Is Kasim Reed’s campaign paying people for Norwood yard signs?

WXIA has a video that allegedly show someone picking up Mary Norwood yard signs and taking them to a Kasim Reed campaign office for payment. A teaser video is on the Political Insider’s blog along with this:

State Rep. Ralph Long of Atlanta, the only elected official now supporting mayoral candidate Mary Norwood, has handed to WXIA a video recording that he says shows someone removing Norwood yard signs – then handing them to a Kasim Reed field office for what appears to be payment.

Long told the TV station that his car was pounded on and he was chased by another vehicle after the African-American lawmaker, armed with a video camera, showed himself to Reed supporters


  1. Ron2008 says:

    I find it funny how the AJC does not have this on their front page yet Paula Dean getting hit in the face by a ham makes the top story.

  2. kyleinatl says:

    Is there nothing else going on in Atlanta that WXIA has to cover this completely non-news item?
    Signs get stolen, that’s just par for the course in a campaign.
    Seems a little desperate to make a news item out of it.

      • kyleinatl says:

        Happens more often than you think sadly. I recall a Congressional campaign I worked on in 2006 and having to replace all our signs in Henry County that were suspiciously replaced by our opponent’s signs…may have been an unpaid volunteer, but somehow I doubt it.
        I also think it’s a bit suspect for the one vocal Norwood supporter to have his camera right there when someone is stealing signs…could be completely legit, but it’s also interesting that the alleged “altercation” part of his claim was not caught on tape as well…just playing Devil’s Advocate is all.

        • Doug Deal says:

          I could think of a number of ways to make it work. Political operatives are more often fanatical than brilliant.

          But, the case of your signs disappearing could have just been the road crews clearing a right-of-way and your opponent filling in the clean slate. Political people are often very quick to assign blame to their opponents when a more reasonable explanation might do.

          Personally, it should be sanctioned and legal to steal any signs from places where permission has not been obtained and cannot be obtained like public rights-of-way. Pretty much 95% of these signs are illegally placed, and end up being nothing but negative externalities to the county.

          • Game Fan says:

            If there’s no legal investigation then this would just feed the flames of speculation. And before everyone starts going hog wild over perported “conspiracy theorists” being irresponsible, why don’t YOU GUYS just take 5 once in a while. 🙂

      • South Fulton Guy says:


        How were you able to conclude the allegations of buying stolen signs were true from that lousy video? Did you actually watch what was broadcast? – I did.

        I am not sure who is worse those condeming Reed on nothing of substance, or WXIA asserting this is breaking news. No wonder they are last in Atlanta news ratings….

  3. Romegaguy says:

    How do we know that Rep Long didnt have somebody pick up the sign and go to a spot where he claims they were paid for taking the signs down?

    • rugby says:

      Kind of my thought.

      I’m pretty sure a partner at a big law firm who has been in several campaigns would know stealing yard signs is illegal.

      • Romegaguy says:

        so i just watched the tape. It shows someone picking up signs. It shows a guy at a Reed Campaign location and then the tape shuts off. It comes back on when Rep Long pulls in and starts claiming he caught them.

        It doesnt show what happens after the guy handed the signs to a Reed staffer. I think this was made up.

      • macho says:

        I can think of a long list of attorneys, who have served in politics, who didn’t always follow the legal path. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton immediately come to my mind.

  4. Mad Dog says:

    What is the going rate for a Norwood sign? I might want to pick up some change.

    Just asking if I remove all the signs and keep on taking them, will that change the outcome of the election?

    And, would I do better with a sign that says, Will Work for Food?

  5. HollyJ says:

    How do we know that Rep. Long didnt have somebody design the signs, print them, pick the signs up from the printer, place them in front of an early voting spot, have that person come back, pick up the signs from the early voting spot, place the signs in a plastic bag, take the signs to a kasim field office, hand over the signs, take the money, chase down Rep. Long and beat on his car. All the while looking smooth while doing it. This Rep. Long seems like a mastermind.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      Sign stealing may be par for the course, but that doesn’t make it any less illegal. The new thing is taking signs to the opponent’s campaign office and getting paid for them. Reed is not looking like the law and order guy, unless we see a mug shot of him.

