Ceasar Mitchell picks up key endorsments.

Ceasar Mitchell has received a number of endorsements in the past few day including two big names:

In the final phase of this campaign, the Ceasar For Our Atlanta campaign has been working every corner of the city to build a strong coalition of broad support, ranging from businesses to union organizations, elected officials to community organizers. Today, Ceasar Mitchell received the support of recent Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Rev. Joseph E. Lowery and former Atlanta Mayor and President of the Buckhead Coalition, Sam Massell.

Mitchell has a video from Lowery and Massell, as well as a complete list of endorsements on his website.

If you live in the city of Atlanta, don’t forget to go vote tomorrow.

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  1. AubieTurtle says:

    If Reed wins tonight, will Pete Randall come out from under his bridge to cover the story? Ol’ Pete has been surprisingly quiet the last week or so.

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