1. Joshua Morris says:

    What about the caveat that voters can choose only from those who are willing and financially able to run?

  2. John Konop says:

    Did anyone see this is the AJC?

    …..In the interview, Susan Richardson said she is convinced her husband had an affair with an Atlanta Gas Light lobbyist, an affair that prompted an ethics complaint filed by legislative Democrats. The complaint alleged Richardson had an “inappropriate” and “personal” relationship with a lobbyist for the utility while pushing a bill authorizing the utility to build a controversial natural gas pipeline.

    According to e-mails Fox 5 quoted between Glenn Richardson and the lobbyist, the speaker calmed her fears of being fired over the allegations by saying he would “bring all hell down on them if they do.”

    Susan Richardson also claims that when she recently took a weekend trip with a new boyfriend and left her children with Glenn Richardson, their father, the House speaker sent her dozens of text and e-mail messages threatening to beat her up, to accuse her of abandoning her children and to use the Georgia state patrol and Georgia Bureau of Investigation to locate her.

    Fox 5 said it attempted to reach Glenn Richardson, Atlanta Gas Light and their former lobbyist to respond. None would. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution tried to reach a spokesman for Glenn Richardson late Monday, but he could not be reached for comment.

    At the time, Richardson denied any conflict, but refused to address the alleged relationship with the lobbyist. Republicans supported Richardson in public; in private, some suggested his aspirations for higher office had been compromised. Richardson has not since talked publicly about running for higher office.

    The ethics complaint prompted an ominous speech by Richardson during a breakfast gathering of the state’s business leaders.

    “The last few weeks, I have been fed a little poison, and I’ve taken it,” Richardson said. “But the bad news — for those that manufactured, dispensed and stirred unreasonably the poison — is that I survived. I’m looking for the folks that manufactured that poison.”….


  3. There’s a real danger for the GOP next year.

    Take a look at the Congress. The public got fed up with excesses of Congressional Democrats and in 1994 booted them out. The GOP started off well but in the end didn’t live by what they professed to believe in. Four years ago the public got fed up and booted the GOP out because of their excesses and spending spree. Now the public is unhappy with the Democrats in Congress because Obama/Peliso/Reed said they were against Bush’s wasteful spending but they’ve made Bush look like a fiscal conservative. Does America trust the Republicans enough to turn Congress back over to them? We’ll find out next year.

    The lesson for Georgia Republicans is pretty clear in my mind: Make clear your principles and govern by them. Keep you nose clean and your pant zippers zipped and you’ll be OK. Don’t do those things and you’re in political trouble.

    • John Konop says:


      I agree but in fairness must of the issue lies with Bush 2 and congress. But that said I did not agree with the stimulus package and also think both parties refuse to deal with the cutbacks needed to solve healthcare and Medicare.

      100% of Obama’s deficits due to lower revenues, not spending increases

      Bruce Bartlett: …Now let’s fast forward to the end of fiscal year 2009, which ended on September 30. According to CBO, it ended with spending at $3,515 billion and revenues of $2,106 billion for a deficit of $1,409 billion. To recap, the deficit came in $223 billion higher than projected, but spending was $28 billion and revenues were $251 billion less than expected.
      Thus we can conclude that more than 100 percent of the increase in the deficit since January is accounted for by lower revenues. Not one penny is due to higher spending…
      I continue to believe that the Republican position is nonsensical. Final proof is that the previously cited CBO report shows total federal revenues coming in at 14.9 percent of the gross domestic product in FY2009.

      According to the Office of Management and Budget, one has to go back to 1950 to find a year when federal revenues were lower as a share of GDP. For reference, revenues averaged 18 percent of GDP during the Reagan administration and were never lower than 17.3 percent – 2.4 percent of GDP above where they are now.

      I think there are grounds on which to criticize the Obama administration’s anti-recession actions. But spending too much is not one of them. Indeed, based on this analysis, it is pretty obvious that spending – real spending on things like public works – has been grossly inadequate. The idea that Reagan-style tax cuts would have done anything is just nuts.


    • Silent Outrage says:

      For Georgia Republicans to “keep your nose clean and your pant zippers zipped…” would require SEVERAL current House and Senators to resign or retire, not to mention the several that are running for higher office that think no one knows abou their indescretions…

      If we’re going to go “pure” as a party, let’s get rid of the hypocrites who cheat on their spouses at the same time…

  4. GOPGeorgia says:

    Is the name of this thread chime in if you want to complain about the GOP leadership? Where is thread to discuss if we had Roy Barnes, Mark Taylor, and Tom Murphy still in office? Would it be cross labeled under gerrymandered districts?

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I posted this before I read the “hell hath no fury” thread. I will be discussing that situation with the Ninth District Committee via e-mail immediately. It’s rare that I speak for the entire District Committee on here. If they agree with me, I am about to. It may be three days, but we need sometime to discuss amongst ourselves. I will comment on this further then.

        • ByteMe says:

          Don’t bother. Any indignation expressed at this point would be self-serving and fake. The time to be counted is already past.

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    Good questions. Some yes in each.

    I know Sonny is a popular governor, but he is more of a chief operating officer than a political leader. He keeps the cart out of the ditch, but doesn’t seem to have led us anywhere.

    Landing KIA was a big fish. Let’s hope it pencils out. Water, transportation, education enviornment: nada, zip, nothing.

  6. Goldwater Conservative says:

    There was an option missing in the poll.

    Something about how GA voters are gullible and the GOP has no compelling interest to show that government can work.

    I think the GOP is self fulfilling their own prophecies. They tell us government doesn’t work, then go to Atlanta and prove it.

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