  6. AubieTurtle says:

    What is Georgia law concerning abandoned property? Isn’t that what campaign signs are on public right of ways? If not, who owns them and shouldn’t the government responsible for the right-of-way receive some sort of rent payment for use of the property?

    Taking campaign signs off of private property seems like a pretty clear cut case of theft but on public property I’d argue it is a public service as much as anything.

    Of course, I think campaign signs, like bumper stickers are a terrible indictment of how little thought most voters put into their decisions when casting a ballot. I’ve never seen a yard sign or a bumper sticker that contained enough information for me to make an informed decision but it does help turn our elections into something you’d find in any high school’s election for class president. For many, that’s the best way to get elected.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      It’s called raising name ID. It’s done so it can associate the candidates name with another coordinated ad. It also shows support from a family if it’s in a yard. If it’s in a right of way, it shows that the campaign is still trying to get the candidate’s name out. I think Mary’s sign also show the date of the next election, so that will remind people when to vote.

      If it’s in a Reed HQ, and it Mary’s sign, does that mean the economy is improving because someone got paid?

      • AubieTurtle says:

        If someone needs a campaign sign to inform them of who is running for office, then they REALLY have no business voting for that office. My view on this has nothing to do with Reed or Norwood and I’m sure many can attest that I’ve made these views known on Peach Pundit many times in the past long before this election cycle.

        If a person wants to base their vote on how many of their neighbors are voting for a particular person, so be it but that sounds an awful lot like communal voting. How about each person do a bit of research on the candidates and vote based on that instead of jumping on the bandwagon so they can feel good about themselves for voting for who they predicted would be the winner rather than on anything of substance?

  7. omgatl says:

    #1, anyone who thinks this is legit is ridiculous. This is obviously staged. Long didn’t catch the “altercation” on tape? This is the biggest joke.

    City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances

    Sec. 16-28A.007. General regulations.
    The following general regulations shall apply to all signs located in the city:

    (c) Campaign Signs: Campaign signs shall not exceed 35 square feet in surface area and may be displayed on private property in connection with political campaigns or noncommercial civic health, safety or welfare campaigns. All such signs shall exhibit the date of the conclusion of the campaign and shall carry a notation stating that the sign is prohibited on public property and public right-of-way. All such signs shall be removed within 15 days of the date of conclusion of the campaign. Candidates are obligated and required to remove campaign signs placed on their behalf that are unlawfully located or that extend beyond the conclusion of the campaign and shall be liable to the city or its designee for the costs incurred in removing such unlawful signs. In no event shall such a sign remain in place for more than six months. CAMPAIGN SIGNS ARE SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED IN OR UPON ANY PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY OR OTHER PUBLIC PROPERTY.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        o c g a 16-8-7(a)

        A person commits the offense of theft by receiving stolen property when he receives, disposes of, or retains stolen property which he knows or should know was stolen unless the property is received, disposed of, or retained with intent to restore it to the owner. ‘Receiving’ means acquiring possession or control or lending on the security of the property.

        (b) In any prosecution under this Code section it shall not be necessary to show a conviction of the principal thief.

  8. South Fulton Guy says:

    Who would have thought the accusation “they are stealing my signs” would even merit a post on Peach Pundit.

    Its a good thing we don’t have to live by the standard of guilt that those of you who’ve tried and convicted Reed of – absolutely no evidence. You’d think there was video of Reed either pulling up Norwood signs or handing out currency for them.

    All campaigns have overzealous supporters and its troubling that the potential leader of this city has such thin skin. No one will call Norwood a crybaby as they should over this I suspect because she’s a woman….

  9. JSBarrington says:

    I doubt that is the only thing they are paying for (i.e. endorsements and votes), yet I can’t prove that either.

    I am sure this story could be true, yet it’s a non-issue.

