“YOU LIE!” Is Not Just For Congressmen Anymore; Now Available In Fulton & Cobb Counties

Representative Joe Wilson no longer has a monopoly on inappropriate outbursts in public. Apparently, Mrs. Judson Hill was inspired enough by Rep. Wilson that she decided to try it out on her husband’s primary challenger, Lynda Coker, at a recent gathering of the North Fulton Republican Women’s Club. From the Marietta Daily Journal:

Hill and Coker both attended a Nov. 4 forum hosted by the North Fulton Republican Women’s Club in Sandy Springs at which Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel was guest speaker. As is often the case at such events, the speaker invited any public officials in the audience to stand, be recognized and say a few words. When Coker did so and was explaining why she was running, her comments were interrupted by Shelly Hill, the senator’s wife, who yelled, “You’re a liar! That’s a lie!”

Coker, who is a popular former Republican state legislator and is the chief deputy in the Cobb Sheriff’s Department, responded that she was telling the truth and was sorry Ms. Hill felt that as she did, and then went on with her comments. She said that when she approached Ms. Hill after the event, the incumbent’s wife recoiled with the words, “Don’t touch me!” and again accused Coker of lying.

“I have never been so personally offended in all my years in public service,” Coker said.

Hill explained to AT this week that his wife’s words at the event were “an emotional outburst. She didn’t think Lynda was telling the truth, and I don’t either.”

The dispute is over whether Senator Hill was ever a candidate for Attorney General, and thus, had left the expectation that there would be an open seat. While Hill announced his intention to forego the Attorney General’s race after Sam Olens entered that race on April 28th, he was introduced by Senator Chip Rogers at the 6th district convention as “Georgia’s next Attorney General”, told at least one other candidate during the 9th District Dinner that he was running, and was announced to the 7th District Convention that he would be addressing them as a candidate for Attorney General, though that convention ended before Hill arrived.

Now, however, Hill claims he never made his intentions public.

(Sen. Hill) admits that he considered “for about 10 days” whether to run for the GOP nomination for state attorney general. “I looked at it and talked to people,” but the Mercer Law School grad didn’t file any papers or make any public announcements, he told AT this week.

Corker remains non-plussed. Moreover, her boss and powerful politico in his own right, Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren backs Corker’s verson in this dispute:

“Regardless of whether Judson made a firm commitment to run for that office, he certainly flirted with the idea and had discussed it openly,” he said in a statement to AT. “Judson apparently has forgotten, or at least failed to tell his wife, about the conversation he had with me. He told me personally that he was going to run for attorney general regardless of whether Sam Olens decided to enter the race for that office. It is because of discussions such as the one Judson and I had that Lynda and others indicated an interest in running for the District 32 seat.

“Had Judson Hill not stated that he planned to run for another office, Lynda would never have made a commitment to run for that seat. But he did make that statement to me and Lynda Coker made a commitment to run for what she believed would be a vacated Senate seat. Consequently, Lynda is dead on correct when she says that Judson Hill created the situation that lead to her being a candidate in this race.

“Although Judson, as the incumbent, views this as his seat, it does not belong to him. It belongs to the voters of Senate District 32. I know that Lynda is deeply hurt by the attack on her character. The outburst at the North Fulton Republican Women’s luncheon was uncalled for and totally incorrect.”

Corker faces an uphill battle facing a well financed incumbent. In rural counties, however, I would never count out any candidate with the clear backing of the Sheriff. We’ll know in a few months if that same advantage holds true in a large county like Cobb.


  1. Truthteller says:

    Judson Hill told many of us he was running, both individually and in groups.

    Shelly is simply not telling the truth here and playing with words.

    Nobody would have even cared about this issue if he had just said, “yes, I told people i was running then decided I’d better not.”

    But now it’s turning into an issue of whether Hill is telling the truth, and whether he plays games with words.

    It’s becoming a much bigger issue because of pride. He’s (and she’s) blowing it.

    • Part-Time Atlanta says:

      Truthteller hits the nail on the head. If the guy wasn’t so arrogant and would have simply admitted that he changed his mind (which is certainly ok and happens all the time in politics) there would be no story here. Especially a story of his wife making a scene at a women’s luncheon. Without the negative outburst the MDJ would have never picked up the story and voters would have never been the wiser.

  2. Silent Outrage says:

    Is this the same egotistical Senator that introduced legislation last year requiring everyone to have health insurance and then made a point of standing against the exact legislation this year on the steps of the capitol?

  3. HowardRoark says:

    Typical sense of entitlement these clowns get once they get into office. It’s THEIR party and we’re all just guest at it. They get all upset if anyone else wants to play in the games, too.

    If they all got tossed out on their butts, we’d be better off.

  4. Progressive Dem says:

    He voted against TSPLOST. He opposed letting metro Atlanta voters decide if they wanted to tax themselves to fix regional transportation.

  5. Ron2008 says:

    Geez Judson, so what you are saying is the Sheriff Neil Warren is lying too? Please do explain because you primary just got a whole lot more interesting. People like you do not represent the qualities of the republican party or better yet a good person.

    • Part-Time Atlanta says:

      You do bring up a good point–the fact that the sheriff stuck by his employee. Not because she works for him but rather because her side of the story is the truth. I’m sure he was probably under pressure from Judson to not make it be known that Judson’s side of the story was the wrong one. And when the MDJ called he could have just stayed out of it and said “no comment”. Kudos to him for not worrying about stepping on the toes of another arrogant, entitlement-minded politician and speaking the truth.

