Former foes now support Richardson

So reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

“Everything’s fine,” said state Rep. Terry England, R-Auburn. “Everybody’s supporting him. We’re going to go back and work for the people of Georgia.”

England and colleague Tommy Benton, R-Jefferson, were part of a failed effort in 2008 to install state Rep. David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, as speaker due to concerns about Richardson’s bullying style and emotional outbursts. Lawmakers say he’s learned his lesson and toned it down.

Thought for the day: the most effective Republican leader in the state still is the guy who only a few weeks ago tried to take his life. That is a sad and pathetic commentary on the state of the GOP in Georgia. It becomes more and more apparent every day that the GOP did not so much as win the state as the Democrats lost it and history gave way to the inevitable.

I suspect we’re going to see some new GOP leaders on the rise this coming year, assuming the 9th Congressional District race doesn’t suck them all in like a vacuum.


  1. Aleq says:

    Can any one else see a Big white elephant in the room, which State Rep would make a great speaker? Tom Graves- Speaker Tom Graves, I like it.

    Tom WILL NOT WIN 9th District Republican Primary flat out. As long THE Conservative Republican, Jeremy Jones is in that race, he and Tom Graves split true conservatives. I realize some folks who use the C-language in that race may not like the truth said, but I digress. Jeremy Jones having demonstrated his level of sophistication by getting in the race because of “A Cause ” (Not sensing time for a political leap or promotion) hedging as challenger to sitting long term former Democrat Nathan Deal- before the usually quite Congressman announced his retirement. Jeremy Jones demonstrated Maverick Zeal. Maybe that led to Nathan leaving the U.S. house.

    Everyone who actually meets, listens and reads of all the candidates will discover the authentic conservative voice in the 9th U.S. District GOP contest; Mr. Jeremy Jones, we do like the fact you are not an office holder, never held elected office- or have been a bureaucrat or Professional Politician as all the other credentialed candidates. Tom whom we or most of us also like has a great story from the boot straps. Does any one else see where this must go? Graves has legislated reasonably well, A could be speaker of the Georgia house- absolutely. Tom Graves should look at the TEA leaves. He gets to stay legislator can leads a conservative fight in our State House; where he will have impact from the start and now if some one will educate “them all” on what being a Republican is about especially as it relates to being one portrayed as Conservative. Maybe the Republican Education Network should step in and list instruction on how to be a “C” Republican. We salute the current speaker and his years of service as he looks to a possible retirement at the least retiring as speaker. My guess is a regular member of the house should be far less stressed not hacking all the Big Deals…. or Deal-ing all the hacks a hand out for other things, leadership posts and such.

    PS. Let no one misunderstand, as one who has not been publicly open about my own Depression- before this day, I commend the Speaker for his openness. I hope a healthy decision and not political. I know that fight “Depression” and I live it and fight it daily. So, this is political not geared to be a personal note, however yes some subject matter truly is. I too ask for your prayers this season is by far the worst for me personally. It is not my desire to offend but to be honest with some points of view. I hope I am not alone, as I share in my open candid dialogue of the matter. Best Wishes to all for the holidays, (Merry Christmas too!) especially the current Speaker.

    I am Aleq Boyle, and I approve this message.
    Georgia Native, life long Republican,
    Businessman & Conservative.

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