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I’m taking a much needed mental break from Peach Pundit for the weekend, (and possibly most of next week as I’ll be traveling on business). I’ll try to post a fantasy football update over the weekend, but that’s about all I’m willing to commit to right now. (Preview: Karen Handel’s team ROCKS.)

So, if you need some good reading material, I’ll suggest the following:

Ted Sadler over at ProjectLogicGa has a great (non-political) take on dating and marraige. It’s a great read.

And BlueDogDemocrat over at LeftOnLanier wrote an excellent Thanksgiving message that’s quite political, yet quite appropriate. With permission, I’m reposting in its entirety, but click the link to acknowledge the author via his page view count:

We here at Left would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but first you have to read my post.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I watched old movies on Turner Classic Movies. Now, these are really old movies. I happened to catch the musical “1776″. Why this was on I have no idea, maybe because there was a scene where Franklin argues for the turkey to be our national bird. That would have sure changed Thanksgiving as we know it. If you have never watched this show, I highly reccomend it. It has great scenes such as John Adam’s quote saying, “Its a revolution, we are going to have damn well offend someone.”. It also has Franklin saying, “Rebellion is only illegal when used in the third person.”. Of course it was not either of those two quotes that inspired my insomnia or this post; however, it was their fervent debate on independency that reminded me to be thankful today.

It seems to me we have lost some of these debate skills as of late. Oh there is still debate, but we have lost respect for the other side. As I reviewed the comments of this site over the last year, I was saddened to see the petty name calling and the misinformation that was being used in the name of debate. One commenter went so far as to question a man’s Christianity over a disagreement on politics. How did we evolve into this species? How did we lose so great an art as to debate the issues at hand?

This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to be thankful for our ability to freely debate. Be thankful for a country that allows both the ability to praise and criticize our leaders. Be thankful that our forefathers did not waste their time debating to see George Washington’s certificate of live birth, but yet saw fit to birth for us a country with freedom.

We here at Left on Lanier would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans: To the leaders of the republican party who declare their patriotic love for these United States, but spew forth their hatred for the people of this great land; To those who consider themselves democrats, but yet fail to stand on principle in order to avoid a fight; To the liberal who tolerantly advocates intolerance toward all those that disagree; To the conservative that accepts the status quo because the battle is just too hard to win; To the Christian who can remember the law, but fail to see the grace and love of Jesus Christ; To the Muslim who has been unjustly persecuted, but fails to call out those who persecute unjustly; To America, a land of bounty which calls forth it’s citizens to lead and not be led.

This is the time for a new American dream: A dream that our fore fathers were inspired by, a dream that transcends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are Americans because we understand the fundamental principle of humanity to leave this world better than we found it.

This Thanksgiving be challenged to take up this calling. Fight for what you believe, but fight to make this world a better place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have an excellent weekend with your family, your visa card, and/or your favorite football team.

And, of course, GO DAWGS!


  1. I too am thankful that we have the freedom to debate.

    But for those on the left who lament the alleged lack of civility, and feel the heat of their motivations being questioned for the first time–now you know what it feels like to be a conservative! Be thankful that you’ve gotten away with your policies & politics for as long as you have!

  2. Mid Georgia Retiree says:

    It saddens me that those both left and right are unable or unwilling to engage in civil debate. Neither side has a corner on righteousness. Both are guilty of acting like little children. For every conservative that thinks he was wronged first, there is an equal number of liberals who claim the same thing. Sadly too, no one can truthfully say who started it. Disagree, debate, defend your views, but please, deliver us from these disgusting diatribes spewed forth in the name of politics.

  3. umustbekidding says:

    I’m back. 😉 Did you miss me? lol
    I’ve been in Disney for a week, not that any of you noticed.

  4. Donna Locke says:

    Hey y’all. Belated happy Thanksgiving. I’m somewhere in the hills outside Music City, listening to people pick out stuff like this:

  5. ieee says:

    Well, I discuss Georgia’s “Sex Offender” laws with many different people somewhat regularly and I have completely stopped worrying about just debating the issues or being respectful or decent. On the extremely rare occasion that I do run into a real person who can discuss the issues without acting like an idiot, I will talk respectfully with them. I will never speak respectfully or kindly to Georgia’s criminal legislators. Not all of them are criminals, but most are.

    The criminal legislators do not deserve respect, they are part of a criminal regime. Those scumbags will get what they give. When I did what I did to get listed on a Sex Offender Registry, I felt bad about it. I admitted I did it, accepted my punishment, and did everything and more that was required of me. I completed that legal sentence many years ago but the punishments and harassment from the Criminal State of Georgia and other criminal governments just keep on coming.

    That’s just as well I guess because even though I did feel bad about what I had done, it only took a few years of being Registered for me to get over that. The Registries don’t do anything useful (that can’t be more easily and effectively done some other way), but one thing that I know they are very effective at doing for most people is killing any empathy or remorse that a person may have. It doesn’t take very long for a Registered person to no longer care what he/she did, to take accountability for it, or to stop caring about how they treat other people.

    The “Sex Offender” laws are unacceptable. It is not acceptable in the United States for governments to conduct organized harassment campaigns against a minority of hated citizens and add punishment after punishment to those people year after year. That is what the Criminal State of Georgia has done every year for a long time now. They attempted to force me, my wife, and my children from our home that we own and they continue to harass us in many different ways. On a constant, ongoing basis, they harm my wife and my children. That is not acceptable. I will continue to speak disrespectfully to the criminal legislators and the scum who support them, over and over again, louder and louder, until I am satisfied with the results. I will continue to increase the impact of my actions against those criminals until I am satisfied with the results. That is what Registration has done for all of us and that is apparently fine because that seems to be the status quo for this country these days.

    BTW, Registration in and of itself would be just fine (but why not apply it to anyone convicted of a felony?) if people could just use it as it was originally intended – to be “informed”. Remember that initial lie used to justify Registration? That it was for “protecting children” and “public safety”? But people couldn’t just be “informed”. No one could use the information responsibly so we’ve had all these additional, idiotic, ever increasingly useless laws inflicted upon us all. And that is not acceptable. Today, the real (i.e. factual, real world, in reality) impact of Registration is the negative effects of that. Protecting anyone is not a significant impact and it never will be.

    Oh yeah, in the Thanksgiving spirit, I am thankful that I am able to rant like this with only slight fear of increased harassment and imprisonment by agents of a criminal government and no significant fear of loss of life.

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