1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Ha – Shreveport? I bet we’ll end up staying in Atlanta – and Clemson is going to be partying it up in Miami, not the “Techies” (Miami is a city that is WAY too cool for any nerd from Tech to handle – so consider it a favor to you that Clemson will win the ACC crown).

    As for SEC Bowls, I’m thinking it breaks down like this (welcome other opinions, please):

    BCS Nat’l Championship – Florida / Alabama (winner)
    Sugar Bowl (New Orleans) – Florida / Alabama (loser)

    Capital One (Orlando) – LSU

    Outback (Tampa – preference for SEC East team) – Tennessee

    Cotton (Dallas – preference for SEC West team) – Ole Miss

    Chick Fil A (Atlanta) — UGA (possibly South Carolina or Auburn, but UGA beat both…and you know the fan base would turn out in an otherwise bad economic market)

    Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (Nashville) – Kentucky (short drive for UK fans to Nashville)

    AutoZone Liberty Bowl (Memphis) – South Carolina (maybe Arkansas?)

    Independence Bowl (Shreveport) – Arkansas

    PapaJohns.com Bowl (Birmingham) – Auburn (again, close geographic proximity, which makes it a good fit).

    Just a guess – but I think that’s a good “projection”. Although, if I’m assuming that Clemson DOES beat GA Tech – I think that makes Tech the #2 in the ACC, thus it might (not sure) automatically make them the Chick-Fil-A bowl rep from the ACC…if that’s the case, I don’t know that the Chick-Fil-A bowl will pick UGA and set up a rematch (possible?). They may prefer to take South Carolina – which would shift Georgia to the Music City or Liberty Bowls, I imagine.

    Personally, I’d pay to see a UGA vs. Clemson or VA Tech matchup in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      South Carolina has one big advantage over UGA and Auburn when it comes to the Peach Bowl: they haven’t been there since 1969. Bowl games love to get new teams on the field since it is easier to sell tickets and increases overall exposure for the game. Both Auburn and UGA have been to Atlanta in recent years. USC is close enough to travel well but also far enough that they’ll fill up more hotel rooms and restaurants, making the Sports Council happy.

  2. Dave says:

    Richt is safe for another year. He’ll truly be history if he has another dismal, sub par five-loss season again.

  3. Hochimama says:

    Listen you Tech geeks. Last year was just something that will happen every 10 years or so. Last night was the real deal. Georgia went straight at you, hit you in the mouth, and lined up and did it again. It was a thing of beauty. You were out played and out coached, period, end of sentence.

  4. Joshua Morris says:

    While searching through headlines the other night looking for press conference tidbits, I came upon this doozy from the day before the game:

    “I know the game’s important because it’s important to our fan base,” Johnson said Tuesday during his weekly news conference. “But honestly, I get ready for this game the same way I get ready for any other game.”
    -from Macon Telegraph, Wed. 11/25

    As good a coach as Johnson is, he doesn’t understand the rivalry. I expect Radakovich and possibly some big donors to have a heart-to-heart with him over this. You don’t win this game when you don’t come out with the same energy that’s on the other sideline. Either he gets the picture and adjusts his philosophy, or he’s gone before long to some school that doesn’t have an in-state rivalry that is this passionate. Tech boosters aren’t going to accept any more losing streaks in this rivalry after surviving the David Braine/Chan Gailey era.

    Say what you will, Tech is the better team. We lost due to poor preparation (and play calling on the final drive).

    In my eyes this season is over. Any other successes for this team are clouded by a loss to our major rival while they were limping out of a mediocre season with nothing to lose. If Coach Johnson is the winner he appears to be, we won’t be dropping games like that in the future.

    • “Say what you will, Tech is the better team. We lost due to poor preparation (and play calling on the final drive).”

      Cry me a river. Georgia led the entire game. Go Dawgs!

      • Joshua Morris says:

        Who’s crying? You and your fellow big-belly rowdy rednecks can brag for another year, because you beat a team that is better than you. So be it.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          In think that to be fair in judging who has the better team, the scoreboard needs to be the deciding factor. It will at least say who had the better team that day.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            That response makes me wonder if you ever played sports, Doug. There are days that the better team loses due to lack of focus, mental errors, poor preparation, etc., etc. The scoreboard may instead say who had the better scheme that day.

            The better team could also be determined pretty fairly by record and ranking.

          • Records? Yes, let’s talk about records:

            UGA leads the “Clean Old Fashioned Hate” series 60-39-5,

            Currently, UGA has won 8 out of the last 9 games,


            Georgia won the most recent game in the series on November 28, 2009, with a score of 30-24.


          • Joshua Morris says:

            Yeah, I gotta big shovel, too. I mean, Tech won 8 straight from 1949-1956–the longest winning streak in the series. Na na na na na na.

            Here’s a record for you: 7-5

            Oh yeah, and good luck this weekend. Who are y’all playing? It oughtta be a big fun in Shreveport on the 28th.

          • 7-5 is an unacceptable record for Dawg Nation. You are correct, we are not satisfied.

            That’s what separates us from you Tech fans. We don’t accept mediocrity for long. Whereas, you all would be perfectly happy with a 1-11 record just as long as you beat UGA that year.

            Dawgs don’t define themselves based on wins or losses against the Wreck. I can’t say the same for the NATs.

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