Hell Hath No Fury

Glenn Richardson’s wife has decided to speak out.

In a nutshell, she thinks the suicide was a cry for attention designed to bring her back to him and she hates his guts and wouldn’t mind if he died and wants the world to know all about it and this is her excuse to get her revenge for him having an affair despite not having conjugal relations with the Speaker for a long time even before this all happened, not that this is an excuse for adultery.

Sounds like somebody wants attention and it ain’t the Speaker.

So much for the kids. Mom is going to have it out now in tabloid fashion.

Oh, one additional footnote — the former Mrs. Richardson is under the impression that people blame her for the Speaker’s suicide attempt. Really? Wow.

UPDATE: Good point in email — bring on the text messages and emails. Surely Mrs. Richardson saved them. If she’s got them and they back up what she said, we need a new Speaker yesterday. But I’m kind of surprised she didn’t do a doc dump with the interview, as opposed to potentially dragging this story out further. There are, after all, kids involved.


  1. fishtail says:

    Wow! I just saw the interview on FOX news….it is brutal in the depiction of Glenn Richardson as a conniving, manipulative, controlling maniac. but part of me wants to be thankful and relieved that, after all, the Speaker wasn’t really “seiously” trying to kill himself…he was just manilulating and deceiving everyone, which is business as usual for a lot of politicians. However, if Mrs. Richardson has records of her husband’s text messages that proves he threatened her with GBI and GA State Patrol retaliation, then I believe he may be guilty of a felony crime of making terroristic threats and abuse of his official powers for personal vendetta purposes. I wonder if the members of the State House of Representatives have enough guts to impeach the Speaker, or just follow along like sheep under his questionable leadership into a very important session of the General assembly that begins next month.

  2. fishtail says:

    I forgot to mention in the previous post that none other than State Senator Eric Johnson chaired the Joint House-Senate Committee that heard the ethics complaint regarding the Speaker and his AGL mistress and the allegations of Richardson’s blatant misconduct, which appears to now be true if we are to believe Mrs. Richardson. Eric did not call one witness and did not even conduct an investigation….he just dismissed the charges as nothing but politics. I wonder how he feels now?

    • macho says:

      It’s still nothing but politics. Not the ethics committee’s job to monitor the marriage fidelity of the members. Johnson made the right call.

      • Rick Day says:

        because…there is nothing unethical about a top elected official representing the “we are God’s people” bloc, cheating on your wife? With a lobbyist?

        • Chris says:

          I find myself in the rare position of publicly agreeing with Rick. The issue was not his fidelity, it was getting involved with a lobbyist who had a client with major legislation the Speaker sponsored.

      • DoubleDawg3 says:

        You’re right on the fact that it’s not their job to monitor whether those folks are keeping their pants up or not…BUT, it ABSOLUTELY is their job to monitor whether elected officials are using their positions to do personal favors for “friends” (or mistresses, I suppose) – which is exactly what happened here!

        • tocallaghan says:

          Except thats not what happened here. He never did a personal favor for his alleged mistress. She had resigned from Georgia Gas Light by the time of the vote Fox 5 talked about. And even if he was still seeing her, that doesn’t mean the vote is unethical.

          • DoubleDawg3 says:

            SO – you’re telling me that he didn’t “co-sponsor” HB 1325 during the 2006 legislative session, which passed the House but was not considered in the Senate….and I find a quote from Keith Poston, spokesman for AGL Resources, in a January 2007 articles stating that the AGL’s state utility lobbyist had resigned in December (of 2006).

            Seems like she was still there in 2006 – which is when he consponsored the legislation, right? If my dates are of, I apologize – but I was pretty confident the affair was ongoing when the legislation was first being proposed – only upon the ethics complaint & media storm in December 2006 did she resign.

          • tocallaghan says:

            Dawg3, You were right, the vote was in 06. However the bill passed 110-59. It doesn’t seem too controversial. If there was proof that Richardson traded his vote for sex, go ahead and hold your hearings, but just because he was dating a girl on the side, it doesn’t mean something unethical was going on, at least the type of ethics that a Senate or House Committee should be dealing with.

      • Debra says:

        The ethics committee job wasn’t to monitor the marriage fidelity of Richardson, it was to investigate the Atlanta Gas Light Lobbyist influence on the legislation Richardson supported.

