Is He Being Forced Out?

It is looking like House Republicans are becoming convinced this morning that there are texts, voicemails, etc. from the Speaker to his wife that will do the Speaker and, indirectly, the caucus no favors.

Consequently, I’m told there is a growing desire for the leadership to see the Speaker retire from, at least, his leadership role.

It is no coincidence that several legislators are already talking about him in past tense.

All that said, the Speaker is the Speaker because he’s been able to run circles around everybody else. He may pull this off, but he has very limited time to do it and, should the text messages, etc. actually exist, he is deservedly toast.


  1. SouthPeach says:

    Didn’t you see the stack of text messages and emails the on TV last night? His ex-wife has every one of them. I think she is to be commended for holding back THIS long before breaking her silence. He drew first blood. People in power think they are invinsible…NOT! My guess…he is toast!

  2. macho says:

    I don’t see him “retiring” from his leadership roll and sticking around as a plain old legislature. If he’s forced out, my guess is he’ll pull a Gingrich and force a special election in his district.

  3. AthensRepublican says:

    Seems Erick wants to defend this man until his last breath is taken. Richardson has had a long track record of petty and vindictive behavior. We need to get away from the Tom Murphy model as Speaker. House Republicans had a chance to do something about it last year and ignored that chance. Shame on them!

  4. macho says:

    I think, for the first time, the Speaker is in a lot of trouble. I’m guessing there is too much juice in those text messages and emails. As I think Grift mentioned in another thread, it’s always way worse when it’s in writing; no more deniability. I’d still give him a shot if it were just some salacious emails between two people having an affair, but threats and intimidation, utilizing state law enforcement, against his wife and legislative threats and intimidation regarding an ex-girlfriend’s role as a lobbyist isn’t going to fly too well.

    In some ways I feel sorry as I think he was turning into a pretty good Speaker.

  5. drjay says:

    the speaker is going through a tough personal situation right now, isn’t it piling on a bit to be speculating about his future when he’s trying to deal with all this, during the holidays at that…

    • AthensRepublican says:

      The direction Georgia’s leaders take this state is more important. Let Richardson deal with his issues in private not while he is Speaker of the House. The session starts in just a few weeks just after the holidays so now IS the time to deal with it.

    • B Balz says:

      Right sentiment, Dr. Jay, wrong business. I feel for the man, yet the matters at hand in the 2010 legislative session demand an even higher level of leadership capability.

      The whole of it is both embarrassing and disheartening for fiscal conservatives with tolerant social values.

  6. Dave says:

    Let’s hope he is forced out. He’s a punk and a bully. Threaten to sic the State Patol on someone? Goodbye twerp!

  7. Chris says:

    From what I understand, the emails in the hands of Fox5 are between the Speaker and the lobbyist. No evidence has come to light (yet) proving he abused his power to harrass his ex-wife.

    That said, I’m sure the Open Records Department in several state agencies are going to have a large than normal inbox tomorrow.

  8. NorthGAGOP says:

    As you know, you can’t do an open records request for a legislator. Amazing how they lack the transparency that other elected officials have.

  9. Rick Day says:

    But What About The Children™?

    All this talk and no one is discussing how this affects their offspring. Shows how much Mr and Mrs Republican Richardson care about Georgia Family Values™.

  10. John Konop says:

    I do not know nor do I think I have ever met Speaker Richardson. Also I am not defending any of his actions nor do any of us know all the details. It obviously does not look good for Richardson. With that said if Richardson does have an issue with Depression that should be taking into considerations with text messages to his wife. In no way am I making excuses for any of his actions but if someone has a mental illness one should realize he may not be at sound mind during the allege situation.

    I do think Richardson has many personal battles and family matters that he should focus on over serving our state. And it would be in the best interest of every involved especially his family that he step down and end the statewide Jerry Springer show.

    I do hope and pray that his family somehow finds some peace in this matter. That does not mean Richardson should not be held responsible for any allege allegations if true.

    • Chris says:

      Mental Illness is one thing. Mental Illness combined with power is another. If he threatened to use government agencies to mess with his wife he needs to go.

      Otherwise its between him, his wife and Atlanta Gas Light.

  11. eburke says:

    I agree with Hank. Speaker Richardson is a bully and you have all known it for a very long time but have chosen to ignore the fact.

    • macho says:

      Most Speakers are bullies, it’s the nature of the beast. You don’t get to be Speaker being a wet noodle.

      • B Balz says:

        Ah ha! I believe these statements as correct and the type of person that rises to this position must possess, actually hone, personality characteristics most folks spend a lifetime trying to bury.

        The point is that one can be a bully, as a professional, without being a bully as a person. Bullying in one’s personal life is a manifestation of a narcissistic behavior disorder.

  12. Dave says:

    You can be a bully all day long with colleagues in trying to influence legislation but use your power to threaten private citizens is way out of line and if he’s done it, defeat him and then, if practical, prosecute his fat a$$.

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