boilerplate from the Edwardian Age.
        The Jetson’s housekeeper Rosie.
        Robot B-9 from Lost in Space (the Television Show).
        Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet
        Bishop from Aliens
        Andrew Martin from Bicentennial Man
        Data from Star Trek
        Daryl from D.A.R.Y.L
        Twiki from Buck Rogers
        C3-PO from Star Wars
        Maria from Metropolis (who never turned against her evil creator)
        The Sentinels from The Matrix (who never turned against the system)
        Optimus Prime from the robot movie that will not be named
        Ash from Alien (who stayed loyal to the company)
        V.I.N.CENT. from Black Hole
        Hewey from Silent Running
        Dewey from Silent Running
        Louie from Silent Running
        Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
        Evil Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (syatyed loyal to their evil creator)
        RoboCop from RoboCop
        KITT from Knight Rider

        The T-800 from Terminator II would be mentioned by some, but he in fact turned against his robotic masters.

  2. Game Fan says:

    As an “old school conservative” I thought I’d provide the following educational video for the Tech fans in order to provide a historical perspective on the situation.

  3. Joshua Morris says:

    Johnson really doesn’t understand the fan base. Making a goofy statement about punching someone in the face does not ease the fact that you lost a very important game that you could have and should have won. He’s just blowing things off and putting on a front, because that’s his job as a coach. I really hope Rad has had a serious sit-down with him about last weekend and the importance of that game every year.

    There are some real morons on The Hive.

    • drjay says:

      not a tech fan, but i like johnson–and since he coached at navy and in several army/navy games during that time–i think he gets the importance of a rivalry game in general, and probably this one in particular…

    • What Johnson is talking about are the legion of Tech fans who say things like “I don’t care if we’re 1-11 as long as we beat UGA” or “The ACC Championship and the Orange Bowl mean nothing since we lost to UGA.” Both of those statements are ludicrous and yes both have been and are being said.

      Beating UGA should be a goal every year, as should be beating VT, CU, FSU,UM, and everyone else on our schedule.

      Sure, I hate losing to UGA at anything…ever, but we’re still 10-2 with a chance to win the ACC and play in a BCS bowl. That’s not nothing.

      • Joshua Morris says:

        Yeah, I’ve run across those types of fans, too, Buzz. If UGA were a better team this year, or at least ranked, the loss wouldn’t have bothered me as much. In a year that UGA is the better team, I can live with the loss.

        We first have to win this Saturday to even talk a BCS bowl, and whether Johnson accepts it or not, his poor preparation for last weekend put a damper on the team and its fans. This could have been a spectacular season, but even if we win Saturday and in the Orange Bowl, it will still be tarnished.

        The reason I’m harping on this is that these in-state rivalries have energy in them like no other games. A coach canNOT prepare for these like “any other game” and expect to win most of them. He has to utilize some “clean, old-fashioned hate” to motivate his players or they’re going to get run over by a rival who comes out pumped more than any other weekend and ready to take their heads off.

        I think Johnson will see this and get the picture. I sure hope he does.

        • DTK says:

          Johnson coached at Navy for eight years, including six as head coach. That’s eight Army-Navy games. You don’t think he knows about rivalry games?

          I think all the talk about being unprepared is overblown. UGA came out and played a good game, and they won. It happens. Tech’s efforts in the running game — on both sides of the ball — show that they lack the talent on the lines to consistently play well against premier SEC teams (see also LSU game.) But that’s okay; keep recruiting and it will get better.

          I think the reason Johnson is trying to downplay the loss is because he hates the fact that Tech fans have the same inferiority complex to UGA that Dawg fans have to UF. What’s the point in getting all worked up for one game? An ACC title and a BCS bowl game are way more important — financially and for the trophy case — than UGA.

          To talk about a “tarnished” season even if Tech goes 12-2, wins the ACC title, and beats a good team in Orange Bowl is loser talk. It’s Year 2. Get some perspective.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            Army-Navy is not an in-state rivalry. Georgia-Georgia Tech, Auburn-Alabama, etc., have much higher emotion built in. My “perspective” is that winners play to their potential, win the ones they’re supposed to and occasionally win one they’re not supposed to–no matter the circumstances.

            The loss would have tarnished the season, no matter which unranked 5-loss team we played. Throw Kentucky, Southern Miss or UConn in there–it doesn’t matter. The fact that it was the in-state rival is important only because you’re expected to put higher priority on preparing for those games. Year 2 has nothing to do with it. Ask Nick Saban.

            Johnson went out on the field with the better team and lost an extremely important game. Period. I’m just saying I hope he learned a lesson.

  4. DTK says:

    I don’t think referencing Tech’s mediocre past really addresses Johnson’s argument.

    I think it’s clear Johnson views his program as HIS program; citing Tech’s sorriness under Bill Lewis or its mediocrity under Chan Gailey seems irrelevant to him. It appears the only thing that’s relevant to Johnson when it comes to Tech football is what has happened after Dec. 7, 2007, the day he was hired.

    To Johnson, a program’s history doesn’t matter unless you were there on the field playing or coaching the game. Citing Hershel Walker and Vince Dooley or Bobby Ross or Joe Hamilton means nothing when you’re talking about the state of either program. I think Johnson’s point was that Mark Richt is a fine coach, but as of last year, exactly half of the SEC’s 12 coaches had won a national championship, and none were named Mark Richt. If beating your in-state rival and going to Shreveport gets you excited, fine, but don’t then act like you’re this world-beater football program when you’re more known for underachieving this decade, rather than overachieving.

