Speaker gone “by week’s end?”

The Beacon Newspaper, which covers North Fulton, home of Speaker Pro-Tem Mark Burkhalter reports this:

Sources close to both men say that Richardson is now coming to realize the inevitable: he can’t legitimately or viably serve his GOP House colleagues in a meaningful way come January 2010. One high ranking Republican official said the decision may not be his to make.

If Richardson resigns his leadership post as House Speaker, the Georgia Constitution mandates that the Speaker Pro-Tem, Burkhalter, would become Speaker immediately.

That scenario may play out by week’s end.


  1. TheCommonMan says:

    It doesnt really matter who the speaker is. There are a few things that are true.
    1. They will be a Republican
    2. They will be a no- name from podunk nowhere.
    3. We’ll love them

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    My big questions is this:

    Since when is the Beacon a newspaper?

    It is a weekly dose of right-wing propaganda. It does not report…it promotes. Advocacy is not a virtue of journalism.

    • Part-Time Atlanta says:

      If you stroke the owner’s ego enough and buy some overpriced ads they’ll put you on the cover and write and real nice article saying you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

  3. Game Fan says:

    I’m not sure why the lobbyist woman should be out of the spotlight or be portrayed as a victim here. I mean, surely she knows about ethics and of course she “got the deal done”, so, who actually initiated the relationship and who’s the victim? For all we know she coulda been “multitasking” under the desk while simultaneously pushing the paperwork underneath his more-than-willing pen hand. Shouldn’t we know more about the woman? What’s her bio? Who sent her? Was she trained in the Soviet Union? Langley W. Virginia? How many more like her are lurking the halls of power under the Gold Dome?

  4. Game Fan says:

    As a single male I’m all for ethics in government and throwing these home wreckers out on the street. (It should improve my odds somewhat)

  5. John Konop says:

    I heard it from a friend who heard from a friend that knows a friend of Icarus that this is the deal! Icarus beat DOUG THE DEAL in a game of quarters at happy hour yesterday. Doug was very upset and sent Icarus many nasty text messages claiming he cheated. Icarus used this against DOUG THE DEAL and he is forcing him to endorse Icarus for SPEAKER.

    So ICARUS will have the job and you heard it her first.

  6. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Oh yeah! I forgot. This guy had an affair.

    That is an impeachable offense. Where is the torch carrying mob on this one guys?

    How long will it be before the GOP in Georgia disowns Richardson as not really being a republican?

    The funny thing, which is something I hate to bring up, is the “I told you so factor.” The evangelical wing of this country (which I have been told are not real republicans or real Americans) has fallen for this family and christain values crap for a long time.

    Wake up. As a former political operative myself I can tell you that it is bunch of garbage that campaigns only use because you gobble up. How has this family values junk, or the evangelical christian rhetoric helped GA’s budget? has it improved schools? Did it stop 9/11 from happening? Will it win the war?

    The answer to every political and economic question in the history of man has nothing to do with family values or christian values.

    I really need to get some of my children’s former classmates to move down here and run for office. It is so easy to win an election in about 80% of this state so long as you play the evangelical card.

  7. Aleq says:

    Now with Richardson leaving can he take Casey Cagle with him? Or am I asking to much for now. Is this too early for Casey to make his exit known, then can we get feed back on Bob Barr to re-join the GOP and challenge Johnny for an inside run as a new GOP in Georgia can really take shape? We know where Bob would be on the bail outs, and some of the other bad bills our good Johnny has support Barr for Senate? hmm. Well they say good things come in three so that is my three things to go in three… Cheers all. Call this my Christmas Dream List.

    • macho says:

      I’m not sure we know where Bob would be, when he actually held office he liked a bunch of rules telling folks what to do, when he was free of the chains of electoral politics he got his Libertarian bent.

  8. Dickson says:

    We have lived in Alpharetta for 25 years, before people thought it was hip — and in Ga all of my life — Ga does not need 160 counties, 159 is plenty, Jan Jones needs another cause

    • macho says:

      Need to figure out how to reduce number of counties. There is too much overlap with counties and municipalities. What is the point of a heavily funded country structure, when most of the county is incorporated as municipalities. Fulton County needs to do nothing more than run the judicial system, I wish the legislature would limit the charters of counties that are in this situation, but the county lobby has a lot of pull in the legislature. I’ve heard Fulton County hasn’t made any cutbacks since the incorporations of Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Milton. Time for the legislature to force some fiscal responsibility on a patronage machine.

      I can’t believe we have republican legislators who want to increase government entities, and taxes, when they’ve got a prime opportunity to slash the services Fulton county provides.

      • TPNoGa says:

        I agree. Florida has only 67 counties and seems to function. I think we should have the counties merge 3 to 1. This would reduce expense and save the taxpayer much money. I understand the need for more counties in the olden days, but with transportation and communication advances, we could get along with a lot less.

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          I say we go for 182 and edge out Texas as the state with the most counties. We are already the state with the most unnecessary counties.

  9. B Balz says:

    People think Alpharetta is hip? I jest, I jest, I really do.

    Merging counties 3 to 1, may never take place, but I bet we might see a Bill to allow a former County in GA rematerialize. The end game is closer now, much closer.

    • macho says:

      It would need to be a constitutional amendment and it would need to rematerialize with different boundaries than the original county.

  10. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Someone mentioned on the other thread about wanting a new speaker who is a back-bencher…and I wondered about any possible 216 members (again, not Bobby Franklin) that aren’t running for other offices that might be a good speaker…I heard a little rumor that there is a little interest in Rep. Loudermilk running for the position. He is a solid conservative, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet. Oh, and he’s a Republican from a podunk town.

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