Looks like somebody pulled a Harbin

Just into the tip line comes word that Jennifer Sudderth, fresh from her recent electoral win for Mayor of Hartwell, has something new to deal with: DUI charges. She faces a possible fine of $1,022 and is due to appear in Greenville, South Carolina Municipal Court on Thursday.

Even before she is sworn in, Sudderth has already begun to wield the mighty power of her elected office by trying to get out of being arrested. As The Hartwell Sun reports:

The officer asked Sudderth if she had been to any bars that evening and she answered that she had not.

“I then inquired about why she was wearing a ‘Crocs Food and Spirits’ wristband,” the officer wrote. “She looked at her wrist and stated, ‘Sir, I haven’t been to any bars.’”

When the officer attempted to place her under arrest, Sudderth stiffened her arm and pleaded with him to allow her father to pick her up, saying, “Sir, I just got elected.”

Meanwhile, The Independent Mail of Anderson, South Carolina is reporting Sudderth believes the entire incident to be a “misunderstanding” while The Greenville News of Greenville, South Carolina has quoted her as saying “I am innocent of these charges against me which will be proven in a court of law.”

“Proven”, mind you. And she would know! Because, of course, she “just got elected.”


  1. Howard Roark says:

    Every Mayor in NE Georgia breaths a sigh of relief over this incident. No matter how bad they mess up the Mayor elect of Hartwell has outdone them.

    • ByteMe says:

      Until tomorrow, when another corrupt Georgia politician will figure out how to get this story out of the headlines and into the archives.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    I bet there is a police cruiser video of the entire incident available to the first news outlet that files an open records request.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Doug, don’t you remember that “mean spirited” comment made last week about Georgia’s voters being stupid and how Nathan Deal will represent us admirably?

      • Doug Deal says:

        Well, perhaps that is one interpretation, but I think the real reason is that we have a lazy and uneducated press corps who do little more than transcribe press releases.

        • ByteMe says:

          But if they were to produce meaningful investigative reporting, people would complain that they were “too lib’ral” or “too conservative” depending on whose Ox got gored.

          • Doug Deal says:

            But for the most part they are incapable of writing past bias, so those complaints are, a good part of the time, accurate. If they were better “journalists”, who did their homework, and put a check on their own feelings in order to write impartially such accusation would have less sticking power.

            Everyone has bias. Everyone has an opinion. What separates professionals from hacks is the ability to set those aside to look at something fairly and report fact and leave the opinion for the editorial pages.

          • ByteMe says:

            Again, even if they do their homework, if you go after one politician or another, they’re going to claim bias even if none really existed. It’s how the game is played and the suckers are those who believe the bias charge, since it’s nearly impossible to go over the same investigative ground as every reporter out there.

          • ByteMe says:

            Ok, that last sentence made less sense than I wanted.

            What I’m saying is that the suckers are those who believe — for example — that Sarah Palin was never at fault for anything except the good things that happened to her and that all the negative stuff were people out to get her, biased journalists, and so on, instead of self-inflicted wounds.

          • Doug Deal says:

            I think Sarah Palin is an idiot, but she was definitely treated poorly by the press out of bias. I disliked GW Bush a great deal, but I found myself defending him because the only attacks against him were partisan and hypocritical nonsense.

    • Mad Dog says:


      I can’t answer the first question. The second question is very easy.

      Voters can only vote for the psychos who run for office.

      Instead of the Dating Game where we get three choices, politics only offers variations of the same personality defect.

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