  3. Silent Outrage says:

    This is very unfortunate. This man should step aside and retire now of his own will or the House needs to step up and make sure it does the right thing and elects new leadership and not those that continue this game.

    There also needs to be an investigation as to the corruption of the ethical process if a situation in which there was so much evidence to support the ethical allegation goes ignored by people in power. Shame on Eric Johnson, though, perhaps he didn’t want people looking into his dirty laundry either?

    • tocallaghan says:

      His wife was way off line coming out with video interview. If you really want to rub mud in your ex-husband’s face, do it with a written statement, not a television interview.

    • umustbekidding says:

      maybe she just knows him better than anyone else so she is going to call him out. You never know what’s going on in a marriage, even when it’s someone you know and like so don’t judge her when you have not had to live her life.
      I believe she is being honest and she is tired on his games.

  4. Rick Day says:

    because…there is nothing unethical about cheating on your wife?

    Perhaps we are in for a whole new definition of ‘marriage’ as one between a “man, a woman, and another woman as long as the two women are not intimate (with each other)”

    Hey, it was perfectly OK in The Holy Bible™!

  5. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I hate to say this, but when I first heard about this – it’s exactly what I though, that he wasn’t trying to “really” commit suicide as much as he was seeking attention / support from others.

    I mean, he had a pistol next time – if you’re going to end it, why take some pills, especially if you’re going to leave your front door unlocked and then call your Mom and tell her there’s nothing she can do now (except, you know, call 911 and get emergency responders out to the house, who would be able to enter really easily due to the unlocked door).

    Anyone who feels sorry for him is crazy – he cheated on his wife, abused his position of power and still doesn’t think he did anything wrong. If you buy into continuing to support this guy, you’re part of the problem in our GOP — I hope that his personal life is okay and that he recovers from this, he just doesn’t need to be leading the State House while he does.

    • macho says:

      They say most suicide attempts are a call for help. As you said, if somebody really wants to kill themselves, I can think a number of sure-fire ways.

    • tocallaghan says:

      He doesn’t need to give up his position when he is still an effective leader. Just because someone is sick doesn’t mean they can’t still do a good job.

      • DoubleDawg3 says:

        Look what this does to our party – it continues to be a big story, one that is constantly in the press, with the potential for more sordid details, like this one, to come out each week (about him).

        It’s a distraction in an area that there shouldn’t be one (given all the legitimate concerns this state will be facing in Jan. 2010)

        • tocallaghan says:

          The average voter doesn’t know who Glenn Richardson is. This story will not hurt us in the 2010 elections.

          Richardson is still the best person for the Speakership. He will still be one of the, if no the most, effective leader in the State next session. If his depression actually started to affect his job performance, I’d join with you calling for his resignation -not like it would matter what I think though. But until there is an apparent and drastic negative correlation between his job performance and his depression, he should keep his duties.

          This episode might even cause Richardson to buckle down and work harder to prove that he is on his A game. I think it is more likely that we see the House working on Education, Transportation, and Water than a normal election year session.

          • DoubleDawg3 says:

            I hope you’re right – I just think there are as many other Republican Reps that could do the same “effective” job, without all the extra press (Burkhalter, Keen, etc. being excellent leaders)

          • Debra says:

            OMG, not Keen. He is scum and nothing but scum. Anybody but Keen. I’d rather keep Richardson than have Keen.

          • Three Jack says:

            burkhalter “without all the extra press”? really? wonder if his wife is gathering emails and text messages in preparation (just in case)?

  6. macho says:

    We don’t know the facts the ethics committee had available. The committee does not have the resources nor the charge to open up a full, prosecutorial style investigation into its members.

    I believe, the ethics committee’s job is to monitor members ethics within in the legislative roles. I can name a long list of legislators, from both sides of the aisle,current and retired, that would be in a lot of trouble if the committee started monitoring marriage fidelity. If Richardson used his position, and there is proof, to intimidate based on his relationship then that would be a different story. Although I found it ironic that Dale Russell mentioned that Richardson would bring down AGL if they fired the woman, but yet the woman no longer works for AGL.

    AGL should get a little credit for taking care of the situation on their end.

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Should have been “had a pistol next to him” not “next time” (obviously need to proofread next time)

  8. Dave says:

    She sounded pretty measured in her responses and who can blame her for wanting to retaliate for his threats to use his power to damage her. This guy is a strange bird. She’s better off without him, to be sure!