  6. Clone Of B. Plyler says:

    On the issue of being offended..if you don’t mind it won’t matter. That’s mind over matter.

  7. MariettaLegal says:

    I think Senator Judson Hill is a good man at the core, but he seems to be a serial exaggerator, and usually in a manner that reflects glory onto himself. He does seem to have a sense of entitlement about the senate seat (which is not his) and he projects and inflates a self importance way beyond his credentials or results. He comes in late to events, leaves early and a typical conversation with him consists predominantly of him telling you what all he has done and who he knows, essentially, how great he is. Some of his colleagues don’t take him seriously because of these factors, plus some of his wacky positions like mandated health insurance on every Georgian (to which he later had a conversion experience that would make a tele-evangelist proud). This may explain his change of heart on the Attorney General race – he would have had a very difficult time winning outside of the district. People are tired of this type of political arrogance and especially in this current season. The voters in West Cobb are figuring it out. Sen Hill will be in big trouble if the voters in East Cobb catch on. This recent event will help the overdue needed enlightenment. The problem for Sen Hill is that his challenger is the exact opposite. She is very smart and does not need to remind you. She is authentic and sincere and can actually carry on a conversation with you that centers around something other than herself. She is highly competent and refreshing. Sen Hill is a talented man and hopefully he is listening and will come back down to the earth where the people are or have a good backup plan.

    • John Konop says:


      What is your solution for the uninsured that have the money and game the system? Should we let them die and or spread disease? Do you like paying for the people who could afford insurance with county taxes, federal taxes…..?

      What I do know is my car was hit a few months ago by an uninsured motorist with no money. My rights were taking away since my insurance company and I got stuck with the bill. At least the guy who hit me will have to face the justice system.

      The only thing “whacky” are people like you advocating irresponsible behavior with no solutions!

      “….plus some of his wacky positions like mandated health insurance on every Georgian..”

  8. Roy says:

    Honest to God, it isn’t hard to maintain a more proper sense of decorum. I would bring up Roberts Rules of Order, but maybe more appropriate might be a somehow forgotten book known as “Etiquette” by Emily Post.

  9. Ron2008 says:

    I’ll make sure that Mrs. Hill gets a copy of the Roberts Rules of Order. Or better yet her husband should just tell her to stay home at political events.

  10. MariettaLegal says:

    John Konop: This string is not really for health care solutions, but if you are looking, I would start with HR 3400 which is loaded with solutions, and does not include an individual mandate. There are many more, but the Democrats won’t allow meaningful discussion in committee and will not allow a full floor debate on them. You might also ask Sen Hill, who you seem to be defending, why he changed his position from being pro-mandate to not.

    • John Konop says:

      You are the one who called the idea of people not freeloading whacky not me. You are the one who cannot do the math on HR3400.

      Just Facts!

      FactCheck.org responds: The Congressional Budget Office hasn’t scored H.R. 3400, but it has analyzed the Republicans’ proposed “amendment in the nature of a substitute” for the House bill. CBO found that the proposed substitute would cost much less than the Democrats’ bill — a net cost of $8 billion over 10 years — and would reduce the ranks of the nonelderly uninsured by about 3 million, leaving 52 million uninsured by 2019. The bill passed by the House is projected to have a net cost of $891 billion and reduce the uninsured by 36 million. The CBO estimated that the GOP plan would reduce the deficit by a net $68 billion over 10 years, while the House-passed plan would reduce the deficit by more — a net $109 billion.


        • Icarus says:

          John, I think you’re missing their point. No one is trying to debate health care on this thread. They’re just pointing out that Sen. Hill was for mandatory insurance before he was against it.

          • Silent Outrage says:

            EXACTLY ICARUS…

            He took 2 different positions on a similar issue – both based on the basis of where the political winds were blowing and not based on any core convictions.

            Politicians like that are what are destroying this country.

          • John Konop says:

            The truth is Judson Hill was right about healthcare and too many on both want the issue not a solution. It would cover more people and save money if we had mandatory catastrophic coverage and had people pay more for doctor visits. This would have people use resources like doctor by phone, nurses at drug stores……over going to the doctor first.

            The real problem is too many politicize issues or focus on non issues like this post. At the end of the day it is a perversion of priories that we spend more time on personal junk than focus on real issues.

            And many of you would rather have a sound bite fight than even think about the policy. And finally any policy that really affects your personal pocket book many of you scream about it yet point fingers at others taking something you did not get.

            We have become countries that no longer ask what we can do for our country only what you can get out of it.

  11. tinsandwich says:

    Sen. Hill must do a better job controling his spouse.
    Or maybe she is intent on costing him the election so he could stay home?

    • benevolus says:

      Y’all should chill out about the “telling the wife to stay home ” and “controlling his spouse” language. That’s pretty sexist. He can ASK his wife to stay home, or urge her to control herself, but we’re supposed to be way beyond women as a subordinate species.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      He first has to decide which office he is running for before anyone can contribute to the opponent. Perhaps this is a new secret jedi ninja trick to deflect money away from his opponents to to ‘Elect Hill to something or the other PAC’.

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