I need your help.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be one of a group of bloggers asking questions of Mary Norwood, Kasim Reed, Ceasar Mitchell and Clair Muller. As you know, Norwood and Reed are in a runoff for Mayor of Atlanta while Mitchell and Muller are in a runoff for City Council President. There are also runoffs in District 6 and Post 2 At-Large and those folks will be asked questions as well.

I’m working on some questions to ask but I’d like to get some suggestions from you folks as well. Post them in the comments please. I’ll pick some I find interesting and do my best to ask them.

UPDATE: Here’s the group putting on the “virtual” forum tomorrow.


  1. B Balz says:

    Ask Kasim if there is any truth to: “Is Kasim Reed’s campaign paying people for Norwood yard signs?”

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    Ask Kasim if he thinks the city is in good shape. If not, how will he be any different than Shirley Franklin, the woman whose campaign he ran.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    The City of Atlanta has 2000 more employees than cities of equal size. Why then does he support increasing property taxes to pay for services such as police and fire when there is so much waste within the CoA? Cut the fat at City Hall before stealing my money to pay for their incompetence.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Any questions you field Buzz are good with me. That and I’m way too lazy to think up any on my own right now. I’ve had a very frustrating afternoon slaving over a hot, malfunctioning printer. Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. Buzz:

    Here are 7 questions that My Newsletter has put to the candidates and asked them to address in the final days of the campaign:

    1. How is the City of Atlanta going to crawl out of its long term financial crisis, created in large part by unfunded pension entitlements granted over the past 10 years to city workers?

    2.As mayor, how are you going to address the recent high profile increases in violent and property crimes that have threatened our students at our in town colleges, our businesses in Grant Park, and our homes throughout the City?

    3. What are you going to do about the City’s long term water needs and the chronic problems that have plagued the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management?

    4. Will you finally take steps to address the cronyism at the Atlanta Airport that has led to repeated scandals in the awarding of contracts?

    5. With the City’s commercial district facing record levels of vacancies, what are you going to do to make Atlanta more business friendly?

    6. How are you going to promote a regional transportation plan to address our City’s mobile needs?

    7. Atlanta taxpayers pay the highest local taxes in the region but residents in surrounding cities and counties have better basic municipal services. What are you going to do to address this disparity and provide our citizens with the services they deserve at a price they can afford? In particular, will you consider the privatization practices that have been embraced successfully in other communities?

    The candidates have responded to the budget and crime questions and the back and forth has been pointed. Tomorrow they will address the water issue. I will be happy to forward the Newsletters to Peach Pundit or any of its readers if anyone is interested. Simply e mail me at the below address.

    Take care and remember to vote December 1.

    Reprensentative Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta)
    [email protected]

    • Progressive Dem says:

      Rep Lindsey: What are YOU going to do to promote regional transportation solutions. The ball has been in your court twice, and nothing happened. What are you going to do and say the third time a regional TSPOST comes your way?

  6. Progressive Dem:

    Fair question.

    I’ve voted for a regional transportation plan in the past and intend to do so again. I’ve pledged to help whichever candidate gets elected Mayor to advance transportation in my city, the metro region, and the state.

    This issue has a lot of moving parts but I expect a consensus bill to emerge in the next few weeks. Therefore, I think with a coordinated effort by the Metro Chamber, Atlanta’s new mayor, Republicans, and Democrats will get a solid regional transportation plan passed in the opening few weeks of the General Assembly in January. I’ll be doing my part and I hope that you and the other contributors at Peach Pundit will be down at the Capitol in January urging your friends on both sides of aisle to get it passed and placed on the ballot in 2010.

    Representative Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta)
    [email protected]

  7. Romegaguy says:

    Hey Buzz,

    Ask Mary what happened to the endorsements that she had before the General Election but are nowhere to be seen now that she’s in a runoff.

  8. AubieTurtle says:

    Question for both candidates:

    Over the past decade, the number of residents living in multi-family housing has increased to the point that they now outnumber residents in single family homes. City policy however seems to heavily favor those living in single family homes.

    Two prime examples of this: 1) the high penalties paid by those living in a multi-family building with a single water meter since they’re only allowed the same amount of water as one single family home regardless of the number of dwelling units on that one meter. 2) the plans for the Peachtree Streetcar places most of the burden paying for the operational expenses on those living within a quarter mile of the route (not streetcar stop but route) of the streetcar while explicitly excluding single family homes, even those with a stop in front of their home.

    Under your administration, will this policy of favoring residents in single family homes over those in multi-family homes continue?

  9. Obis_Sister says:

    I’m particularly concerned about the crime happening on and around the GaTech campus and would like to ANSWERS from both the candidates outlining how they plan to overcome the problem.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Why does this keep coming up? The FAA has a pilot program for airport privatization. It requires the approval of the largest carriers at the airport. Both Delta and AirTran have said every single time this issue comes up that they’re opposed to the idea and would veto it as is their right under the FAA privatization program. Even if they were both on board, which they’re not, the FAA isn’t going to allow the world’s busiest airport to be a guinea pig in a pilot program.

      So I guess the question could still be posed to the canidates and if they say they’re going to do it, it shows they don’t understand the basics of the program and why it isn’t an option. Come to think of it, Buzz you should ask the question just to see if either of them falls for the trap.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      And even if Delta and AirTran were on board and the FAA thought it was a good idea to use the world’s busiest airport as a lab rat, the law that enables privatization only allows one large hub airport into the program and that airport is Chicago’s Midway so our airport is ineligible to participate.

  10. South Fulton Guy says:

    Ask them how they believe splitting off North Fulton into a new Milton County will impact the city of Atlanta and do they support the move.

  11. Baker says:

    Is there any room for a race question? Very touchy for sure, but totally off limits? Something about bringing Atlanta together/ moving beyond? Do either of them have any ideas about addressing this elephant in room?

  12. bsjy says:

    Pension issue is very big. On what moral basis does the government of Atlanta make promises to employees that bankrupt the city in the future? Why do public employees get a defined benefits plan when the rest of the world has gone the defined contribution route? This is a plain abuse of power in which those with access (i.e., the employees) gain at the expense of outsiders (i.e., the tax payers).

    Airport corruption can be handled by privatizing the Jackson portion of the airport (concessions) while leaving public the Hartsfield portion (flights). It is the selling of concessions that leads our officials to don prison garb. Protect them from themselves!

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