In the Whirlwind

It is pretty obvious now that the GOP is in the whirlwind of scandal and running scared. Everyone is convinced more shoes will drop and more lives destroyed. People are nervous. The media is circling.

The bright side: adults are now paying attention and headed to a room to seek common ground and resolution before next year dawns. That will be bad for one gubernatorial candidate.


  1. AthensRepublican says:

    Glad you have finally woke up Erick! They should be scared and our leadership needs to get their act straight. Thanks to Richardson (and any others who create more scandals) the Democrats in this state have been given a major issue to run on in the next election. That is not good for us.

    • Game Fan says:

      Well I just don’t see GA becoming a predominantly Democrat “Blue” State any time in the foreseeable future. So I wish Republicans would quit obsessing over the idea. This “circling the wagons” and worrying about “them” is how we get in a jam and allow corruption to ferment like…

  2. IndyInjun says:

    ….adults are now paying attention

    Where were these “adults” when Isakson, Chambliss, and Deal were screwing them financially to the wall, all the time violating every tenet of what being a “Republican” is?

    Be they fools, lying scum, or thieves in allegiance to Wall Street these bums are not fit for office, yet the “adults” in the GOP as you call them still are in slack-jawed allegiance.

    I don’t give a damned about who the GOP scum under the gold dome are screwing as long as they don’t screw me.

    Y’all go nuts over sex scandals yet line up in dumb obedience to Washington and Wall Street control of the Georgia GOP Congressional delegation that have buried this nation under an avalanche of debt that we will never, ever be able to overcome short of default or currency destruction.

    • Harry says:

      How can you say that the GA GOP congressmen lined up in dumb obedience to Washington and Wall Street? They all voted against TARP and Porkulus.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Isakson and Chambliss both voted for TARP…..or at least they voted for it when they were being led around by the nose by George W. Bush. Had McCain been POTUS there is little doubt they would vote for that. When a DemocRAT became POTUS, all of a sudden they got ‘religion.’

        Go back and see how Linder, Kingston, et al voted on NCLB, Medicare D, Patriot Act, and repeal of Glass Stegall , then get back to me.

        They had an EIGHT YEAR RIDE of stabbing the GOP platform to pieces, the suddenly got remorse after the people dumped their SORRY ARSES IN DROVES IN 2006.

        A Leopard cannot change his spots and neither can these turncoats.

      • Culpepper says:

        Did Richardson’s bank take TARP money? What about Austin Scott’s wife? She is a secretary at a bank that took TARP, so I guess Scott is living off of TARP money?

    • What Indy said! Except, I believe Americans can overcome anything… If and when they decide to lead and be the “adults” themselves and not look to “daddy and mommy” government to be, provide and take care of them and everything that “adults,” usually take care of and for, themselves.

      This part is classic and definitely needs repeating:
      I don’t give a damned about who the GOP scum under the gold dome are screwing as long as they don’t screw me. …add after “GOP scum”; …or the Dems before them,…

      I truly hope to see newly found respect for the idividual Georgian personal lives and idividual Georgian taxpayer wallets in the coming session.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    I noticed in returning to this blog, that you, Erick sound more like old Indy than you sound like Erick Erickson.

    Good for you.

    I’m glad that you couldn’t totally ignore the FACTS that most of these “Republicans” aren’t Republicans at all, but political hacks, opportunists, and termites in our foundations.

    Maybe, just maybe we stand a real chance of cleaning these lamentable vermin out in 2010, seeing that the “adults” are now paying attention.

    I guess the thing that burns me most is that these ‘adults’ were drunk or not paying attention while the miscreant deliquent juveniles were gathering kindling, buying matches, and stacking the wood for this inglorious bonfire.

    Let’s hope the “adults” find someone with some elementary understandings about math, finance, and accountability.

    This automatically excludes Ox and Deal.

    Welcome aboard the Indy express.

    • MaxieGrrrl says:

      You sound kinda pissed off. Oh, but I like the way you think. Can I get you a beer or something before you roll back into battle?

    • NorthGAGOP says:

      Do we want a leader who has been named the top 15 most corrupt in Congress?

      Do we want a leader that has funneled $120,ooo through Alabama PAC’s?

      Given all the swirl around the Gold Dome do we want a leader who has been in the Dome for over a decade?

  4. IndyInjun says:


    We are in an altered reality. Up is down. Left is Right.

    Obama makes war on 2 countries and plans to expand to 2 more and is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    “Sovereign” US debt is $1.5 million for a family of four, whose average income is only $50 grand…..”Sovereign” now means “Banana Republic”

    The GOP manages to stay in the White House by railing against gay marriage, but then has the Gannon/Guckert embarrassment (hey, ain’t that a bookend to the White House party crashers?), the Haggard “I did not have SEX with that man, I bought the meth but didn’t use it” fiasco, Larry Craig’s foot fetish in the men’s room and Rep. Foley’s boy crushes covered up by GOP Speaker Hastert. Yeah BOY, this party is the party of of social conservatism.

    Alan Greenspan creates the mother of all financial crises, yet is lauded as “Maestro.”

    Bernanke incinerates the $USD dollar and is reappointed the same week that he is named THINKER OF THE YEAR!

    Meanwhile the biggest Ponzi artist is named Made Off.

    The shareholders of US giant should have been forewarned when a guy named I Melt was made CEO, for he can now say IMMELTing $billions in shareholder value.

    The head of the rescue effort is named Cash Carry.

    All the while ISAKSON is called a “Republican”

    The powers in heaven and hell sure have profound senses of humor.

    • MaxieGrrrl says:

      Oh now THAT was the shiznit! I’m pretty new to this blog and post infrequently, so we haven’t formally met Indy. I’m Max. Hiya!

      • IndyInjun says:

        Hiya back.

        I took a hiatus until the adults found there way here…….

        We Indies are now in serious numbers. In 2006 and 2008 we dumped the idiot GOPers who backed that Bush nonsense. Now the survivors THINK they have a chance because Obama is ramping up the destruction of the USA where they left off.

        They think Indies have short memories.

        They are WRONG.

        We are strong and we intend to take America back from the cesspool of corruption.

        Are you on board or are you going along with the “Republicans” around here who don’t give a damn what the party claims to represent and only exist to suck up to the liars we have in DC?

    • IndyInjun says:

      SH, Lobbyists are not spreading their legs for you and I in exchange for votes, with $billions in the citizen’s money as the lubricant.

      Turn on the floodlights and watch the roaches scurry.

  5. IndyInjun says:

    Coburn deserves a metal, especially after the Bushites tried to keep him out of the Senate.

    Inhofe was about like the lamentable Georgia Senators who capitulated to the statist Bush until he grew a pair over AGW. He has been a tiger since the AGW fraud story broke.

  6. drjay says:

    “who’s richardson, i thought that woman, pelosi or whatever was the speaker”

    an employee of mine when i was mentioning this at work this morning…

      • drjay says:

        no, but i’m just wondering if the speaker resigning in disgrace or even some other legislator caught in an uncomfortable situation would really have much of an affect in most other districts for most races–not sure “gop rule of the capital” is really in danger or anything like that, that’s all

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