Rumor Is

There is a damage control meeting under way.

I think with confirmation of the existence of the communications as alleged by the wife, it is going to be very hard for the Speaker to continue.

By the way, there’s another story coming soon about another Republican. Ugh.


  1. Fawkes says:

    Another Republican? Have the Cagle rumors come to fruition?

    The Georgia GOP better avoid all of the collateral damage or you can stick a fork in it.

  2. shrike071 says:

    It sure would be nice if there were someone, of any stripe, at the capitol who wasn’t screwing around with someone, dealing under the table, or lying like a Georgia snake in the grass.

    Is it any wonder why the majority of the lobbyists downtown are beautiful young people?

    I know of this rumor Erick is referring to and if it does come out – it will be the end of the Republican majority in the GA Capitol.

    • TPNoGa says:

      The only person I can think of that could have the impact of “ending” the Republican Majority is Sonny Perdue. If it is one of the candidates, they will just have to bow out and become a footnote. Even if it is Cagle, he is only the Lt. Gov., not big enough to bring down the majority. Even if it is Sonny, the average person would just shrug. People expect this kind of behavior from pols.

  3. eburke says:

    The GOP leadership has squandered a great opportunity given to them by the people of Georgia. I will personally think long and hard before I can vote for one of the Republicans for Governor next time around. It is the arrogance of the whole lot in leadership and the blindness of those who keep them propped up.
    I think I have had enough and have more respect for the integrity of the Dems even if we disagree on the issues.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Really? So do you feel the same way about the national Democrats? How about the good ole days in Georgia of Tom Murphy running the show?

  4. Silent Outrage says:

    The problem is that, even if Richardson resigns, the matter of Republicans Members of the House and Senate cheating on their wives, is still alive and well and could further threaten to derail our “moral” agenda and Republican Majority.

    Apparently some of the people in line behind Richardson have their own indiscretions, which, if they come to light, will only further add fuel to the fire and tarnish our party.

    Additionally, what about the ethics process? It apparently is broken if this matter got completely swept under the rug. There needs to be an overarching investigation into the failure of the Joint Ethics Committee and it’s Chairman – Eric Johnson, to even hold a hearing or seek any evidence into this matter.

  5. Sadly, Georgia is turning into Chicago or Louisiana. I’m not sure that ANY amount of corruption or scandal is enough to make people vote against party lines… it instead just becomes taken for granted as part of the culture.

    I really enjoy politics, but God do I really hate political party affiliation.

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