Buy Icarus A Beer Tonight; Make Football Picks Before You Go

Tonight, 5:30pm, Five Seasons at the Prado/Sandy Springs, is the Peach Pundit Road Show/Happy Hour. I’ll be there, and based on how the day is going at the “real job”, I’ll be surly and bitter. Beer should help.

Scheduled to attend from the front page are Jason Pye and Buzz Brockway. Farris is playing the role of squishy moderate, and may or may not attend. I think Sheppie said he was in class but may swing by early. Erick will be hobnobbing with broadcast media elites elsewhere.

Also, there is another Thursday pro football game tonight, so make your picks and set your Fantasy teams before you go.

Thanks to frequent poster B Balz for setting us up at Five Seasons. We look forward to seeing some of you there. Others, as always, not so much.



  1. Andre says:

    I may pop in tonight and if I do, drinks are on me. . .

    . . .At the Five Seasons’ brewery water fountain.

  2. drjay says:

    well clearly we can’t make it all the way to atl tonite, but we will drink beer in our own home and pretend to be mingling w/ folks…

  3. B Balz says:

    Just make sure to say ‘hey’ to Kat when you arrive and let her know you are with the PeachPundit group.

  4. kyleinatl says:

    If Farris can’t make it, can I be the “slightly less squishy, left-leaning” moderate in attendance? 🙂

  5. umustbekidding says:

    Fun night. Great to see everyone. Next time I think we should have name tags with our avatar picture on it. 😉

  6. B Balz says:

    Random Facts: Anybody else find this incredible?

    Cost of War in

    Cost of War in

    Freedom is most definitely not free.

  7. B Balz says:

    Exactly, as Tyler points out, the ‘real cost’ is truly incalculable. Add to that shattered bodies and minds of those that come back home with a Purple Heart.

    My point for bringing this up is that today the Senate will wrangle with the health industry finance reform bill. It’s cost over ten years is estimated at 800+Billion. To help save lives.

    I feel everyone who shares with me a deep and abiding respect for those who have served, and currently serve, so that we have the freedom to pontificate asks themselves one question:

    Are we able to justify the huge human and economic costs of the Iraqi/Afghani efforts? I don’t know the answer, and doing nothing is not an answer.

    In a few hours, I will pay final respects to Lt. Marshal Reid Crow and this matter troubles me at the deepest levels.

    • I am truly sorry for the loss of Lt. Marshal Reid Crow. I do not believe the issue of health care should even be dealt with while we remain at war. The POTUS should be focusing on ending the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, thereby keeping his promises made during the campaign.

      The President has 2 options:
      1) Bring the troops home immediately.
      2) Let the Generals on the ground make the calls Stop allowing Washington bureaucrats to run the war! When politicians run wars, they never end and bring about disaster. The life of an American soldier is priceless; it should NOT be wasted.

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