    But, back to the main point, I think you’re too hard on Johnson for his wisecrack about punching annoying UGA boosters in the face. It was obviously a joke, and only losers looking to strap on the victim label would hold it against him. What’s wrong with a little ribald humor?

    • Johnson’s comment, “What’s the last thing they won? 1980?” negates that argument. If Johnson was only looking at the Johnson era, he’d say, “So we’re 1 and 1 and Tech had a better season overall.”

      No one is denying Tech won more games. Georgia fans have not stopped talking about a need for a shake-up in the coaching staff. But to compare each team’s record since 1980 and think because it has only been 19 years since Tech won a national championship compared to Georgia’s 29 years is pathetic. Tech’s last true period of greatness was in the 1950’s, when the school was still in the SEC and dominated the football scene nationally.

      Keep in mind that Georgia was 6-5 in 1979 and was 12-0 and National Champions the next year.

      • DTK says:


        No, Johnson did try to stick to current records. It’s in the story you link to.

        “I understand rival games. I understand in-state games,” said Johnson, 19-6 in two years as Tech’s coach. “We’re not going anywhere. We’ll be here for awhile. It’s not the be all, end all. We’re 1-1.”

        His point about 1980 seems to be that UGA fans act like they root for UF or USC, but they don’t have the recent national championships to back it up. There’s nothing wrong about being proud of what UGA has accomplished under Richt, but many Dawg fans blow it completely out of proportion.

        The fact is UGA is out of the national championship discussion every year before the month of November. They virtually always have a loss or two before the weather gets cold. Now, they usually bounce back and have a very good 10-2 record and go to a good bowl game, but they’re not close to a title game.

  5. AthensRepublican says:

    I doubt they can punch any better than they can play. Whose the candidate that says “Bring it on?” Go Dawgs!

  6. Jas says:

    The only reason UGA fans even cared about the win this year was because of the all the garbage we had to hear from Tech after the aberration last year.

    Tech acted like world beaters and continued the talk all this season leading up to the game. That’s what made the win so sweet. Not only did Tech’s best team of the last 25 years get beat by UGA’s worst since 1996, in the end it came down to a dropped pass by their best receiver that sealed their fate.

    Tech fans hate UGA more than they love their own team. Frankly, it’s odd, but their losers and that’s what losers do.

    • DTK says:

      Tech won a national championship in 1990, so I guess this year’s team isn’t its “best team of the last 25 years.”

      But, yes, many Tech fans hate UGA more than they love their own team. But so do UGA fans when it comes to UF. So, y’all got something in common.

  7. Game Fan says:

    Since I didn’t see a thread specific to Obama and Charlie Brown, I fail to see how Obama is going to score points with young folk when they clearly tuned in for a cartoon, not a President. I think, (to quote Joe Biden) he should “gird (his) loins” in preparation for some potential “blowback” from the “juice-in-a-pouch”β„’ crowd.

  8. yellowb says:

    Jason, I just may have to cyber punch you in the mouth from my keyboard after this. j/k As much as I can’t stand UGA from a Tech perspective, I actually think he’s wanting to push the fanbase from worrying about UGA all year to worrying about larger goals, and I have to agree that UGA isn’t the standard to base larger goals off of. While a large portion of UGA’s fanbase still lives in 1980, a large portion of Tech fanbase still lives in the mid 90’s when Lewis destroyed the program and all they had to live for was beating UGA. Johnson has done a great job so far, but he still has a ways to go to change the mindset of the fanbase.

  9. kcordell says:

    Joshua has the right idea going. Coach Johson still has a way to go understanding Ga. football. His comment about “this being just another game” proves it. Go Jackets!

  10. rightofcenter says:

    As a fellow Tech man, I have to laugh at Joshua and kcordell. Understand the fanbase? Johnson proved he understood the fanbase when he rallied the troops last year for that incredible come-from-behind victory in Athens. He almost replicated it Saturday. Buzz is right – Johnson dreams a lot bigger than you. He has his eye on a national championship – which by definition will include a win over UGA. As for you Dawg fans who feel slighted for his reference to 1980 – you should be slighted. He was basically telling you that his goal is to be national champions – and you’re not the gold standard on that front, by anybody’s imagination. By the way, any Georgia fan who thinks this team was their worse in ____ years is just kidding themselves. This was a very talented team (other than at quarterback) that way underperformed this year. They happened to play a couple of decent games this year – let’s not forget South Carolina, LSU and Auburn. They just played their best one at the end of the season when UGA’s boneheaded coaches finally had the thought, “maybe we should try to establish the run so that we aren’t depending on a mediocre quarterback to win games for us.”

    • Joshua Morris says:

      “Buzz is right – Johnson dreams a lot bigger than you. He has his eye on a national championship – which by definition will include a win over UGA.”

      Maybe I’m just not being clear here. It all goes together. That game in a stellar year can kill a national championship bid, and it cannot be treated as any other game because of the mindset of the other team. Their emotions are higher for that game than any other game of the year, and we have to prepare for that. The coach needs to factor that in his preparation, or he could allow a rivalry to spoil his big picture.

      I believe we lost because we underestimated our opponent last Saturday.

  11. tocallaghan says:

    Yall are just upset about going to the 3rd largest city in Louisiana for a bowl game, while we are in Miami.

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