      • YossarianLives says:

        The premise should not be, “If the Speaker actually falls…” The premise should be, “When Glenn Richardson does fall…”

        Let us not forget it was David Ralston who stood up to Richardson’s antics for the good of the party and the good of the state.

        It is time the House gets new leadership.

  9. Jawgadude says:

    I’d like to see a picture of the lobbyist he cheated with. I hope she was worth it because Susan (Glenn’s ex) was pretty hot herself back in the day.

  10. rightofcenter says:

    It is now the Speaker who is feeding the poison – to the state and to Republicans, that is. If the Republican caucus doesn’t move quickly to remove him as Speaker, they are fools and will deserve it if the voters throw them out.

  11. Dave says:

    Agree totally! The emails/voice mails that Susan has should be looked at by the power brokers in the Republican party. If they contain the threatening things she says, sack Richardson!! Nothing is more infuriating than to see someone with an abundance of governmental power threatening to use it/intimidate someone who doesn’t stand on equal footing in that department, especially an ex-spouse. Methinks this guy will have a couple challengers in his primary next year. He is toast from a political point of view now. He should just resign if everything she says is accurate.

  12. USA1 says:


    Your analysis of the situation is as poor as as I imagined it would be. You accuse Susan Richardson of having it out in “tabloid fashion,” when in reality all she did was tell the truth to a local news reporter. Instead of continuing to protect Glenn Richardson and cover for his lies, she did something he doesn’t have the courage to do: speak to the press. The “tabloid” nature of this issue has nothing to do with her telling her side of the story; it has to do with Mr. Richardson’s behavior. The more we learn about Mr. Richardson, the more it becomes clear he wants to project a certain image of himself he thinks is appealing, all the while lying and hiding the truth so no one finds out who he really is.

    You think Susan Richardson wants attention? She waits until three years have passed to comment on her ex-husband’s affair and the fact that he lied to almost everyone about it. He allegedly threatens her and her ability to be with her kids. And when she finally speaks up, you accuse her of wanting revenge, not minding if Glenn Richardson died, and hinting that her frigidity is a reason Glenn Richardson had to violate one of the Ten Commandments and cheat on her.

    For the past few years I’ve thought that Georgia Republicans were idiots for continuing to put their trust in Glenn Richardson. Now it’s just shameful if anyone still supports him politically.

  13. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    It looked to me in the interview like Dale Russell had a stack of the emails between Richardson and the lobbyist and maybe even the emails sent the weekend he threatened the ex with DFACS. Dale Russell is an investigative reporter, not a tabloid reporter. I don’t think he would have gone with the story without seeing the proof in writing. He has a reputation as a pretty sharp and thorough reporter.

    If Richardson cared about something other than hanging onto his position, he would do the right thing and step aside. As it is, he is watching everything he had slip away from him as a result of his ego and lust for power. He can’t truly be an effective leader when his top priority is himself and his own power.

  14. B Balz says:

    “Hell Hath No Fury” hits the topic spot on, exactly the words that came to my mind yesterday.

    Two things:

    First people are numb to what would have been impeachable behavior scantly three to five decades ago. Recall, I supported the Speaker when this news first broke, so that is not a value judgment, but simply an admission that while our values may not have changed, our acceptance of other’s values may have.

    Though the AGL lobbyist affair and Mr. Richardson’s atypical divorce procedure were in the public domain last year, there were few cries for resignation or removal.

    In other words, if those two facts did not warrant removal from office, are we now saying that a medical condition justifies resignation or removal? Attempted suicide is usually treated seriously, making the details of efficacy unimportant.

    Second, this event is another tough blow to our GOP. Both sides have members whose lives are far from perfect, yet it seems worse when, as Mr. Day points out, the Party that makes family values a platform plank, is caught up in such common unpleasantness.

    I hope that the session is productive, the Legislators are tasked with business even more serious than usual. Voters deserve well considered measures, devoid of any complications anyone’s questionable life choices may incur.

    Trust is extremely perishable. I hope our Speaker rises to this Session in a positive and enlightened manner.

  15. Debra says:

    “despite not having conjugal relations with the Speaker for a long time even before this all happened”

    Were you in the Richardson’s bedroom during their marriage? How could you possibly know that they were not having marital relations? This statement alone was enough to make all of your blog nothing but TRASHY TABLOID BS!