  10. kolt473 says:

    Yes, I’d alleged ACORN REPS national DNC hands in KASIM REEDS run for office. Little known state rep comes out of no where, now both in run off. I SEE NATIONAL DNC INVOLVEMENT FROM JAMES CARVILLE UP AND INCLUDING RAHM EMANUEL. ONLY DNC WOULD ”ALLEGE” someone from own party, being Republican. These ads sound like dnc talking down to voters. DNC doesn’t ever wish a white back in city hall ever again. put a white in DNC loses power they know it. One playing divisive politics former GOV GA ROY BARNES ect, remember the flag issue and the teachers? I can never vote for him for office ever again. LONG STORY SHORT, YOU PUT KASIM REED IN CITY HALL YOU CAN EXPECT THE SAME TO CONTINUE, AS FOR CHANGE. DON’T EXPECT ANY PRESIDENT OBAMA IN OFFICE FOR ONE YEAR NOTHING CHANGED OR IMPROVED. VOTE MARY NORWOOD I SURE WOULD. kasim reed is playing divisive politics, these ads aren’t his but the yard signs, sounds like him ”allegedly” him and acorn pals please watch for acorn activity this TUESDAY, and any possible voter intimidation, VOTE MARY NORWOOD END THE GRIP OF CITY HALL FOR DNC POWER BASE. ROY BARNES WILL BE ASKING FOR POLITICAL IOU FROM REED NEXT YEAR, COUNT ON IT….

      • kolt473 says:

        but usually gets point out, btw when it comes to politics, you have to shout a lot of brain deads out there who do not wish to hear message. DNC can play dirty, especially now for 35 years DNC has been playing divisive politics, with help of naacp, sclc, the vote the black slate 1979-80 era. the misguided antics of the mckinneys now out in California, been there done that read the tea leaves, smell the coffee. joblessness highest in decades, creating loss of revenue for city coffers, what can councils do raise taxes on people left working tired of welfare state. city county all need to improve citizen well being, instead of ignoring them, the closed fire stations should be reopened remember rural areas? bring back the volunteer fire dept, staffs on councils can cut the fat, let some of family, friends go. they don’t mind letting complete strangers go. feel free to blog message of MARY NOR WOOD around give Atlantans early gift, elect her mayor see a lot of ready made jobs, tired of torn up city streets, time to upgrade public housing start with clean up of APD, has been alleged corrupt for nearly 30 years, every day wsb-tv gives daily dose of crime murder mayhem, you can’t prove to me, the city’s safe. that should be job1 job2 fire dept’s, reopen one closed west end area make it volunteer. vote mary norwood Tuesday deny the real race baiters lock on power and to borrow nancy pelosi’s phrase ”culture of corruption” run the real culprits in crime out of city hall.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          I read half of your first sentence and stopped. You might have the most important political statement in the history of the world there but it is a wall of text so it isn’t going to get read.

          Write your message… take a deep breath and then go back and format it properly and you might get people to engage in an actual discussion. As it stands now, I know you have something to say about the mayor’s race but have no idea what it is. Those who don’t bother with paragraphs rarely have anything worth spending time reading.

  11. kolt473 says:

    continue same course, nothing will change corruption will go I never heard of Kasim Reed till now. when I saw his recent ads, knew it wasn’t him listen can’t talk in few words or

  12. kolt473 says:

    less, time for real change, you noticed all the blacks norwood defeated? none endorsed her, if anyone ever was incompetent to be mayor, it was madam mayor herself shirley franklin. in the book 100 people screwing up america, enough said.

  13. kolt473 says:

    The next mayor, going to half to deal with host of problems, including the antiquated sewer system madam mayor supposedly have fixed, by raising sewer rates to repair, never happened. she let down citizens during water shortage. till water got critical mass, did madam mayor do something, likewise sonny perdue. corruption will continue in both city hall and apd… after 30 plus years of corruption, put and end to it elect MARY NORWOOD. polls show dead heat, what ever happened to the early voting? guess we’ll know after Tuesday night, want we?

  14. AubieTurtle says:

    Yo, Colt 45, I know who you are! You must be Kasim Reed playing tricks on us. No one would continue to post such poorly written messages in support of a candidate they actually want to win.

  15. kolt473 says:

    try some borg logic then…..resistance is futile, your existence has ended, you will be assimilated to service us…locutus your irrelevant.

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