Southern Voice Shut Down

I see from Jim Galloway’s twitter feed that the Southern Voice has been shut down and the locks changed. Hard times abound for alternative and traditional media sources.


  1. When I first bought my house near the beginning of this decade, about once a month or so I would get a “sample” paper thrown in my driveway… either the Gwinnett Daily Post, or that other Gwinnett paper that got bought out by the AJC. I never read them.

    Fast-forward to late 2009, and now I’m getting an unsolicited newspaper in my driveway EVERY OTHER DAY. I have started keeping a recycle bin beside my mailbox, for my daily mail-checking ritual of picking the newspaper out of the driveway and depositing it directly in the trash. It’s a pain in the ass.

    Get a clue, newspapers… cost (or zero-cost) is not a factor, because the younger generations simply do not want your product. We want to read news online, period. The niche exceptions to this (for me it’s The Economist, The Atlantic, etc) are more highbrow analysis that you’re not going to find in a newspaper anyway.

    I want local news, but not in a messy broadsheet format that’s the size of my torso. I can’t read that while sitting at my desk at work like I can a website, and I don’t really feel like reading stale news at night when I get home. So beef up your websites, and trim staffs until you find a level sustainable by ads and/or micropayments. This isn’t rocket science.

  2. Technocrat says:

    Oh my god, somebody besides me on PP reads the Economist {average circulation of just over 1.4 million copies per issue, about half of which are sold in North America.}
    in printed form. How About Travel and Leisure [987K]

    Not just American Rifleman, Tattoo, Meat Digest, or Field and Stream.
    Interesting that the Costco Connection and Reader’s Digest are now tied in circulation.

    Shows what WILL happen to newspapers……….thanks to Craigs new Gay Section List.

    • Chris says:

      I believe Charlie posted here on the Economist’s cover article on US Sex Offender laws and how they covered the case here in Georgia. I subscribe, and manage to read about every third one.

      • You know, if you’re a subscriber you can login to their website and download the MP3 version of each issue for “free”. That’s what I listen to in the car during my commute. I agree that it’s hard to find the time to read the entire printed thing each week.

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