Teilhet Endorses Stacey Evans In House Race To Replace Him

From a Press Release:

SMYRNA – Today Representative Rob Teilhet formally endorsed Stacey Evans to succeed him as the representative from State House District 40.

“I’ve known Stacey Evans for several years as a community leader and know her to be intelligent, hard working, and passionate about service,” said Representative Teilhet. “Stacey will be a strong voice for the people of our community and will ensure that the ideas and concerns of local citizens continue to be heard.”

“Representative Teilhet has been a great leader for House District 40 and the State, and I am honored to have his support,” said Evans. “I am excited to have the opportunity to continue the tradition of strong and responsive leadership.”

Rob Teilhet has represented House District 40 in the Georgia House of Representatives since his election in 2002. He is the Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus and serves on the Judiciary, Education, and Industrial Relations Committees. He is a partner in the Marietta law firm of Rogers, Strimban & Teilhet. He is a candidate for Attorney General. www.robforgeorgia.com

Stacey Evans is a candidate for State House District 40, which includes parts of Smyrna, Marietta, and Vinings. She is running to serve and to fight to ensure that the priorities of Georgians – education, transportation, and job growth – are addressed by the Legislature. Stacey is an attorney at Bryan Cave Powell Goldstein. She was born and raised in Ringgold, attended college and law school at the University of Georgia, and currently resides in Smyrna with her husband Andrew.



  1. timcairl says:

    Stacey is fantastic, cannot wait for her to be at the State Capitol. She’ll make a great representative for all the people of her district. Not posting this as a shill, just a good friend.

  2. ieee says:

    Check out the robforgeorgia.com website and you will see Teilhet’s brilliance already at work. On the site there is a press release dated 10/30/09 that says “Today State Representative and Attorney General candidate Rob Teilhet announced that he will propose a bill requiring sex offenders in the state of Georgia to post ‘No Candy Here’ signs on Halloween.”

    Only complete morons believe that such a law would be useful. Here’s a better law for Georgia: make it illegal for parents or guardians of children to allow them to go trick-or-treating without proper supervision. Arrest the idiotic, irresponsible parents. Oh wait, I forgot, that calls for personal accountability. Never mind, let’s pass another worse-than-worthless “Sex Offender” law and we’ll all just pretend it does something other than waste limited resources.

    Here’s the deal. I would be willing to bet that every Registered Sex Offender in Georgia who is on probation or parole is instructed not to open their doors for trick-or-treaters. That’s idiotic, but whatever. So, a law such that Teilhet has proposed would only be “needed” for people who are not on probation or parole. Are there any decent Americans who support this type of retroactive harassment against people who completed their legal sentences years or decades ago? Are there?

    No, there are not. And for the “people” who do support that – why are you not hysterically and irrationally screaming for these same laws for any and all people who have been convicted of harming children? Hell, a large percentage of the people listed on Georgia’s Registry have never harmed a child.

    I will tell you how the “No Candy Here” law would work. It wouldn’t be needed at all for people on probation or parole. And for the rest of the people, they will post the signs and then they will leave their homes and go anywhere else that they would like, for example, trick-or-treating in neighborhoods 30 miles from their homes or to friend’s Halloween parties with many different families in attendance (who probably don’t all know each other all that well). If you doubt that, I can tell you that I know for a fact that that is exactly what happens now. Don’t be a complete fool and believe the government’s propaganda that Registered people are somehow ever being “monitored”. That is a serious joke.

    The fact that the genius Teilhet proposed such a law means one of two things to me. Either he is an uninformed moron or he is willing to direct the tyranny of the criminal regime of Georgia against a hated minority all for no benefit to anyone whatsoever and against all American ideals.

    Teilhet apparently has learned nothing from observing the pure through and through stupidity and worthlessness of Georgia’s existing Sex Offender laws. That alone, regardless of any and all other issues, has made me already decide that I will not vote for him no matter what. I will also do whatever I can to get people to vote for anyone else. We don’t need any more Fear Mongering “leadership” like Georgia’s criminal legislators have been giving us since approximately 2004.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Teilhet voted for HB480 that would have capped sales taxes on expensive automobiles. What better way to pander to the middle class to deflect attention from that than an idioticallly meaningless proposal such as this?

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