Georgia Christian Coalition Gets New Leadership

Jim Beck has stepped down as President of the Georgia Christian Coalition. Beck took over when Sadie Fields left to form the Georgia Christian Alliance.

Received via email:

Atlanta- The Georgia Christian Coalition has announced a new president, Columbus resident Jerry Luquire has been named to the post. According to outgoing President Jim Beck, Luquire is the founded Brentwood Publishers in 1982. Under Luquire’s leadership Brentwood Christian Press developed into a leading publisher of religious and text books for over 5,000 authors. In 2006, Luquire sold Brentwood but remains with the firm as a Publications and Media Consultant. In addition to his work at Brentwood, Luquire has also hosted a radio and television call-in talk show.

Jim Beck said, “We are truly blessed to have Jerry serve in this role, he is a leader of rare vision and courage and I truly believe God has lead him to our organization. Jerry’s steady hand will be needed as we enter the 2010 Georgia General Assembly Session and the 2010 statewide elections.”

Luquire is known in both Democrat and Republican circles. He served in Washington as Chief of Staff to Georgia Democrat Congressman Jack Brinkley and later was a founding member of the Muscogee County Republican Assembly, a conservative group inspired by President Reagan.

“Luquire can also identify well with the members of the General Assembly he will be working with,” Beck observes. “He was a Republican in the current non-partisan race for State House seat 129, “I had to lose to learn,” Luquire recalls, “but it’s an education that brings an incredible insight in how to handle the support of family issues and oppose those not family friendly to enhance the work of the Georgia Christian Coalition.”

Luquire who ran as a fiscal conservative was endorsed by the Georgia Right to Life organization. His campaign issues included opposition to retail Sunday alcohol sales, casino and machine gambling, and to special laws based on sexual preferences or lifestyle. The race for House Seat 129 which includes portions of Harris, Troup and Muscogee Counties is now in a runoff to be decided December 1. According to Luquire the group will announce its legislative agenda in early January.

Jerry Luquire is a 25 year Deacon at Edgewood Baptist Church in Columbus. Jerry and Joyce, have two sons Brace, an attorney and Bryan a banker. The new president said, “The Georgia Christian Coalition is successful because it is an effective distributor of reliable information, so I invite folks to contact me at my personal email, [email protected] anytime.” As for Jim Beck he says he will continue his role as a volunteer with the organization working with the national of the Christian Coalition on a host of federal issues.


  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    What, did they replace Jesus with a different Jesus?

    How many foolish versions of Christianity need to be created to get the evangelical right firmly behind a political agenda?

    • Goldwater Conservative says:

      This just in:

      God spoke to me. He is currently occupying my body and telling you what is what.

      These christian politicians are using your religion as a tool to garner political support for their own wallets. They do not care about you and likely do not believe in the garbage that spues from their mouths…all they want is another dollar in the collection plate.

  2. Beck took over when Sadie Fields left to form the Georgia Christian Alliance

    I’ve heard Sadie Fields’ name come up out here before, but I don’t really know anything about her. What is the Georgia Christian Alliance, and why the split?

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