Is 11 Alive About to Take Down Casey Cagle?

UPDATE: No go. A sign of the paranoia that Republicans and reporters are all trading on the same rumors, which then becomes so established that a competing network’s reporter would call to get my take on an 11 Alive story that did not even run.


The rumor of the evening is that at 6:00 tonight, 11 Alive will do a very unflattering story about Casey Cagle that, while not up to the Speaker’s level, will allegedly be his undoing too.

And then there is the Ben Harbin story another network is allegedly working on.

Maybe this is the echo chamber in full tilt among Republicans, but holy hell my voicemail filled up on my iPhone this afternoon and none of it is good.

One more thing, to confirm Buzz, the Speaker is out.


  1. MaxieGrrrl says:

    Yeah, but Casey’s girlfriend is fairly public knowledge. He’s done precious little to hide it. I like the guy, generally speaking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was tonight’s news. Is it sweeps or something? It sure seems like the season for scandal and… just in time for the holidays. I wouldn’t touch the cranberry sauce if I were some of these guys. Probably safer to get Publix to cater Christmas dinner.

    • MaxieGrrrl says:

      What? What? I only said it was fairly common knowledge. I voted for the guy and I probably will again. I don’t really care who he gets naked with (I ain’t his wife), so long as it doesn’t impact his job– as seems to be the case with Richardson. I would be the last person named to the Family Values squad. I’m just saying…

  2. Pete Randall says:

    Well, it’s 6:12 and they just put up a teaser about some sort of special dog with special skills….that is my cue that they won’t have anything this hour regarding Cagle. Onward to the 11 p.m. report!

  3. shrike071 says:

    There are allegedly pictures of one legislator with a mistress, an audio recording of another with his mistress, and neither the pictures or the audio are from the people listed in Ericks post. A person in hot water is threatening to make the above info public.

  4. AthensRepublican says:

    All I heard was DuBose complaining about the Republican culture of corruption. He must miss the good ole days of golden ethics in the Gold Dome under Charles Walker and Tom Murphy.

    • Hissy Fit says:

      The difference being the Dems kept their girlfriends mostly quiet and away from the general Capitol public. This breed of Republicans think they are invisible or they pick women that talk to much.

  5. edmund says:

    How many dozens of times have the Peach Pundites squealed with glee about an impending Cagle affair? What are you guys so afraid of with this guy? The eternal search for a silver bullet to take down one of the most popular politicians in Georgia is sad at best, desperate at worst.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Not me. I like Casey and have always supported him. When just a Senator he stood up to the tax increases being pushed by Perdue and the Republican leadership in the Senate which I suspect caused him to lose the majority leader’s position. Unlike Richardson, Cagle faces the voters. If there is scandal Georgia voters will give him the boot. For the Speaker, voters trust their representatives to do the right thing which they have failed to do so far.

  6. Chris says:

    Its like Capitol Steps Clue:

    The Lt. Governor, in the Capitol, with the Secretary.
    The committee chairman, in the alley, with the lobbyist
    The Speaker, with a revolver, in the bathroom.

  7. Velasco says:

    Wow – Shameful.

    Erick strikes again with his baseless speculation. I hear TMZ is hiring – tabloid business is boomin!

  8. B Balz says:

    Does anyone think that it is strange all this broke while Jesse Jackson was in town? Could DNC National be playing hardball?

    Or maybe not, I’ll go see what’s going on in Area 51.

  9. rightofcenter says:

    I have a question regarding the Casey Cagle stuff: if, as some of you claim, there is common knowledge that he has a girlfriend, etc. why isn’t there anybody challenging him for the Lt. Gov.’s race? In either party? Surely with all the egos that would love to be Lt. Gov. somebody would step up with the knowledge that they could knock him out. Methinks the fact that he has no challengers to date speaks volumes.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      How many voters know what a Lt. Gov. even does? There’s plenty of time for someone else to jump in the race.

  10. Silent Outrage says:

    To me – if you cheat on your spouse, you’ll break your word on anything and nothing is sacred to you.

    I think it’s gone beyone the matter of “if the rumors are true” and moved more to the position of “when the truth comes out”.

    The “adults” better think long and hard about this before continuing to support these so called Conservative Politicians that are carrying on these affairs, because, I’m fairly certain a few more shoes to drop and we can kiss the majority goodbye.

    • Silent Outrage says:

      I assume that got voted down by all of the cheating politicians or those who don’t think it’s a big deal – not sure?

      Anyway, give me an honest Democrat anyday over a hypocritical Republican.

  11. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Dang dudes!!!!…. I want what’s in the water under the gold dome. Woopeee good times.

    Ya’ll give new meaning to family values. Party on dudes!

  12. TheCommonMan says:

    Republicans have to get their act together so they dont keep bleeding seats at the Capitol. Cutting ties with Cagle and Richardson and recognizing them for the fowl pieces of scum they are is the quickest, smartest, and most efficient way to move on from this

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