  16. RodSteel says:

    Anyone who believes that the Ethics Commitee should not investigate whether the Speaker had an affair with a lobbyist from a company that does business with the state is either unethical themselves or has the same morals. Both rather odious options.

    • ByteMe says:

      The “Ethics committee” is made up of politicians… some of which are likely beholden to Richardson and would rather see this swept under the rug.

      I’d rather see the GBI take up the case on two fronts: the threats to Mrs. R via phone/e-mail and the obvious conflict of interest with the AGL pipeline legislation.

  17. Frank Stevens says:

    Erick.. What are you, Richardson’s Chief of Staff?? If you have ever been at the Gold Dome, you would see how he struts his power and uses pressure to get his way.. (Yes, I go to the Capitol and see and hear about his abuse of power).

    Maybe you should look a little more deeply before you accuse Susan Richardson of wanting attention.

    Prediction.. Roy Barnes will be Governor again and the house will teeter on the brink of Democratic control. Republicans, you’ve done it again, screwed up this State with your lust for power.

  18. Fawkes says:

    I think Republicans need to take a step back and realize what is happening.

    The Georgia GOP has a lame duck governor, a Speaker of the House that just tried to kill himself, and rumors just waiting to be released on another big Republican in Georgia. Not to mention, one of the toughest Sessions where over $2Billion could be cut from the budget. Add on this extra nugget from the Richardson story and what have you got?

    The Georgia Republican Party could very well be in hot water in upcoming elections.

  19. Three Jack says:

    wasn’t susan richardson on ‘eight is enough’ (and is that title now applied to mistresses instead of children?)?

  20. Frank Stevens says:

    Erick… What’s the matter.. Can’t take the heat when you are questioned about statements that you’ve made? And your party affiliation is…..

  21. Big Mack says:

    I do not know how any State Representative could again vote for Richardson for Speaker of the House; but they will. At the very least his mental competence is questionable.

  22. Icarus says:

    I’m out of town, attending a conference with a full day/evening schedule. I’ll try to get back to this later this evening. For now:

    1) This isn’t about a woman scorned. It’s about a woman who has been abused.

    2) The actual Fox5 clip shows screen shots of both the texts and Dale Russell holds up a stack of email printouts, which he quotes from.

    This isn’t a he said/she said. And this is no longer about mental issues or depression. This is a direct shot to the gut which questions the Speaker’s ability to lead going forward.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Besides, Richardson is nothing more than a latter-day Don Draper, except without the good looks, nice suits, and clever dialogue.

      Although you can’t go wrong with: “He will not fire you!! I can and will bring all hell down on them if they do.”
      Good lord, talk about your run-of-the-mill local demagogue.

      • macho says:

        I don’t know if it matters, from an ethics committee standpoint, if she has proof of the affair. But if she has proof of being intimidated, through the use of GBI, etc.., then that’s a game changer.

  23. fishtail says:

    Capitol gossip when the AGL lobbyist got canned was that she got a big cash payment from AGL but signed an agreement to keep her mouth shut. Lindsay Thomas, the AGL head of governmental relations (what a description for her skills) cut the deal. I guess he was tired of being her pimp.

  24. I’m sick of the whole bunch in Atlanta. Seems they act as a bunch of used car salesmen and frat boys as opposed to leaders who want to serve Georgians in a productive manner.

    Problem is, when people do emerge that want to serve, we are quick to point out their inexperience. Duh, there is a starting point for everything. Then, the re-invention of the elected leader begins.

    It’s not just Georgia or DC, but seems to be across the board. Throw the bums out.

  25. Doug Deal says:

    If he does not resign his speakership (it is up to him and his voters for his Rep position), I hope he is run through the sewer, embarrassed and basically made to regret ever being born. (Perhaps a poor choice of words considering his “suicide” attempt/attention seeking). When they refuse to do the right thing, they need to be tarred, feathered, scattered, smothered, covered, diced, chunked and topped.

    Why is it that politicians think they are entitled to these positions and why do their weasely sycophants get on here and defend these creeps?

  26. AthensRepublican says:

    The House Republicans had a chance to do something about Richardson before and they ignored it or had no courage to stand up to him. Erick’s analysis of the this story is laughable and desperate.

  27. shrike071 says:

    WWJD, my Republican friends? Where does someone acting like Richardson fit into the conservative movement?

    You sure know how to pick em!

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