Who Wins?

I think Kasim Reed wins tomorrow in Atlanta. He’s got Roy Barnes’s support, a black community that doesn’t want to lose the Mayor’s Office, Shirley Franklin, etc.

Also, in my neck of the woods, i am leaning toward saying Shaheen wins in Warner Robins, but I am less sure of that than Reed.


  1. macho says:

    Too hard to tell, it will be all about turnout. I could see it being close or I could see either candidate winning by a significant margin. I know Shirley doesn’t want to be the one who sees the machine destroyed on her watch. I don’t think Barnes helps one bit, but Shirley does. There is lots of threats and intimidation going on in the black community, I say Dominque caved a couple of days ago.

    Bulloch had an interesting piece saying that minorities not turning out for a runoff is a myth – it depends on the election.

  2. tocallaghan says:

    The Buckhead Coalition isn’t pushing the runoff like the general. Reed has a pretty good shot, but I still think its 50-50.

      • tocallaghan says:

        Not at all. They’re not putting out the signs like they used too, and they’re not promoting the election in the Buckhead schools like they did in the general. The developers don’t like Mary.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          Well, she did come up with the idea of not allowing any buildings to be constructed that would block the view from another building. That would of course pretty much end all construction in the city because there isn’t much of anywhere one can build without blocking someone else’s view of something. I can see why developers wouldn’t like that kind of knee jerk reaction to the complains of a few constituents everytime they try to build something.

          Being a NIMBY is one thing but she is a BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything).

        • Game Fan says:

          It’s amazing what the Buckhead Coalition did for Buckhead. I mean, who needed all those pesky old one-story brick buildings anyway? Glass and steel baby!

  3. B Balz says:

    Why spend time and money after Lisa endorsed Kasim? Lisa was the big construction/big developer’s choice.

    Off topic, yet relevant:

    Atlanta’s proposed controversial and essentially unneeded new building code. The new code will make building in Atlanta far less competitive than building OTP. The code promotes, as an end result, more efficient buildings that conserve water, power, etc.

    This type of building is already being built under free market constraints. (What building owners doesn’t want to lower operations costs?) Fact is, the new code won’t add much, if any, material new building efficiencies over free market solutions.

    Elections have consequences and new building codes are a current National debate – If new codes are not passed in the Legislature, then the EPA stands ready to regulate them into effect.

    MY issue is there are NO CARROTS, only STICKS, to either the ATLANTA plan or the NATIONAL plan.

    If passed, I believe new downtown construction will become a rarity, rather than a reality.

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